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MissKnowItAll [1] is a lesbian bitch(She's also not a pretty lersbien, so we can't perv ='[) who bitches at everyone who does not have the same opinion as hers on the internets. She is a rabid fangirl of the shitty anime Last Exile and is the character Delphine's secret lesbian lover. She is also having an affair with the Animenation banhammer because of all the shit she says and does.

What a Lesbian Bitch looks like.


Here at ED, MissKnowItAll goes by the names MissKnowItAll, Alice Catherine, Plastic Tree and Alisstre. However, she also goes by LadySparkie, LadySpiritra and YEAH WAY TO PUT MY REAL FUCKING NAME IN HERE FAGGOTS. HAHAHA, DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

Conversation Example

Normal Person: Hi. I'm new here and I like Last Exile. My favorite character is Alex Rowe.

MKIA: OMFG U SUCK! u lyk Alex??? i must brn u to death!111

Normal Person: You know, Miss, not EVERYONE has the same opinion as yours, OK? Calm down!


Various Reincarnations

After being subsequently banned for being a fucktard, MissKnowItAll decided to go right ahead and come back a few weeks later as the user Alisstiss. However, she was fucktarded again and as soon as she went back on she announced to Lord Kuroishi a.k.a. Starmorpher a.k.a. Lord Timaeus that she was back. However, he kept quiet about it and it lead to some sort of flame war between MKIA and pretty much everyone else who knew it was her. One day, MKIA discoved she could not log into the Alisstiss account. So she emailed a moderator about the problem, but, being the insane impatient retard that she is, she decided to create ANOTHER account, Plastic Tree, which she tried to keep completely quiet on. However, again, she was fucktarded and decided to ask the AnimeNation help center if the username Alisstiss had been banned. At least 100 seconds later, Plastic Tree was banned. Having being raped in the ass over 9000 times by the mods, she finally gave up.

List of MissKnowItAll's offences


It seems that the user Alice Catherine was yet another reincarnation of MissKnowItAll. After posting this, the banhammer hit her hard. The ironic thing is that according to this article's history, Alice is the one who created this article.

Alice Catherine had a love/hate relaqtionship with most of the userbase on AN. While an annoying troll most of the time, constantly bringing up her various boyfriends (eg Kelton, Alex etc), most users such as Prons, superplough, Soluzar, agreed she was pretty harmless. One user who had a long standing friendship with her was Lord Kuroishi a.k.a. Lord Timaeus a.k.a. Starmorpher. There was an interesting relationship between Kuroishi and Alice. (Seriously he once posted "And yes, MissKnowItAll will forever hold a special place in my heart. Oh, if only she weren't 12 years old.")

After Alice was banned, LK posted this. It seemed that he didn't particularly want her banned. But a while later, some forum drama occured between him and a member named Rain that resulted in Rain getting the banhammer. Rain apparently accused Lord Timaeus of posting under AC's account and saying she used to be MissKnowItAll. This blog post contains several chat logs between Alice, Rain, and other members. Timaeus of course denied this. Leader Desslock then posted a thread about how while he thought Rain deserved to be banned, Kuroishi/Timaeus also did. Timaeus decided that Alice had asked Rain and Prons to help her get revenge on him, which Prons denied, saying that Rain and Alice had always hated each other. Timaeus then posted this. This makes him look even worse and all but confirms a relationship between Timaeus and Alice.

The mods were by this time sick of all their members acting like /b/tards and closed the thread. Then banhammered Timaeus.

In a gigantic amount of irony/stupidity Alice once posted a thread asking What's The Most Amount Of Times Someone got banned and tried to come back on different screen names without giving up? While asking questions about previously banned members (including herself) with knowledge that no one but an old forum member could have (claiming to have been told by Gaiafags), yet no one grew suspicious (except Prons, but he didn't do anything about it. After Alice posted at least 100 random names with no proof, Prons apparently believed her and dropped it).

She's ugly

Even if you were the last 2 people on earth, you wouldn't hit that, I mean look at that thing

List of banned members from AnimeNation

  • MissKnowItAll/Alisstree/PlasticTree/Alice Catherine
  • Starmorpher/Lord Kuroishi/Lord Timaeus
  • Mel/Rain

Unrelated (probably):

  • Evil_Koala an awesome guy who constantly brought lulz to AN
  • Eva Monkey
  • MagicianCamille
  • Minoru (apparently banned 11 times before giving up)
  • Zugzwang/Catweasel/herewegoagain/zuggy/guessWho/Zugz/the-manics-MSP/Dr. Hoffman
  • Hellmaster Inu/Mr. Gundam

See Also


The AN user Meggles is accused by some of being yet another account of MissKnowItAll's (see posts by Videl and goddessofanime). However both Prons and Lord Timaeus have said they do not think Meggles is Alice Catherine. Whether or not she is remains to be seen.

A source has found out that Meggles is indeed not MissKnowItAll, but a poser.