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Deranged cat after being sold Meow Meow at a discotheque.
Unlike sugar, magnesium sulphate and cocaine, Meow Meow can hypnotise you with its twinkles.
A innocent looking pile of Meow Meow lurking outside some school gates yesterday probably.

Meow Meow (mephedrone, catnip, 4-methyl-Nmethyl-cathinone, Nepeta cataria) is mostly used as a recreational substance for feline enjoyment. The chemical enters the feline's nose, and produces semi-hallucinogenic effects on the cat [2]. According to The Sun, cats have been known to rip their own scrotums off because they believed them to be centipede filled [3]. The effects of Meow Meow are reported to be similar to those of Cocaine and Ecstasy. For optimum effects, take 2g after consuming your own body weight in cheap alcohol. Enjoy your cardiac arrest dickhead, go do a real drug.

THE DEATH of 24-year-old Lois Waters, a bacon-factory worker, was confirmed as pigs attacked Home Secretary Alan Johnson for his continued failure to ban the so-called party drug. The Government's chief drugs advisor has hinted that his committee will announce the drug should be made a Class B banned substance. But it could take several months to complete the classification process as they are all off their faces on a mixture of port wine and shoe polish [4].

HORRIFIED teachers are having to hand back deadly Meow Meow to pupils after confiscating it - because the drug is still legal. "We don't like it," Head Teacher Joseph Madeupname said yesterday. "We'd rather have illegal drugs like weed and crack that we can smoke up in our special teacher pipes in the Common Room whilst beating up the French teachers." [5]

MCat is now thoroughly illegal, as are all compounds related to the cathinone family; but who gives a fuck, you can still buy it from a nearby student for £10 a gram, or if not you can always try another of the many shitty legal chav drugs flowing out of China, most of which will probably kill you.

A drug addict writes

Just one spoon of Meow Meow can do this

From an ugly cow to an old ugly cow in less than 15 minutes.

Or this

Meow Meow can lead to a fatal admiration for Justin Timberlakes [1].

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Police Constable Joseph Madeupname on patrol for cats in trouble.

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