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What nearly all of mintchoco's artwork looks like. Totally doesn't look the same, amirite?
Hey, if you don't want to mass fave my shit, I'm going to block you ass. deal with it.

mintchoco is a snotty, arrogant, and insanely whiny attention whore on deviantART who is unique in that she will block people for -- believe it or not -- saying nice things to her or watching her without faving her work immediately. According to mintbro, being her fan is a privilege, and if one is worthy enough of said privilege and wants to stay off of her blocklist, they must adhere to her strict and incredibly bizarre set of rules.

minty is a mediocre kawaii animu artist who claims to reign from the Land of the Rising Shit, but evidence suggests she's actually based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She is essentially Teruchan's junior but with less pedo and AIDS.

minty drew an exceptionable amount of attention to herself lately, and not just on deviantART but other corners of the interwebs such as Tumblr, for blocking people who leave any kind of nice comment or watch her. As we know, most lolcows will freak out at any negative attention they receive, such as criticism, trolling, the typical shit. But clearly not minty. What apparently infuriates her are nice people and being showered with compliments. Ain't nobody got time for that

Her loyal yet mentally handicapped fans insist she only blocks then unblocks your weeaboo ass when you watch her without faving because she gets too many messages and she sometimes cries about it. However, this is a total lie because the faves generate a massive amount of inbox clutter (much more than watches do), and unblocking just allows people to repeat the watch process another fifty fucking times, which is not very efficient if minty really wants to stop THOSE ANNOYING MESSAGES from flooding her inbox. Furthermore, who the fuck seriously cares about how many messages they get? If you're that upset about receiving messages, perhaps you shouldn't be on dA. Or the internet. Or life.

We figure mint is either mentally retarded, or is doing this purely to garner attention from the peoples of the internet. Either way, lol

mint's general attitude

Then could you tell me the merit of keeping people who just watch and never +fav any of my works in the watch list?

If your opinion is convincing to me, I won't remove you from the list anymore :)


—minty, kindly giving her fan an ultimatum.

Looks like mint's supposed plan had an ass-backwards effect.

mintchoco, by all accounts, uses dA as a tool to show off her terrible artworks. Given the fact that dA is made up of 95% weeaboo hambeasts, it's no surprise that a mass exodus of waps flocked to her page as it made their peens hard and their vags wet. However, she demonstrated early on that she doesn't much care for any response to her work, and therefore wouldn't reply to any of the many comments or other varieties of appreciation she received. This led TARTlets of dA to believe, since mint is from Japan, that she just doesn't know English. Except that didn't last long, as she exercised her English abilities by replying to comments accusing her of being a cunt. Therefore, she actually speaks and understands English pretty fucking well. She's just a really nice person who likes to keep to herself. She made it clear she doesn't like any kind of positive attention, but somehow insists on uploading her artworks all over the web which obviously yields attention. It's clear mintchoco doesn't understand what common sense is.

why would you keep watching an artist who repeatedly gives her viewers the finger? fuck this lady, man.


— Wise words from a dA user.

mint has shamelessly admitted in public she thinks people who watch her without fave-raping her are a waste of time and not worthy of being her fans. In other words, mint is without a doubt one of the most kind and humble artists on the entire site.

One DD to rule them all

The real drama began when poor mint-chan received a daily deviation. The DD was surprising because not only is her work a giant rip-off of the eye-rape that is The Powepuff Girls, but it's the same generic animu bullshit seen in every corner of the cesspool of deviantART.

Now you know the truth, young one.

The DD gave her an exceptional amount of attention, and in response, she immediately started blocking then unblocking watchers and disabling comments on all of her deviations. Disabling the comments really didn't do shit, because instead of them posting on the deviation, the same volume of comments were directed to her page. The blocking surprised many of her new fans, and as a result an additional many of them ended up coming to her page asking why they were blocked. In typical mint fashion, she ignored these comments, but if they said something nice about her work she permablocked them immediately.

holy shit, they're figuring it out!

Understandably, many people were confused and even outraged at her flagrant asshole behavior. People were shocked that she could be so assmad about receiving a Daily Deviation. DDs are what most TARTlets strive to achieve at least once in their pathetic lives on deviantSHART, and when they do get one, they freak out and cry a river of happiness like they just won a million dollars. That confusion, shock and anger then made its way to Tumblr, where Tumblricon.png artist-confessions was inundated with confessions relating to mintchoco's blocking escapade. One in particular was approved and got published to the blog, and as we like it here at ED, all fucking hell broke loose.

Tumblr reacts to mintchoco's shenanigans. whoa.

mint's false identity

So you're from Japan, are you?

It has come to our attention that mint might not actually be from Japan after all, and might actually just be a very convincing weeaboo in disguise. While she's successful in fooling every weeb within a 10 mile radius, people who are not socially and mentally handicapped have discovered evidence to suggest she's actually from Edmonton, Canada.

mint works with a shitty local con called The Edmonton Pop Culture Fair, which is essentially an animu con with a nicer sounding name, and does all of the artwork featured in their posters around town. One has to come to the logical conclusion that someone from Japan would never in a million years know about a tiny con in the middle of nowhere, Alberta, let alone produce all of the artwork for their ads. Not to mention, what kind of con with super limited funds would intentionally seek out and pay an artist from Japan to do their ad artwork when there are plenty of local artists who are not only better than mintchoco, but would do this shit for free?

mint's rules

As mentioned previously, mint-chan has developed a strict set of rules for people to follow if they want to be her fan. Some of these rules include but are not limited to:

  • You are only allowed to watch her if you fave every single deviation in her entire gallery first. Several faves are not good enough, you must fave EVERYTHING. Otherwise you will receive a block.
  • You must not say anything positive to mint, or post any comments whatsoever. Doing so means you are not a true fan and you will be blocked.
  • You must continue to fave every single deviation she uploads. If you miss even one, you will be blocked.

According to some people, even if you follow her rules religiously, she'll still end up blocking your ass. wat


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