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I want to let you know that as of this Friday, October 22, 2010, Mike Godwin will be leaving his role as General Counsel. The terms of the severance are confidential: we won’t talk about them now, or in the future. -Wikidominatrix Sue Gardner Tue Oct 19 17:45:50 UTC 2010
Mike Godwin laughing it up before getting fired.

Mike Godwin was the former legal counsel for TOW. He is also the creator for the oldest meme on the internet, Godwin's Law. During his tenure at TOW, he was known advising TOW to make it's volunteer editors bend over and take it by handing over the IP address of all the users who edited the Video Professor article so that the Video Professor organization could sue them in Internet Court. He was fired by the final boss of TOW Sue Gardner for trolling the FBI. He was given a hueg super sekret severance package paid by the idiots who donated to TOW.

The troll to the FBI that caused Gardner to Rage

The FBI had demanded that Wikipedia remove the bureau's seal from their articles.[1] They said that TOW was breaking the internet law by showing the seal. Godwin sent a reply to the FBI saying NO U.[2] Godwin also countered that the FBI didn't know shit about the law and they should bow down and kiss his ass over his leet legal skillz. This then prompted a conversation with Gardner:

Sue: "Mike, I hear the FBI is really mad at us, now!"

Godwin: "Well, I don't know why. I just pointed out that the law is aimed at reproducing I.D. cards and such.."

Sue: "But you didn't have to be such an asshole while doing it. I know I laughed at the letter before you sent it, but I'm not a lawyer. You're supposed to be wiser in these matters. Now they'll think that being snide, is insulting to them personally."

Godwin: "It's not. Lawyers do this all the time and don't take it personally. At the FBI they're big boys and can tell the difference between making fun of an idea and making fun of the people who believe the idea..."

Sue: "You don't know your history! Do you know Galileo attacked the ideas of some high-up Roman Catholic Church people, and they held that he was attacking the church itself?"

Godwin: "What do I care what the Catholic Church did?"

Sue: "The Catholic Church speaks for the views of God Almighty. So obviously God thinks this way, too."

Godwin: "Er, you know I'm Jewish, don't you?"

Sue: "Speaking of which! If you dirty jews weren't always making snarky and legalistic arguments to put people down, maybe a lot fewer of them would have wound up in prison camps. Ever thought of that?"

Godwin: "Oy vey, I saw this coming …"

Sue: Your fired Mike

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