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Miriam Weeks = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

How to stop Miriam Weeks from talking.

Now that Miriam Weeks has become the most famous Duke University skank since Crystal Gail Mangum, we have ourselves quite a "teachable moment" for other wannabe sluts thinking about doing porn (as Belle Knox) over Xmas break. Here are some lessons Miriam Weeks really should've followed...

Lessons for Being a College Pornslut without being outed like Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks

Lesson #1: DON'T expect to remain anonymous if you have a JewSchnoz and MidgetTits

So Miriam Weeks thought she had the perfect plan: choose a pseudonym (Belle Knox), guzzle some jizz on-camera over Winter Break, get paid, and return! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, plenty, if you have a very recognizable profile like Miriam Weeks:


Yeah...no local Duke porn-spanker could ever recognize HER!

So before long, Dukesters were spreading the word about Miriam Weeks spreading her legs. As expected, the doods on the Duke Board at CollegiateACB were quick on the draw:

Needless to say, this lead to Miriam Weeks being recognized pretty much everywhere on campus. Which prompted her next fuck up:

Lesson #2: If you're being recognized on campus, DON'T go whining to teh media


This should be OBVIOUS (if not, just google Streisand Effect). But apparently Miriam Weeks' regular ingestion of cum interfered with her thinking...

As a result, Miriam thought she could whine like a butthurt bitch to the media...

...and she thought she could remain ANONYMOUS in all this! And IMMUNE FROM CRITICISM:


Lesson #3 If you're outed as a pornslut IRL, then it's time to STFU and GTFO of North Carolina

It remains to be seen if Miriam Weeks follows this last bit of advice, but it's probably too late anyway. But Miriam Weeks has a PLAN!

I hope to major in Women Studies and Sociology, and someday be a lawyer! I am a member of Duke's Moot Court, Duke Human Rights Student Advisory Board, and on the Executive Board of Duke Second Languages in Action. In my free time I enjoy sleeping, eating Milanos, and perusing Netflix.


Miriam Weeks

From a pornstar to a lawyer! Now there's a short career hop! Then again, Miriam might just be better off seeking a sugar daddy...

MORE about Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks

Since Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) has persisted in being an attention whore since her outing, it's time to give the slut what she wants--and dump ALL the dirt on her!

LOL, Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) HATES the UK Daily Mail for Exposing the TRUTH


Truth HURTS, doesn't it, Miriam?

Since the American media is full of beta manginas, the truth about Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) had to cum from across the pond...

Stay on the story, dapper chaps: just follow the money...and the coke...and the jizz dripping from Miriam's busted ass.


Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) claims poverty, but if you google her home address, u find it's a $420K house

lol, Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) is NOT popular with her family

Cheapskate Dr. Kevin A. Weeks is now wishing he'd paid for his whore daughter's tuition at Duke...
Daddy seeing a movie on how much cock fits in his daughter's ass.

Welcome home from Afghanistan, daddy. I'm a porn star!


—Miriam Weeks tells Dr. Kevin A. Weeks of her "Empowerment"

It's not surprising that a narcissist like Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) is an effortless liar. What's amazing is that she thought the media would never check her story...

At first, Miriam attention whored by telling the press that her family was totally fine with her coke-fueled pornwhoring, as an outtake from dickhead Piers Morgan's interview showed:

  • "It's my daddy's (Dr. Kevin A. Weeks (Spokane, WA)) fault I have to do porn! He wouldn't pay my tuition at Duke...instead, my cheapass father told me to take a full scholarship at Vanderbilt University. It wasn't fair! His fault! WAHHHHHHHH!!!"
  • "My mommy (Harcharan Weeks) is Indian, so she read me the Kama Sutra...and taught me to suck cock for money. Every time I get a semen-blast in the face, I say, 'Mommy, thank you for teaching me so well!')

When I was 5 years old and beginning to discover the wonders of my body, my mother (Harcharan Weeks), completely horrified, told me that if I masturbated, my vagina would fall off.


—Miriam Weeks, writing about how she became a whore in XoJane

  • "My older sister (Anita R. Weeks) also went to Gonzaga Prep, so she can also deepthroat a zucchini and take an assfucking like a champ! Can't wait for my sis (Anita Rachel Weeks) to join me in some girl-on-girl action!"
  • "My brother (Paul Weeks) is a freak like me--who knows, maybe he's already spanked it to one of my films!"

And then came the epic lulz when her OWN FAMILY threw the lying cokewhore under the bus:

This is a tragedy in the family....There’s no way they could have known this was going on. It’s terrible...This is a nightmare what the family are going through.


Amanda Minor-Weeks, exposing Miriam as a worthless liar

And the lulz just get better from here: little Miriam may soon be returning home with her assfucked tail between her legs, begging mommy Harcharan and daddy Kevin for forgiveness--since it's quickly becoming clear that she SUCKS as a porn "actress":

Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks is NOT popular on the pornset


No surprise that this spoiled rich cunt would end up unable to "play well with others"...even other pornwhores!

-Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) is actually a very tyrannical and rude person towards the performers and industry workers on most of her sets. This week after her Piers Morgan interview, Knox cried on set when she found out her scene partner was “so disgusting and too old” for her tastes, fearing her friends in school would make fun of her if she worked with this person…yet, she did do the scene. In fact, Knox had approved that “disgusting and old” partner days before! The very next day Knox showed up to set several hours late to “sleep in” as if she were on vacation from school, and then refused to do a blowjob scene correctly with another girl in fear of sharing her saliva. Yet, according to Knox’s interview with Piers Morgan, this makes her feel “empowered and totally freeing.” I didn’t know making other performers feel “rape-y” so one could get college money was empowering or freeing (Belle Noire)

[email protected] no, Belle Knox lied. Thats why this is so upsetting. She cried on set yesterday bc @StevenStCroix1 was "too old" yet did the scene

[email protected] today Belle Knox complained on set about saliva. Saliva!? And had to baby wipe the cock each time after the other girl sucked it

[email protected] Just worked with @BelleKnox. Apparently Duke has gone from Division 1 to Division Lame.#BlueDevilcheerleaders please save porn!! Cum2LA!

[email protected] I just worked with her... gahh.. barf.. never again..


—Tweets from various pornpeeps, exposing Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) as, lol, UNPROFESSIONAL

That's gotta bite the Big One, right? Judged by PORNSLUTS? Guess Miriam had better keep her day job...oh, wait...


Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks is a CUTTER, lol!

No surprise that this chick would be pretty fucked up, right?

Belle Knox Cutter lol.jpg

The girl is a cutter and certainly has had some serious mental issues in her not to distant past. This degrading life altering behavior maybe a continuation of self degradation. and abuse.



Modeling photos, taken shortly before Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) began her porn career, clearly show ugly cutting marks on the porn star’s thighs. Most worrisome is the word 'FAT', carved into her skin of her left thigh.


UK Daily Mail (19 March 2014)


It's still unknown whether Miriam's "F-A-T" scar refers to her ass or her JewSchnoz


Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks loves her DRUGS, lol

  • lol, Coke Orgy

Yep, them Duke fratboys love that skank, Miriam Weeks...almost as much as Miriam Weeks loves her a COKE-ORGY...

Okay I'll do the cliff'ed version because I need to turn in a paper in like 2 hours (Duke professors/workload of peace):

- Guy in my fraternity reaches out to her on FB, gets her number, let's call him brother #1

- They start texting, she's a huge sloot makes inappropriate comments all the time, they agree that she'll come over the next day so that 'they can watch her new scene together hehe '

- Girl comes to over to our section (like a poverty frat house on campus), doesn't drink, is actually really awkward and generally hides away in brother #1's room and then leaves within a few hours

- Apparently brother #1 gets head from her but she refuses to kiss him (wot?)

- Girl apparently wants to have a 3-some with another guy in our fraternity ("because she always wanted to get double teamed"), brother #1 begins showing her potential candidates, she chooses one (who will now be brother #2)

- Next day they are hanging out and they make a deal to get brother #1 some coke for them to share, brother #2, the guy she had chosen for the 3-some, has some and so they decide that she'll go blow him in exchange for the drugs (wot?)

- Brother #1 and the girl are also apparently going out at this point as boyfriend and girlfriend (wot?)

- Girl goes over to brother #2's room (with the drugs who she wanted to have a 3-some with) and blows him for the coke...and then has sex with him for free; does not tell brother #1 this, goes back to his room right after

- More kiss-less blowjobs for brother #1 over the next week

- Brother #2 on the other hand is banging her on the side

- Brother #1 finds out, ****storm ensues, girl lol's at everyone involved cuts contact and is now allegedly banging some 6'4" broadcaster from the football team (srs) and hooking up with some kinda weird/hot feminist girls (wot?), possible at the same time Frat life of peace.


—Duke FratBoi

  • lol, Ecstasy

Before she tried to delete fucking everything, Miriam Weeks' Facebook URL was revealed as idropthatthunthun, a slang term for doing Ecstasy

  • lol, Miriam Weeks (hearts) Mary Jay

Not that anyone gives a shit nowadays, but...

Miriam Weeks Marijuana.jpg

Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks is NOT popular at Gonzaga Preparatory School (Spokane, WA), lol

Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks is NOT popular at Duke University

So many Duke students were OUTTED surfing Belle Knox porn on their Facebooks that they started a new club: Alex Antezana (Duke University), Courtney Bell (Durham, NC), John Broadbent (Duke University), Autumn Stele Carter (Duke University), Michael Charles (Duke University Laboratory of NeuroGenetics), Jack Clark (Durham, NC), Daniel DeShields (Duke University), Sheila Janardhan, Lauren Fox (Durham, NC), Tyler Fredricks (Durham, NC), Jake Grusd (Durham, NC), Emily Hack (Duke University), Rachel Hadassah (Duke University Global Health Institute), Savanna Hershman (Duke University), Manda Hufstedler (Duke University Annual Fund), Seth Johnson (Peer Tutoring Program (Duke University)), [http://collegiateacb.com/schools/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=55683 Daniel Kort (Duke University), Christopher Lafargue (Durham, NC), Shannon Leigh (Durham, NC), Adam Lemon (Duke University), Ruby Elizabeth Reed (Duke University), Michael Lewis (Duke University), Mila Tsilya Liakhovitser (Duke University), Tierney Maray (Duke University), John Marcus (Duke University), Natalie Markowitz (Duke University), Fiona McCrossin (Duke Lemur Center (Duke University)), Hud Mellencamp (Duke Football), Micailey Metcalf, Larry Moneta (Duke University), David Monroe (Durham, NC), Shannon Moyer (Durham, NC), Grant Oakley (Duke University), Sai Panguluri (Durham, NC), Anna Quian (Duke University), Lillie Reed (Duke University), Morgan Rebecca Schultz (Duke Annual Fund), Pallavi Shankar (Durham, NC), Roma Sonik (Duke University), David Stringer (Duke University), Daniel Strunk (Duke Law School), Jacob Tobia (Duke University), Taylor Turkeltaub (Duke Community Consulting), Natascha Uhlmann (Duke University), Dmitry Vagner (Durham, NC), Jessica Van Meir (Duke University), Jailene Vazquez (Duke University), Joe Vosburgh (Duke University)...

Needless to say, most Duke students are not pleased by the dirt Miriam Weeks is sloshing on the Duke reputation. D-bags have chimed in routinely at CollegiateACB with such screeds as:

If Miriam ever actually returns to the Duke campus, this section will surely grow longer--like a dick in Miriam's gaping mouth.

TIMELINE of the Belle Knox / Miriam Weeks clusterfuck (2013-2015)

It's just a matter of time before this dumbcunt crashes and burns...so, for posterity's sake, here are the main dates on this trainwreck, Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks)

  • Late Autumn 2013--Miriam Weeks (calling herself "Belle Knox" for the frist time...) places nude pix at MatrixModels, signalling her availability to suck cock on camera the day after Christmas...
  • January 10, 2014--Coked up and drunk, Miriam Weeks lets slip (to HERO Thomas Bagley) that she is doing porn as Belle Knox
  • February 7, 2014--"I found out a girl in our freshman class is a pornstar," reports some douchebag to Collegfessions, "I've now made it my goal to fuck her before I graduate. (signed) Duke University"
  • March 5, 2014--Time Magazine LOLs at Miriam Weeks' claims that her whoring represents "feminist empowerment"

If I were Miriam Weeks' dad, I'd be chomping down on a cyanide capsule


Dr. Drew March 18


  • March 22-23, 2014--Miriam Weeks ED page named ARTICLE OF THE NOW! History!
  • March 26, 2014--Miriam Weeks continues to exploit Duke University for cheap buck$
  • October 15, 2014--Miriam Weeks stops posting noodz to her twitter. Interest in her tweets plummets 90%.
  • October 22, 2014--Miriam Weeks' stupidity is mocked in an episode of "Law & Order: SVU", which gives LULZ by having a slut inspired by Miriam's story get "raped," then having the "rapists" get off scot-free.
  • February 12, 2015--Needing money, Miriam Weeks does a gangbang at Lafayette College for Sex Week
  • February 14, 2015

She is on her web site begging her "fans" to be her valentine at a college cam show tonight. I now know her 15 minutes is over for sure.


—--Truth Hurts

  • February 25, 2015--Desperate for any crumb of publicity, Miriam Weeks admits she fucked up her life on an episode of the MTV series "One Bad Choice"
  • March 27, 2015--Miriam Weeks is kicked off of a radio show after cokewilding on a DJ who asks if she fucks for money off-camera, too.

May 2015: Miriam Weeks realizes she fucked up: Delete Fucking Everything!!

Miriam's last tweet appeared on March 19th. The twitter feed remained dormant until late May, when the account disappeared altogether. Updates on the "Belle Knox" Facebook page also became spotty and, since they showed a CLOTHED Miriam, weren't worth looking at.

(Rumors have surfaced that Miriam has withdrawn from Duke, returned to Spokane, and is begging her family to forgive her shameless whoring.)

Miriam's personal page ("Macy Werrks") no longer "likes" her porn-persona and--OMFG!--is actually set to PRIVATE!

Too late, Miss Weeks seems to have learned the value of not spreading your legs for the internet.

April 2016: Move over Miriam Weeks...Duke has a new Pornstarlet

Med school prof. Allison Hall is the new Duke pornstarlet. Here is a sample of her work: www.homemoviestube.com/videos/340514/allison-sucks-a-big-one.html


Gallery of a stupid fucking whore About missing Pics
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