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Hell is that way!

Micah Armstrong is a batshit insane evangelist, possibly more insane than Kaliph Jamal, who tours Colleges and Universities in America with his wife/sister Elisabeth. Like all Christians, Micah hates everything that isn't Christian and lets people know about it, making him a gigantic, religious troll running on the fumes of burning Wiccans!


His mission

"To preach the Bible publicly on the streets, college campuses, and at big events; calling sinners to repent of all sin, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and live a life of holiness and obedience to the teachings of the Bible, and train others to do the same."
Which is another way of saying:
"Troll everyone and everything that isn't good and Christian like me!"

Classic Videos

The Gay Song
The Story of Dick, Jane and Sally
The Gangsta Rapper
The Five Fingers
Lusty Hussy
Battle of the Orgasms
How to Have Sex

Evangelical antics

His evangelical antics draw a crowd like a bearfight in Russia and it is not uncommon to hear him calling perfectly non-Christian people "loose sorority sluts", "voracious faggots" and "terrorists". Micah is not completely crazy, since he knows that women are the root of all evil:

Beware men, there are loose women on campus out to seduce you. You wonder why you don't see any crackwhores in Ybor City anymore. These women are putting them out of business.


—Brother Micah, on women

He even stands in the rain whilst delivering his messages! Wow! That much dedication shows that he is right and you are wrong!

Nobody's going to heaven

The cock in my ass was this big!

According to black person Micah, you can be damned to hell for all eternity for:

"Its not okay to be gay"

Micah's number one hit on the god hates fags record label is a catchy little tune.

"I've got news for you homosexuals,

sodomites and lesbians who
think that it's OK to be gay,
God says it's not OK.
It's not OK to be perverted.
It's not in your DNA.

What you need is to be converted.

Real Life Counter Trolling

Lulz ensues around 45 seconds into it.

The not so great Easter Sunday raid of 2007

On the 8 April 2007, a small group of EDiots raided Micah's forums, producing mild lulz with pictures of Jesus, Pain Series and Last Measure. The raid was short and sweet, with accounts being banned within a few hours and the forums becoming friends only. However, registration was still open, paving the way for...

The great Micah forums raid of April 2007

From the top secret depths of ED IRC came a small band of EDiots bent on producing more lulz from Brother Micah and friends. They enlisted the help of 7chan's /i/ with this thread to get more troops, and soon the raid was in full swing. With more religious conumdrums for the righteous souls at ROAM-USA.
The forum now remains friends only, and the only solution for Micah and his friends was to delete fucking everything. ED declares victory!

Gallery of lulz

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