Mentos in diet soda

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LOLOLOL we r teh ub3r wasters of teh soda!!!

Putting Mentos in diet soda is a great way for asshats to make a name on the Internets. Started on some shitty morning talk show and now everyone with a webcam tapes themselves performing said action while laughing like schoolgirls on speed. The videos contain some teenybopper talking to the camera as it points to his acne laden face while he hopes some random chick on the Internets wants to butter his bread. This is now a full blown fad with every faggot and his or her grandma trying to pull it off.


  • Steal one (1) 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos.
  • Open the Diet Coke and place on a flat level surface, preferably a carpet, as it will provide maximum absorbency.
  • In the opening of the Diet Coke, place two (2) of the Mentos mints. Get away quickly, unless you want to get covered in soda, but make sure you turn back unless you want to miss a geyser of soda foam like the world has never seen at least 100 times already.
  • Laugh like some retard, while dancing around screaming "Oh snap!".
  • Upload the scientific phenomenon to YouTube.

Alternate Way

Chew one Mentos and stick it to the top of the cap, then stick an unchewed one on top. Check if it will fall out then screw it on top. Shake the bottle and throw for instant lulz.

How To Set (Us) Up The Bomb

This works on compression. You do what is listed above, but put the cap on quickly. That should cause an explosion. Or you could do it the pussy way and make it so that you have to shake and throw so you don't get hurt.

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