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He even looks like a Nazi.

On September 8, 2010, reich wing advocate and pundit Michael Berry filled in for political psycho Mark Levin on the neocon's political talk show. While replacing Levin, Michael Berry felt the need to go on a 15 minute poison filled rant that liberally dripped with hate speech and racism. America, fed up with spics, muslims, and niggers, ate up the radio performance with a fervor best described as fanatical fascism.

What makes it even better is that Levin and Berry both boast that the Youtube clip has millions of views, but at this writing, it appears that the clip only has a few thousand. That's okay though, typical Republicans will just say this is yet another example of the vast media conspiracy perpetrated by the Left.

The Audio Clips

Part One
Part Two

Reasons Why Michael Berry Is Guilty Of Hate Speech And Racism

  • He mentions the Chinese debt that America has accrued.
  • He says that studying cocaine use in monkeys is not important.
  • He doesn't think that the Asians in the Himalayas are worth studying.
  • He quotes Ronald Reagan, an elderly person.
  • He insults sailors who suffer from dipsomania, a debilitating disease.
  • He mentions pork several times – a food source strictly forbidden by the Qur’an.
  • He sneers at the Obama Administration’s use of slang.
  • He mentions children several times.
  • He belittles the federal government.
  • He mentions that socialists are racists.
  • He uses the term “greenie weenie.”
  • He scorns babies who have fevers.
  • He uses the derogatory term “BO” when referring to Barack Obama.
  • He calls immigrants terrorists and Mexicans terrorize southwestern states.
  • He points out that Mexico has a crime problem. How unfeeling and crass of him.
  • He says that black people are violent and menacing.
  • He condones the racist agenda of white people everywhere.
  • He calls Barack Obama insensitive.
  • He criticizes teleprompters and other aids for the visually impaired.
  • He mentions buses and negroes in the same sentence.
  • He scorns those who cannot read; especially congress members who, due to poor education, could not read the stimulus bill.
  • He uses hate speech and openly scorns those who are “workers.”
  • He expresses contempt for the mentally retarded, singling out Nancy Pelosi on several occasions.

Not His First Time At The Rodeo

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More of this guy's heated animosity.
I'll tell you this. If you do build a mosque, I hope somebody blows it up.


—When Americans do it, it's patriotism!

This is not the first time that Michael Berry has caused the world to gnash its collective teeth and feel incensed at his brutality. In the past, Berry has called for the bombing of peaceful mosques and has stirred up trouble with his belligerent rhetoric.

With politicos such as Berry tossing around such bile, is it any wonder that calm, peace loving Americans wish to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine so that we can finally silence this nutjob? Clearly, the founding fathers did not have people like Mike Berry in mind when they drew up the Constitution and the First Amendment.

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