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The Faux Boob Shot responisble for most of Mia Rose's success

YouTube fake-lebrity miaarose (Mia Rosa) gained e-Notoriety on YouTube through working with professional nice guy Damien Estreich. But OOPS she failed to ever go anywhere and is now complete fail.


A recent poll about Mia Rosa's presence on YouTube amongst members of the website has revealed that 99.9995% of the members "dont give a fuck if the silly bitch cheated or not". The other 0.0005% are very upset that they have dropped one place on the site's Most Subscribed list.

This highly vocal 0.0005% of members, lead by LonelyGirl15, have been spamming the YourTubeNews channel with comments that suggest that Damien Estreich's parents were not married and that he has had intimate relations with canines that were already deceased. Damien Estreich has been deleting those channel comments as fast as they are posted in an attempt to control the situation and is said to have made a fake account and used it to post "I am glad your dad is dead" repeatedly on Lonelygirl15's channel.

Damien Estreich and DaleaATL2 both subscribed to Mia Rosa's Miaarosa channel at the same time in November 2006. They groomed her until late December when she eventually gave Damien Estreich control of a new Mia Rosa Channel, Miaarose, her Official Website and her email (Seriously. Damien Estreich is collecting up all your noods that you are sending to Miaarose).

YourTubeNews Advertisement for Mia Rosa 1/25/2007

Damien Estreich is currently promoting Mia Rosa on the YouTube website using the YourTubeNews propaganda channel. He is also busy spreading lies about how Mia Rosa's "success story" happened.

  • Mia Rosa was put on the Signup_invite page for a solid week.
  • Mia Rosa was also put on the Signup_invite page for 4 hours by herself.

YouTube Head Office has given a clear sign to users of the website that it will do whatever it wants, and that it wants to do what Damien Estreich tells it to do.

Although being untalented, Mia Rosa's jail bait style videos are still watched by countless jaded e-perverts that want to get turned on before they tramp off into the bowels of the Internets looking for Mia Rosa look-a-like camwhores to defile.

Damien Estreich was finding fake-lebrity very hard work. The LiveVideo.com website does not ambush subscribers with promises of Mudkips-filled "Popular" channels. LiveVideo.com is also free from the control of the KKA. This meant that Damien Estreich was apparently forced to create thousands of accounts on LiveVideo.com all by herself, as this recent YTWatchdog video shows:

YouTube Favicon.png Miaarose packs her bags and heads for LiveVideo! 23 January 2007

Miaarose, 12 days later, is annoyed enough by the allegations of popularity manipulation, that she deigns to respond in the following video:

YouTube Favicon.png Miaarose counters with her spin control video about "The Truth" February 04, 2007

Mia Rosa's LiveVideo account has been suspended. Some people think that it is because malicious people were subscribing to her using fake accounts to make her look bad. Those same people also believe that Jews had nothing to do with WTC.

Proof that YourTubeNews is Representing and Promoting MiaaRose

29th January 2007

Some people in the media have been casting doubts on the veracity of Encyclopedia Dramatica's assertion that Damien Estreich is in the employ of Mia Rosa and is lying on his YourTubeNews channel to promote her to the detriment of better performers.

The people that run the Internets have been contacted by Encyclopedia Dramatica, and have confirmed that Mia Rosa's official website www.miaarose.net is a simple redirect onto www.yourtubenews.net/miaarose/ , which proves that Internet scammer Damien Estreich, is Mia Rosa's Representative.

That makes the recent segment about Mia Rosa's success on the YourTubeNews channel a paid advertisement, even though YouTube had indicated that it had already paid YourTubeNews to make the same video supposedly for the benefit of everyone on YouTube.

MiaaRose's YouTube Profile proves YourTubeNews is her Promoter by stating www.MiaaRose.net is her website

It states on Miaarose's profile that "Some people have noticed an account was put up on LiveVideo of my videos, this wasn't me and it has been taken down after one of my new representatives talked with their site admins".

Her "new Representative", Damien Estreich, must have had a stern word with himself (again) before he took his Miaarose account off LiveVideo and got Amanda Le, the LV admin, to delete all traces of its existence.

Mia Rosa Trivia

  • Mia Rose is actually just Maria Rosa's stage name.
    • "Mia" is the first name of the Head of Scheduling (i.e the Editor) at YouTube.
    • "Rose" comes from MaryRose, first name of the Head of the Product Development Team at YouTube.
    • Damien Estreich came up with the name when he accidentally called MaryRose "MiaRose" and hilarity ensued.

Mia Rosa, the overnight "success" possesses a second channel on YouTube Miaarosa (as revealed by Heidilow, who shall never be forgiven by Mia Rosa's mom for as long as he shall live) which was active for two months and gained 145 subscribers. It is not believed that her breasts changed in either shape or size between her emptying one channel and starting up the new one, ruling out the whiney assertions of Damien Estreich's pawns that her popularity is based solely upon her breasts.

KatiesBreasts, a monthly featured segment on the YourTubeNews channel

If breasts were so important then KatiesBreasts, a segment on the YourTubeNews channel would have given KatiesOpinion thousands more subscribers than the paltry 2475 (mostly deaf) subscribers that she has at the moment (compared to Mia's breasts with 38103 subscribers - 1 Feb 2007).

TL;DR Biographical Information (From Mia Rosa's Official YourTubeNews website

While Encyclopedia Dramatica would warn its readers to take none of the following biographical information at face value, it is worth preserving as a datum for comparison against the contents of future revelations.

Mia Rosa's full name is Maria Antonia Sampaio Rosa and she was born on the 26th of January 1988 in Wimbledon Village, London. Mia is a natural that began singing at a tender age and has put a lot of time and effort into developing her passion for music. For a short period Mia spent some time modeling for an agency called "Young faces of London" before leaving for Portugal for a number of years. Mia has performed, participated and enjoyed many entertainment roles including Theater Plays, Music Concerts with live audiences of around 800+, arts and cultural festivals and spending many, many hours composing her own music.

Currently living back in the UK, Mia is now taking steps to launch a solo career and try to carve her own way into the world's eye and Entertainment Industry. Mia arrived with a wealth of talent on new media website YouTube.com in late December 2006 where she started posting videos of her performing under the channel name 'MiaaRose'. In little under three weeks Mia exploded online, her music finding an international audience of millions with a strong base of over 20,000 people subscribing to her music channel in that short amount of time. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as her raw talent and success soars online on new media's hottest website.

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ChannelreviewsIcon.jpg ChannelReviews originally posted an excellent critique of YourTubeNews, on 2nd January, in which he set the alarm bells ringing regarding Damien Estreich's interest in Mia Rosa (long before the Signup_invite page had been abused to astronomically inflate her subscriber numbers).

YouTube Favicon.png Re: Wow, or YourTubeNews Critique No.2 - 02 January 2007 - From ChannelReviews

ChannelReviews explains to InsaneShayne why Shayne is a twat and should STFU forever. 1/02/2007

Singling her out the way he did seemed a bit to...eager.


—ChannelReviews Jan 02 - refering to Internet scammer Damien Estreich

ChannelReviews put Damien Estreich's unusual interest in Mia Rosa down to her boobs and Estreich's age (21).

Damien Estreich is on record as having contacted ChannelReviews after Mia Rosa received this negative publicity and later stated that ChannelReviews was willing to "listen" to him.

Vichy-ChannelReviews sock puppets Damien Estreich's lies in defense of Mia Rosa's Honorz. 1/27/2007

ChannelReviews appears to have believed everything that Damien Estreich told him ( O Rly?) and is now willing to jump to Mia Rosa's defense on Damien Estreich's behalf; (Some avid readers of ED may be asking themselves when did they see Damien Estreich tricking some other fool into fighting his battles before? The answer is every single time).

To repeat ChannelReviews own logic back to him, new hot girls join YouTube every single day. Mia Rosa is just another one, no hotter than thousands of others. The difference is she sat on the signup_invite page for a week.

ChannelReviews is a competent judge of people's entertainment value and his opinion should not be dismissed outright. Despite this ED understands why some people have renamed his channel Vichy-ChannelReviews and will probably continue to do so until YourTubeNews is no longer occupying his mind.

31th January 2007

Damien Estreich got ChannelReviews to make a damage limitation video (the number of such videos seems to be growing exponentially by the day, mostly from mysterious strangers with 1 hour old accounts who could not possibly be Paperlilies).

YouTube Favicon.png Another Video on YourTubeNEWS and Miaarose - From Vichy-ChannelReviews - 31 Jan 2007

In the video, Vichy-ChannelReviews puts Mia Rosa's success down to her "hot chick" profile icon. An argument broke out in the comments between Vichy-ChannelReviews and GangstaStalker in which Vichy-ChannelReviews made a critical assessment of [1] GangstaStalker based upon his channel icon.

It is as yet unclear if Damien Estreich has offered Vichy-ChannelReviews an IconReview segment on his YourTubeNews channel, but since no one watchs YourTubeNews without direct intervention from YouTube Head Office via featuring the video on the front page or in the Director Sidebar, joining YourTubeNews is going to be very poor compensation for ChannelReviews loss of face in front of his tens of current subscribers.

(Ignore him and go for the YourTubeNews IconReview segment Vichy, right now you fail at YouTube and even GangstaStalker's 1 second long video has more views than some of yours - anonymous).

YouTube Favicon.png Mia Rose aka Lonelygirl15 EXPOSED! PART III - From Heidilow 1/25/2007

This is a TL;DW video from Heidilow going into tedious detail about Mia Rosa's makeup being too good for an amateur production.

From the Video's description:

Heidilow is currently writing a book about his experiences during the whole affair.

YouTube Favicon.png Deconstucting the House of Jigsaw - From TheeStranger - 1/27/2007

A video in which TheeStranger outlines the details of Damien Estreich's promotional activities and how ethical considerations would prevent any other legitimate journalist from sinking to the depths that Damien Estreich has done.

YouTube Favicon.png Mia Rose / YouTube Payola Conspiracy? EXPOSE IV - From Heidilow - 1/28/2007

A video in which Heidilow expresses his "WTF" outrage that Damien Estreich is promoting MiaaRose.

PROTIP: Read more ED.

YouTube Favicon.png Mia Rose / yourtubenews.net/miaarose - From Heidilow - 30 Jan 2007

A video in which Heidilow claims Mia Rosa is actually a rather unpopular 19 year old girl with a YouTube channel called Miaarosa. Heidilow then reveals that he too has been leading a double life and, quite remarkably, in front of a recorded studio audience, turns into Clark Kent.

YouTube Favicon.png Tough Love - From Boh3m3 - 2 Feb 2007

A video in which Boh3m3 states that Damien Estreich is a YouTube "user just like all of us" and as far as the Signup_invite page choices go, "the decision is ultimately up to the people behind the computers in...San Francisco". Meanwhile Damien was in the middle of a one week visit with the people behind the computers in San Francisco (a user just like all of us? O Rly?)

YouTube Favicon.png Me stating the truth :) - From Miaarose - 4 Feb 2007

Mia Rosa denies having a PR despite the fact that Damien Estreich has claimed to be her representative and that his work included "fielding emails, forwarding on fan mail, and managing offers / media inquiries, making sure that they were legit". It is quite possible that Damien Estreich is the one who is lying. In fact, in the absence of any proof to the contrary, ED readers should assume that Damien Estreich has been lying to Mia Rosa, to YouTube Head Office, to all the other members of YouTube and to his parole officer.

YouTube Favicon.png A Video on Haters and Enemys - From ChannelReviews - 9 Feb 2007

This video is just an Ad_hominem. It is entertaining, but it contains no new information. If anything it is an attempt by Vichy-ChannelReviews to draw the spotlight away from Damien Estreich's catalogue of lies and misdeeds. While Vichy-ChannelReviews is busy claiming the moral high ground he either does not realise or completely ignores the fact that Damien Estreich has been using his contacts within YouTube Head Office solely to further his own career, and in doing so has deliberately steered clear of any controversial issues on the website. Damien Estreich has only ever used his contacts at YouTube to deal with so-called "haters" when those "haters" have "attacked" his YourTubeNEWS channel. Anyone else who could have used some help from his YouTube backed propaganda channel has been ignored.

YouTube Favicon.png A Video on Friendship - From ChannelReviews - 17 Feb 2007

This is just another video of Vichy-ChannelReviews fighting Damien Estreich's battles for him (by explaining how social apartheid on YouTube is a good thing). The video is so shallow and devoid of content that it is really not worth watching. The only purpose it could possibly serve is as a probe to help Damien Estreich establish what is awaiting his return to posting scammer videos on the YouTube website.

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Put cock in plz.

External Links

ED knows about Mia Rosa's open Photobucket.

ED knows about Mia Rosa's video of herself swearing in the car and about her other personal videos.

ED knows about Mia Rosa's friends, her family and her online Dox.

Ongoing Discord

Damien Estreich's carelessness, arrogance and stupidity has not only left Mia Rosa's reputation vulnerable to all kinds of harm, but Estreich's blatant lying and cheating has given some people who don't know better the motivation to actually do that harm to her.

Mia Rosa is only collateral to Damien Estreich. Something he can point at and say "look what I did". If Mia Rosa is ruined then that will only be collateral damage to Estreich, he will shrug it off and move on. Ruining Mia Rosa just to prove a point, would have no point.

The purpose of this article is not to prove that there is something wrong with Mia Rosa. It is to prove that there is something badly wrong with the people that created the Miaarose "success story" scam. The people who had the tools to do that were Damien Estreich, DaleATL2 and an as yet unnamed member of the YouTube staff *cough* Michael Powers *cough*.

If people are angered by what has happened they should direct that anger towards Damien Estreich. They should demand that he come clean about everything. He can not claim that it is none of anyone's business but his. As soon as he convinced YouTube Head Office that he was the voice of all the members of YouTube and gained all the privilages that went with that position, his business became the business of every other member of that website.

The YourTubeNews channel was created with the complicit help of YouTube's Head Office, which granted favors to Damien Estreich when he bleated at them louder and more often than than everyone else. Unfortunately, as the rest of the YouTube membership is discovering, Estreich is extremely dishonest, manipulative and more than willing to unscrupulously abuse any privilege that he is given.

Some of the other members of the YouTube website want YouTube to give them a hearing, they want to have their say, they want to fix what is patently wrong. They are not going to swallow Damien Estreich's lies and sit patiently waiting while all his KKA cronies jump the queue to get on the Featured page, the Signup_invite page and the Directors Videos Panels in front of the people who actually deserve to be there (if indeed anyone does).


YourTubeNews - A user run channel with no ethics, that gives people no say, that dictates when a House of Jigsaw client is a story and that conceals more information than it passes on.

YourTubeNews - It is not Yours. It is not News'.

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