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Welcome to Minecraft Forums!
ShadowDusk getting pwned by an asspie. Both are actually furries, so the irony is terrible.

The Minecraft Forums are a collective of forever alone aspies and ponyfags who, you guessed it, play Minecraft all day erry day. The majority of the forum administration are furfags, which leads to moderation similiar to that of the Nazi's. For example, telling furries to GTFO for rubbing yiff shit in your face gets you B&... unless you're also a furfag, which bends the rules for you entirely.

The forum is owned by Citricsquid, the same n00b who gave Quatroking full ownership rights to Minecraft Wiki Now owned by Curse .

The Three Commandments of Minecraft Forums

1. All glory to the wise one who developed Minecraft. Anyone who opposes this is a heretic.

Because Notch, the guy who developed Minecraft, made his community so close to him, he has a lot of rabid fanboys dying for his attention. Notch himself browses the forums, forcing himself to read through the pile of aspergers-style humor that pops up frequently. God knows why he does this. Then again, Notch is also a confirmed 'sperg.

You will be b& permanently even if you hint the slightest at pirating the game, even though Notch is essentially a fatass millionaire who barely manages to update the game when he promises he will. Don't mention we said that either or the entirety of ED will be banned from the forums.

2. Hate is a crime. Anyone who tries to fight this may be prosecuted.

Or as they put it, Posting messages deliberately to offend or upset members of a social group (For example, posting images of Muhammed in a thread full of Muslims). This is just a cover up for the furries who believe their fetish actually counts as a social group. Don't believe their jew lies. Simply saying "Yiff in hell furfag" can get you reported or banned.

Discrimination against the age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation of another member will also break this commandment. This means you cannot call out a 10-year-old retard on being himself.

3. This circlejerk is open to us and us only.

The central Minecraft community has a bunch of members who think they should be treated like gods for being so "high up" in the community. People with this condition attention whore constantly and demand OPs on every IRC channel they visit.

Users like Miclee and Quatroking share these symptoms. Your best option is to ignore them and silently ban them from everything you control - they'll only get worse.


Moar info: Furries.

Seeing Minecraft is a game made for aspies by aspies, pretty much every dedicated Minecraft fansite to exist has been moderated by furry faggots to the point that the places seem unfamiliar for normal, ordinary people. It just so happens that the IRC server the official Minecraft channel resides in has a #furry channel in it. Everyone in this channel also happens to be in #minecraft as well. Typical. The mods, being retarded furfags, will not ban actual trolls, but would rather ban someone who doesn't worship furries.

The unfunny fatty here is actually a head admin there.

The Modding Section

The modding section of the site is where most of the drama happens. Filled with Drama, complaining, mods which crash the game, devs filled to the brim with Unwarranted Self-Importance, and more AdFly links than stars in the sky, this is the festering stretched out asshole of the forums. Much drama can be found here, as regular users demand mod developers to add pointless features or design mods specifically to their liking and end up complaining if something they want is not added. The mod developers themselves usually end up ignoring any bugs which come up in their mods, and many don't even bother trying to update them in any way.

Most of the time spent by mod developers is dedicated to arguing with other developers over who is stealing who's stuff, and trying to protect any bit of their work in an autistic game of who downloads who's mod the most. Instead of fixing bugs or trying to co-operate with other devs to make better mods or making it easier for others to make them, they instead put effort into making sure their mods are as incompatible as possible with the mods of other developers. So in the end nothing ever ends up getting done, as the crab mentality of the entire community guarantees that it will remain the shithole it is, because the developers will continue to spite and drag each other down instead of trying to better themselves and the community.

Forum demographic

Like all Sperg Centers, people will try to defend the most retarded things.

Minecraft Forums are very diverse in terms of the community. It's still incredibly easy to tell what cliché any forum member is part of:

  • Username includes the name of an animal or the avatar is of one? Furry.
  • DESU DESU DESU all over their signatures? Weeb.
  • Retarded Neko loli shit all over their posts? Closeted furry animu pedo. Yeah, they have those as well.
  • On top of these approximately 1 in 3 Minecraft Forums users is a brony.
  • Aspies who never admit that the forum can be wrong sometimes? White_knights.

It may be also handy to note that the majority of regular posters, even the furries and the weebs, are completely underage and treat the forum as a mature community for mature posters like themselves. Although it's not, and the only reason it looks so clean is because admins are quick to jump on anything mildly offensive. Oh, and the admins are also underage furries/weebs which is why the rules are so tight in the first place.

Even completely legit threads like this one ends up in a fight where furries get butthurt and call ED a source of unverified information, whilst defending themselves by calling in their hugbox.

The faces behind the forums

Taken directly from a conveniently placed Post your Picture thread. There aren't many lulzy pics as most users lack courage or cannot find their cameras under their rolls of fat. To prove this, note that over half a million people own Minecraft. That's half a million uglies.

By ugly I only meant "physically unappealing," I wasn't referring to the number of zits I have. :p

And, yes, I suppose that I am rather fortunate regarding acne, it's only really bad if I don't shower for a few days.

And my hair isn't anything special, I have to keep it short for school (damn Texas school system >_>). I wish I could grow it long like I used to, it looks much better like that.


—Kee715 on ignoring his hugely obvious weight problem.

"Seekercat, who can play connect the dots with a mirror."

I might have to try that sometime.

Oh, and my horrible webcam hides the true extent of my acne. ::(


—Seekercat, agreeing with ED

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I told you bro.

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