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FoundationAugust 2017
Major Boards/b/, /fringe/, /wai/
Epic Winsgetting noticed by fine ladies

Mewch is an attempt at a mature imageboard focusing around fringe wizardry, comfiness, camwhores and schitzobros.

Mewch was originally started as chanpink, and is owned by an anon named MegaMilk.

/b/ Boys' Club

Boys Club is a comfy imageboard where "rudeposter" users are often banned for being disruptive. The board is fast moving.


Kelly is a female e-celeb that is fairly well known on various imageboards. She has an instagram account with 44.3k followers. Some time in 2017 she was made aware of mewch and their overall positive attitude towards her, so she visited the website herself, this really pleased mewch users, so much so that they consider her their queen and even turned her into the site's mascot.

Rivalry with 8chan

If you are at all in the loop with imageboard culture you most certainly have heard of mewch, now why is that you may be asking? Well MegaMilk and mewch users have been advertising their website on every corner of the internet possible in an attempt to grow its userbase. Whether that's morally correct or not is completely subjective. Some people criticize mewch for doing this and others simply don't care. For a short while their plan was working, until one mewch user did the horrible mistake of advertising on 8chan's /b/ board. Immediately after this mewch's /b/oys' club started getting raided with threads mocking mewch for being a bad website and criticizing it's users for their constant shilling. MegaMilk then put up a message saying to not advertise mewch on toxic communities and that he would rather have a slow mewch than a bad one. A thread was stickied to let people know of what was happening. For a little while most mewch users went into panic mode, though the problem was quickly solved after the moderators started cracking down on 8channers. Not everything bad came out of this though as some 8channers did come to mewch on good terms and even decided to stay. 8chan currently still views mewch as its enemy and constantly makes fun of it. Even the moderators made a joke about mewch when an 8channer made a meta thread talking about the "current state of /b/", one of the moderators said, "well, you can always just go to mewch :^)" right before banning him. Everyone on the thread thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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