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The original king of mic spamming.

Mic spamming is a secret technique created at least 100 years ago by super trolls. It involves flooding the microphone chat on Steam games or Xbox Live by playing ghey music, ear raping, forcing memes, or other fail things that make the other faggots in the game go batshit insane, all for the sake of great lulz. Subjects of mic spamming often include Hitler speeches, rick rolls, and fresh prince. These are the most cliched and therefore unfunny things to spam over the mic, and people who do this should be forever regarded as the shit hole of the internet. A sign of a good mic spammer is not being able to hear anyone else in the server, except for the occassional 12 year olds with their screeching, prepubescent voices that rightfully challenge the spam.

Where to mic spam


If you mic spam, there is a large chance you will get pwned by an admin. So, if you want to be successful, target only the games that contain raging niggers, flaming homos and republicans. Avoid Halo games, as for some unexplained reason, the people there actually know how to mute you.
Any game made by Valve however, due to them all being glitch-filled fails which are all basically Half-Life 2 mods, are filled with some of the lowest life forms on the internet, and will respond furiously to any agitation. Ironically, many people on Steam think they are leet h4x0rs, yet they need an admin to mute someone for them, just showing you what kind of people Steam attracts.

The Downfall


Like any other great invention, there are always people who will make it the oldest and most facepalm-inducing thing to ever exist on teh internet. This has worked to make mic-spamming possibly the gayest thing evar, appealing mainly to little aspies who, instead of doing what's right decide to try and make other people feel like the miserable pieces of shit that they are.

Mic spamm0rz in akshun

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