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Mercedes Haefer was a student and IRC whore with channel operator status on AnonOps who went by the username "No". Her username would later become a reality after the feds kick her fucking door down and steal her laptop for chargin' her lazer and firing it at Paypal. It is widely accepted that Paypal completely deserved it for being filthy jews, however her methods of being a dumb bitch on a laptop sending TCP floods over a wireless internet connection makes her a retard as well as a faggot.


In July 2011 amidst the height of the Lulzsec cruise, 14 anons were greeted by the PartyVan for their participation in Operation Payback. Amongst the 14 indicted, the only one who made the news was Mercedes because she had what appeared to be a pair of tits. As is standard procedure, she accepted interviews from anyone and everyone who asked. The sum total of people who gave a fuck were three tech journalists and her anonfrens on IRC.

Attempts were made to raise money for her legal defense, and it is rumored that 10 bitcoins were collected and later funneled back to the FBI for coffee and doughnuts.

The trial is still in pending and she, along with 13 other co-defendants, face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a few hundred thousand dollars worth of fines.

We Are Legion

In 2012 someone actually wasted the time to make a movie about a bunch of teenage skids and documented the mundane and utterly pointless lives of people who wear the Gay Fucks mask. Mercedes made haste to get on camera and incriminate herself for everything she was on trial for in high definition.

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