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The Ministry of Truth is a trolling technique whereby the troll draws the community's attention to some form of evidence that suggests that their victim has a few skeletons in their closet. This technique works best against those who are as yet relatively unknown as far as the community is concerned, and can form a highly effective part of a good steering attack.

In short, it has all the advantages of being an E-detective without the burden of there having to actually be any dirt to dig up. In its simplest form, the Ministry of Truth will step in as follows:


Prima: That's exactly the sort of response I'd expect from a racist prick like you.

Secunda: What the hell are you talking about? I'm not racist....

Prima: Google doesn't lie. (insert link to stormfront profile in the name of "Secunda88", complete with copypasta'd personal info and a handful of posts about ZOG or whatever)

If the evidence is even remotely convincing, the rest of the discussion will be spent pointing and laughing at whatever Prima managed to dredge up, Leaving Secunda with the Herculean task of proving that the profile in question is not actually them. Either way, the seeds of doubt will have been sown, leaving them wide open to any future attacks.

If creating an entire fake double-life for the intended victim is too much effort (or more time is needed to prepare), Prima may find some other random target and create the impression that the two people are one and the same. Adding "furry" to Secunda's username and posting the results is a quick and easy way to steer the discussion in the right direction.

If the community in question has its own detectives, Prima may wish to put something together without mentioning it - if the information can be found and brought up by a third party, it will be all the more convincing. This works even better when salting the earth, especially if the evidence that is left to be found after the flamer has departed is even more incriminating than that already revealed.

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