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One of the very first mini-memes!

A mini-meme is a little meme spawned from a larger meme, which is already established in e-fame. Generally speaking, mini-memes are only used by homosexuals and lamerz, and are unfunny, though some good ones have come and gone over the years.

Common mini-memes

Role in the YTMND process

Mini-memes play a crucial part to making lame YTMNDs.

  1. Select mini-meme
  2. Select another mini-meme
  3. Form at least semi-coherent sentence out of mini-memes
  4. Photoshop mini-memes together (again, only semi-coherence is necessary)
  5. Post creation
  6. Use socks to upvote
  7. Beg friends to sponsor your shitty content
  9. ?????
  10. PROFIT!!!

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