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If you aren't scared now, you should be.

MindWipe aka Asswipe is a Tourettes & Assburger's Syndrome suffering cheater on The Promised Land. MindWipe suffered an IRL nervous breakdown after he failed to garner any subscribers despite being one of the script kiddies.

Four hundred hours ago people knew little about our Jew dramaiverse. They thought that the earth was the center of the entire ask a tyrant and that the sun and all of the sockpuppets revolved around it. But then a/an Jewish dragon named Mortimer discovered the truth. The earth revolves around the victor1st 666 times a day. Mortier, whose last name was McScriptWriter, used one of the first 40 meg scripts, which was invented by MindWipe.

This primitive script was little more than two pieces of tags stuck on each end of a/an most hit. In 2007 an live video police named Casey Nunez expanded MindWipe's boring theories on cheating, but during the Live Video Inquisition in he was flagged and arrested. After blocking everyone for six months, MindWipe was forced to bulletin everyone to re-block MikeSkehan for the lulz.

MindWipe is known to have two forms. The first is his original, more commonly seen humanoid gay state. He may transform into his other, more monstrous, and even gayer visage by using all of his power in one go, although afterwords he is left exhausted and out of puff. Incredible as that may seem. In this maximum state he can be differentiated by Tinkerbell fairy wings, long blue claws and a pink llama. It is in this state that he can be found devastating entire star systems, laying waste to various Paradises, and shopping at the mall of Belfast.

He's famous for taking on the role of "the great script writer", despite having ten fingers... Although in truth, MindWipe was not the mastermind behind the writing of the script. MindWipe wanted people to think of him for something he was not. Crack will do that to you, kids.

Knowing that his mentor Victurd was about to be exposed for his true self, MindWipe knew it was a matter of time before he too was exposed for the gay pussy he really is. Like Victurd, MindWipe too loved to stir up and break down communities for game. It is something that MindWipe has been doing for several years with Victurd...In order to have people feel sorry for him, in a lame attempt, MindWipe lied and told the community that he was being harassed by ED and others. He claimed they were calling his work, and that he had lost his job. He hid his site, so that people would think he was gone.

MindWipe has a serious drug and alcohol addiction, and because of his raging mood swings, he no longer has custody of his son. This has pushed MindWipe over the edge, making him a walking moronic time-bomb, ready to self destruct at any moment. MindWipe continues to lie and cause problems with the Jew. People that side with MindWipe usually have an IQ under 100 and just don't know any better. TadRockHogan, loving drama and cock as much as he does, and also a proud owner of a crack-brain, decided he was going to back MindWipe up with his false accusations. In hopes that in return, MindWipe might send him some pics of his cock.

MindWipe just can't seem to make up his mind, the difference only becomes apparent when he opens his mouth. Or waves "Hello". Or just breathes. "Watch out, MindWipe's about... Something will be happening soon, stay tuned."


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