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Translated with original spelling: "Sory but her art should be reported because my oc I have since end of 2011 somehow, I came here on dA he was my first oc. So I won't delete it because it belongs to me for long time"
Translated with original spelling: "My characters are not fat, chunky and had anatomy! They are full-sized and this is all. If you want in comment write something like this: "What is it?! So chunky, flooding with fat, no anatonomy there..."
You can atonce give up I will ignore it.
If you want constructively says something about any mistakes there or, gently says what you like there or not, come on! ^ ^"

Miminka-mimi traces artwork and claims it to be her own. Of course all her works are ORIGINAL. Even if you prove that it was traced. The best escape ever is blocking everyone who dare tell anything wrong about her "art". She lives in her own world where she doesn't trace anything - but other people are tracing from her. And get inspirations from her... and she sometimes a quite imaginary reasons why people hate her. She thinks if she change account no one realizes is that her. After that she was also known as "ZelokowyRobaczek" ("JelelyWorm" - yes, she did a misspelling in her own language... Shame for all six months).

After affair by affair, within three days she three times changed account on dA. At least she ended as Mala-Makabra with RPG group traced of her own GRP group which she abandoned on her previous main account. Now is blocking anyone who has any effrontery to say her any truth about how pathetic she become... also she's blocking innocent people for one wrong word.

Probably the Human Fucker is needed.

Pretty old bitch (23 yrs) and still with lvl of gramma from primary school
Anonim: "Why are you tracing?" Miminka: "I don't know what tracing means and I don't do anything like that. If I could do I rather know what is it." - MY MIND EXPLODED
Miminka/Makabra: "You know, I have no title 'cause it was a book from Italy and I took... There was no cover and many smeared pages... Yes yes, veeery old book" THE BEST EXCUSE EVER


Too many times she created dramatic actions... about nothing or her imaginary problems/or equally imaginary "hejt". Her the most common arguments were "you don't read it properly", "you don't understand me/situation" or "the punctuation is an individual thing". Rest of her arguments is similar to the cat with tail in the fire - nonsense between nonsense without any signs of IQ.

  • least butthurt - NO COMMENT. ... oh well. There is about stealing character -> "you're stupid thief, Miminka" -> "Oh, well, I'm stupid too".
  • Butthurt on her profile - everything is hidden :"D Those dots are... very eloquent.
  • Another Drama - Sorry, because it is in Polish... But... Maybe better for you. Her stupidity is contagious...
  • click Miminka doesn't know what means the word "trolling" and had a lot problem to understand what is it a "provocation". And she didn't.
  • grief.pl She's getting more and more pathetic with every stolen style or art. This time she stolen chibi style, and was arguing with the author...
  • Elizja vs Lurid ... About culture in the Internet.
  • pics Human Fucker versus Miminka/ZelokowyRobaczek.


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