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Wanna make love with me?

Kio Bade or Michael Righetti is known as the first, all famous and only Fursuiter in Switzerland and Fursona changer. Born on 19.09.1984 residing in Goldach, St. Gallen. He suffers from a severe case of unwarranted self importance and is a dog rapist. He is also the overlord of English language and will teach you that is it that way if you disagree.

Personal Life (First Live)

The social crock and white-trash Kio ended his educational career with 16 and made a pathetic apprentice. Due of course the economic situation, which has absolutely nothing to with him, his personality nor his abilities, he was unemployed till 2011. Now he works as engine driver at Jansen AG earning a shitload of money so can afford over 3 HTC phones plus one bitch. He claims to earn more than 5000$ a month for his low-class work. His biggest goal is to become THE elite furfag of all time. His most notable technique to gain popularity is also known as playing the cool guy by just show up everywhere he can to just get a little fame, because it’s not cool if Kio’s not around. Kio still lives at home in the basement of his parents or his parents live in the upper house of his basement. Kio’s only vacations are on several furry Convention such as Eurofurence, Zeta Pride, and MMC.

Personal Life (Second Life)

Kio & Amarok a match made in heaven.

Failing at his first live Kio became an elite furfag on SL. SL is his new life, where he can take the money from the state, exchange it for L$ so he is finally once in his lifetime a rich and powerful guy.

How many L$ do you earn in a month? Enough.



Kio first extended his well-known tiny cock in huge one! Bought a big Mansion, where he also lives in the basement. Making career as a SL mod. Kio finally is somebody there. Managing many furry groups on SL is hard work and pays off in many L$ and fame. Becoming that famous makes him all wanted on the internet. No wonder if his only past time is SL and the only topic he can talk about. He is that famous and wanted in SL that even he is at his ex-boyfriends home supposing to have dinner with his family he runs down the basement and plays SL. SL meal tastes better for sure. Even he rather has sex with his SL-sona then screwing his boyfriend.

Love Life

He's really cute.

You can easily count how many relationships Kio has had. Every time his true love breaks up, which has really nothing to do with his personality nor his tiny cock or his ugly face, he changes his fursona. New start new chance, same guy. Kio was known as Kio Blackfox, Kio the Snowleo, Kio the Dalmi and Kio the Collie. He always has the newest and fanciest avatars to his sona. Always gets them from other persons claiming to be him on the picture and to be the commissioner. He is a so called art thief. Innocent as he was, he was banned several times from Facebook. In between his true loves Kio fucks dogs which, "love" him and he loves them. If he don’t gets any dogs he calls his ex-little furry brother and fucks his ass until he bleeds out of it.

Next to SL, Kio has the pastime to masturbate a lot to faggy furry porn. Occasionally his mother who lives in his house on the upper floor catches him rubbing his boner to furry porn and promising not to rape any innocent animals. To earn some attention he published that incident everywhere just to show how cool he was at that time.

Once finding the true love Kio shows his poetic talent writing love poetry and love letters to his true love publishing it everywhere that everybody sees how special his relationship is. Commenting on his own FB page how good that is what he wrote. Not to mention the extra pronounces, that he is in a closed relationship whit his partner he found on SL and doesn’t know anything about good sex.

One of his famous poetic outcomes

mein schatz ich danke dir das es dich gibt... ich liebe dich mein schatz... ich will dich nie mehr hergeben... zu wissen das du mich liebst... ♥ mein schatz du bist mein ein und alles und ich vermisse dich... ich sagte dir schon am bahnhof in deinen armen das ich dich verdammt vermissen werde... mein schatz du biust mir verdammt wichtig... ich liebe dich einfach nur ... und will so bald wie möglich wieder bei dir sein...)[sic]




My love thank you that you there…I love you my love…I want never to give you back…knowing that you love me…♥ my love you are the one and only and I miss you…I said to you on the trainstation in your arms that I’m gonna miss you much…my love you I are me very important…I just love you…and want to be near you as soon as possible…)[sic]



Update on Love Life

Two men in love ♥.

After Kio the Dalmi had no success with is short new love of his life, he turned into Kio the Wolf. Where he shortly after found again the most lovely person to butt-fuck.

A few days later, our super famous fursuiter meets his idol, ZEN at EF 11. This was the most epic moment of his fantastic life. He took hundreds of photos, showing him and Zen cuddle eachother and having a really deep conversation. Five minutes later they were of course uploaded to Facebook. Anyhow Kio dumped the Wolf and was reborn as Kio the Panther. “New sona nu luck” as he always says next to his catchphrase “I like ze pozzing

This time Kio the Panther had success. He met the most wonderful person in his life and this time it is his true love, no kidding there. His new love is a pedo Chipmunk loving furfag named Alvin. Alvin is as ugly and stupid as Kio, and he has the same amazing talent in the English language and even more he is a master of his mother tongue. They are both made for each other. Alvin shows his love in the same fantastic literary outcomes, stealing art and tags as Kio does.

My name is René Schander and im not Gay.

This time to prove how special their love is the immediately got engaged after 2 days and married one week later in Second Life. Where Kio the bride finally gave the legally valuable “yes word” to his mate.

With an utterly corny vow of fidelity, with many grammatical errors and misspellings, they proved their love for each other in an expensive SL church and celebrating in an even more expensive SL nightclub. Where they had their wedding night butt-fucking and get butt-fucked by the few furfags who attended this act. Till the server or the next true love spates them, they will be the most exclusive and special furfag couple off all eternity, which shows over 9000 stolen and commissioned furfag pics.

Attempts getting famous

His pride and joy

Kio the Blackfox/Snowleo/Dalmi/Collie whatsoever has made several efforts getting famous and all known to the community. Starting off, by his gay ass furfag group on SL for the local SL players. King of furfags on SL. Kio could never bear that he wasn’t in fact the founder of the roundtable which occurs every month. All he can there is annoying anyone, bring stupid SL bitches with him and whine about why he isn’t the leader of the furfags there. Constantly complaining how childish everyone is and how supreme he is.

Another attempt is his very informative blog about the furry fandom. He is the one who defined the word “furry”. The blog is online since 2007 and hasn’t gained one comment. Kio is not aware that a countdown to next furfag convention and to his next meeting with his SL bitch isn’t any blog at all. Even posting his literary deep and thoughtful answers from his Formspring as topics isn’t a blog.

Topics errm I mean Fromsrping questions like

Did your favorite color help you pick which college to attend?

uhm i don`t went to a college



If you could bring back any TV show from the present or your childhood, what would you bring back?

uhm nothing because im not look tv yet [sic]



Next attempt was to manage the Swissfrus FA group. Sadly there is nobody to manage. The only things he does there offending and annoying people in the name of the community. Another one was to create a “Private Swiss Fur Energy drink” Now that he works he is finally someone and made important business contacts which would print a logo on a can. Failing even getting a logo he asks the only known artist to him who produces shitty art for free. Creating drama when someone offers help. He must deny it otherwise he wouldn’t be the trendsetter furfag and his name would always be mentioned next to another.

Finally he spent the taxpayer’s money and the shitload that he earns on a pathetic over orange partial fox fursuit. As an expert he knows, that you absolutely must wear it with a T-Shirt so that you see the skin of his arms. Kio thinks of himself as the first Swiss fursuiter that’s why he offers to join the first fursuit walk in history so that you get the chance telling him how awesome he is and that he is in fact an elite furfag. You really must follow him. A person who has achieved so much and is educated so well must be followed. Wouldn’t you follow a guy which answers the following question with such a smart and poetic answer

What is your greatest achievement so far?

ust paw off for 3 Houres and i did`t cum. [sic]



Attempts to blank the shit out of ED

As clever as Kio is, he registered with his own name on ED tried to blank out the truth of this article and our dear users quickly reverted the edits. But as clever as Kio is, he retried it again with the same outcome. A user set the article after that on protected mode and banned him permanently.

However Kio made a last attempt by calling the fancy cyber-crime cops of Switzerland to take the shit down and cried his eyes out at the local police. Of course they have the latest high-tech equipment (e.g. Win 95) and will delete ED in the next few minutes from the interwebs. So be afraid!

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