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Meredith Doyle is a 24-year-old otaku, which is another word for anime freak. This is the epic tale of a girl with deams so big that it could not be contained on the internet. Too big even for an anime convention; no she had to show her love for GLORIOUS NIPPON on national television: American Idol.


God help us all if she bursts out into JIBUN WOOOOO.

Mere Versus The Face of Evil

After the 14-year training arc was completed, Mere believed that she was ready for the spotlight, but her dreams of being a kawaii singer in Japan were crushed by the Sinatra/Evangelion-loving Simon Cowell. But that was just the beginning, little did she realize that /a/ was watching her, and were they pissed. In less than two hours, Mere's true power level was discovered in her Facebook account, Myspace page, Youtube channel, and deviantart page.

Cast of Characters


After being raided by /a/ all over the Interwebz, it had been presumed that Mere-chan became an hero. Turns out, the bitch is still alive and she is still making her beauitful clothing. Not only has she made a new deviantArt page, but she has also reappeared on CosplayLab and Gaia. She calls her new store 'MereSpace' and is offering 'advanced commissions', since she is obviously the best seamstress ever.


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