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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the Heavy Metal equivalent to livejournal, with more drama than you can shake a flaming severed head at.

Every month or so (much like a woman's period), the drama levels grow like the a 4chan user's dick everytime someone gets tentacle raped. The forum has been pronounced dead at least 100 times, only to rise again liek a BLAKK METVHL VAMPPYR!1!

The Members's members know eachother on a first name basis, and some of them even use endearing names like "honey" and "sweetie". It's a most lively bunch of internet Drama Queens, including a Stone Cold lookalike (Mike), a would-be model (Jaden), a french guy (Stefan) and a bunch of drunk Europeans. There is also an hero, Eyesore. Oddly enough, only one member is actually a 16-year-old girl.