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It are a fact. I know because of my learnings.


—FactCat's Motto

The Ministry of Lol is the designated troll group of the lulz.


The Ministry of LOL conducts research projects based on the findings that contributed to The Comprehensive Theory of Lulz, aimed towards further advancing and refining our existing understanding of Lulz. While attempting to define and undertand Lulz in such a way is inherently anti-lulz, our researchers brave this hazard in the hopes of achieving even greater and more rewarding lulz.


The Ministry of LOL approaches the study of lulz within Internet communities from the aspects of History, Theory, Philosophy, and Practice, and proposes a vision of Anonymous trolling communities that prevent and heal cancer effectively, ultimately leading to the development of creative, lulzy, and sustainable communities that are capable of conducting organized trollings both OL (Online) and IRL (In Real Life).


Created in 2006-something by Caelum, Ket, Yiri, Zionistacat and some other people -- and rejuvanted with the holy, spiritual light of the lord in early 2007.

It came back in 2010, promising to die as soon as Zionistacat gets bored again.

Ministry of LOL is part of a series on final solutions.

[crackersGas the...]

In September 2010, Dunecat, with the blessing of our Raptor Lord who went extinct for our sins, decided to take on the mantle of the Ministry of LOL, for the greater glory of Cthulhu.

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