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Not to be confused with "Missing White Woman Syndrome"

Missing White Womyn Syndrome refers to the tendency of The Google to filter out popular articles on ED that attack women. Ongoing research discovered that this is biased but not limited towards whites nor women, broadly including people in positions of liberal social esteem who, if not white, certainly ride the coattails of white privilege.

For a long time, adult webmasters and small-town marketing consultant scum have been complaining about PR0, the punitive Google Pagerank of 0. However, using toolbar and traffic analysis tools, networking experts here at Encyclopedia Dramatica have confirmed that our articles usually have a decent pagerank of "3", and were being filtered out by Google in a far more sinister manner.

Sometime before September 2010, Google stopped filtering the original pages listed here. Sometime before October 2012, they appear to have lapsed, with a search for "DrMusic2 site:encyclopediadramatica.rs/DrMusic2" only bringing up the countless subpages without the main article.

Case Study: BitingBeaver - The Filicidal Feminist Mom

Here's one of many samples that stick out... Search results #3 and #4 for "Encyclopedia Dramatica" "BitingBeaver" were pages that belong to the BitingBeaver forest, ignoring the central BitingBeaver article hosted here on ED.


Furthermore, Google Toolbar actually scores individual pages on ED, and BitingBeaver had a solid-enough 3, certainly on par with other pages in that forest and well above similar blog articles online. Also, we get a hit for that article by searching by URL, or with a unique phrase like "When he wants to jerk off, everything goes right out the window," so it's certainly wasn't a case of the page being excluded from Google's database.

When we searched for something unique, like "Encyclopedia Dramatica" "BitingBeaver" "Everything goes right out the window," the BB article was ranked third out of three in the listings.

Maybe Google has a soft spot for strong-spoken feminists that hate their children....?

Case Study: Megan Meier and Lori Drew

The issue Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg resurfaced with a vengeance when a few EDiots noticed that searching for "Megan Meier" "Encyclopedia Dramatica" in google would bring up results for ED's front page and talk pages, but not the article. Searching for "Lori Drew" and ED would yield similar results, but no link to the article. This lasted about four days.

Let's try a different tact, shall we? Maybe The Google won't pick up on something derivative, like Lori Meyer "Encyclopedia Dramatica"...

Lucy, you've been keeping something from me...

After several days of lulz and drama, Google restored the Megan Meier article to its search results.

Case Study: Lilo - Bicycle Enthusiast

Ah, Rob Levin. Seriously, who doesn't remember hanging out in #Linpeople back in 1996?

Long story short: VA Linux bought the Linux.com domain name a long time ago, then dumped a shitload of IPO cash into website development. To run it, they hired the useless douchebag of themes.org, OctobrX, who in turn recruited useless fucktard Lilo and his IRC network... Things turned ugly when Rob started broadcasting requests for money, and now he's dead. Slashdot, Bowie J. Poag, and Slashdot's Google's Chris DiBona were all part of this inbred clusterfuck at one point in time.

If you searched for "Encyclopedia Dramatica" "Rob Levin", Google wouldn't come up with the article. However, "Rob Levin Dead" brought the article in as hit #2, and "Rob Levin" dead dramatica sent you to Bike safety.

Case Study: Larry Craig - Toe Tapper

This politician article was nowhere to be found when you searched for "Larry Craig" "Encyclopedia Dramatica". Keep in mind that the Illuminati owns Google as well as both US political parties.

Whom is Google protecting, and why?

The author of this article has nothing really funny to say here, so he is resorting to fact. We apologize for the weak lulz.

The Illuminati and their operatives, for money and power.

Search Term Disassociation

It seems like none of these articles were outright banned, and their PageRanks seemed normal under all of the typical tools... The filtering seemed to work on a search term basis. If ED had a negative article on somebody that Google doesn't want us to target, they'd filter the article out of search results for that subject, without sinking the related talk pages and content on related pages.


There's the slightest of possibilities that Google was automatically censoring these pages as part of their Googlebombing countermeasures. In less-than-plain English, when we add an article to a template, we are spreading the link to that article in dozens if not hundreds of other articles, and that could be construed as an effort to unfairly influence ED pageranks. The problem with this theory is that the links are among pages inside the wiki, rather than pages from the outside, and that plenty of other new pages hadn't suffered the same effect. Use the charts below to form your own opinion. Additionally, if this were the case, other wikis would see similar problems, and as anyone who has used Google before knows, this certainly isn't the case.

Former victims

Censored but technically neither white nor womyn:

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