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Mission: MySpace's default pic. It never changes.

Mission: MySpace is was is WAS a notorious MySpace profile best known as a source of anti-lulz and a pain in the ass for all trolls. As of last Thursday, Mission: MySpace has killed over 7000 innocent MySpace users' profiles, which is the MySpace record. (He really has a life, amirite??) (Actually, some argue he does - apparently, he's a party animal) The profile's creator is a 21-year-old faggot named Rob, who is commonly known as the king of MySpace internet humanitarians and lives in Seattle. Best known for hunting sick fucks and porno bots, Mission: MySpace keeps the MySpace community clean, lulz-free, and full of fail. Oh wait, MySpace does a good enough job of that by itself without this homo lurking on it. Mission: MySpace is similar to the YouTube Vigilantes in nature, but there's only one person behind this effort.


Mission: MySpace was originally created in November 2006 as "iReport Pornography & Harassment". Rob, the guy who runs it, used the fake name "Hunter" at the time because of death threats. After /b/tards found iReport, Rob made the profile become an MySpace hero, only to resurrect it a month later with a new (and more gay) name. Since then, Mission: MySpace has generated moar fail than all the emo fags on the internets by constantly stopping the spread of lulz. However, it has produced many lulz as well, due to the constant butthurt caused to anyone Rob hunted.

Before the Mission, Rob recently confessed to having been a troll for over a year before he started Mission: MySpace. Apparently he thought he grew out of trolling. However, he was never one with the lulz in the first place, having been a member of the n00bish Anti-Emo Federation.

Mission: MySpace was deleted when a bunch of butthurt perverts reported him because he was hunting them, but the faggotry immediately returned, as did the profile-killing. The profile, as well as Rob, then disappeared forever.

Recently, some newfag remade the damn thing. It's not the same fag, and it doesn't have the same damn default picture, nor the crap the other one posted all over the place. However, the faggotry persists, and should be approached with caution as before. Never mind, it's dead now.

The Mission

The mission is to enforce the MySpace Terms of Service to the point of being anal, and to aggravate every MySpace user. While he denies the fact that he is a troll, Mission: MySpace's profile-killing sprees normally produce a lot of lulz because MySpace faggots get emo when their profiles are pwned by partially-outsourced MySpace Customer Care. Pedophiles and face-painters are normally milked for the most lulz.

Mission: MySpace's Associates

Enemies of the Mission

MySpace trolls, face-painters, pedophiles, and assorted other sick fucks like you.

Also, infantilists hate Mission: MySpace, as do furries because Mission: MySpace is engaging in e-fursecution against them, per MySpace's request.

The Guys Behind It

Rob is a MySpace troll whose real name, some argue, is in fact Hunter Chase (though they are wrong, he is a Eurofag with a TL;DR and unpronounceable last name. He is even fluent in Moonspeak). Rob is known for being the best/worst (depending on your POV) example of internet humanitarianism evar. However, Rob is no prude, and takes revealing photos to use for undercover operations using fake profiles disguised as himself. All sorts of jailbait on MySpace drool over his pics, but Rob is either completely fucking oblivious to this, or, more likely, he's gay. Also, though he claims to hunt trolls, it is quite likely that he is just a troll, one whose act has been generally unhindered for a long time.

The new M:MS profile WAS run by a fag named John, who is 22 yet still has a strange obsession with cartoons and video games. John is likely using internet humanitarianism as an excuse to look for CP on MySpace. When he gets v&, internet humanitarianism will have been further ruined from its already pathetic state.

The End of the Internet Humanitarianism

The Mission: MySpace venture ended when Rob/Hunter turned down a job offer from MySpace, and was then baleeted by a horde of babyfurs who mass-reported him. However, Rob did manage to get over 7000 MySpace profiles removed. Unfortunately, at least 100 of those were faggot fail trolls and Anons. Rob's final (and possibly lulziest, actually, for sure lulziest) MySpace effort was starting the most massive fursecution attack on MySpace to date, per request of MySpace, lol.


Mission:MySpace using his alter ego Chase Colborn to threaten Jude's Army in an email.

Some argue Rob does everything for the lulz, and should be treated as any other troll. Evidence for this theory:

Some argue Rob is gay and unfunny. Evidence for this theory:

I'm a virgin and I've never even jacked off, OK?!


—RobDoesTheInternet - July 27, 2008

Now if a 19-year-old guy says that, some argue he is simply asexual, but considering his burning hatred for all forms of secks, it is suspected he either lacks a cock or took part in the BME Pain Olympics, though his voice indicates otherwise. Voice synthesizers.

Other Ventures

Rob made it on the news for his internet humanitarianism and even attained e-fame for a brief period. However, he's starting from scratch. He's moved to YouTube and Facebook. Who knows where he'll end up next. Hopefully off the internets, though likely in gay porn.

If you want to make fun of me, please get my approval beforehand, I don't want negative stuff about me out there on the internet. I mean, I am trying to get a good career and all.


—Future Movie Star, Rob

Mission: MySpace on Other Sites

Rob has also started hunting profiles on Facebook, and now holds the kill record there as well. It is suspected that Rob has become Mark Zuckerberg's butt buddy, if not IRL, then at least OL. Mission: Facebook is full of fail as well, since it seems Rob has only been going after the typical homosexuals, pedophiles, face-painters and trolls. All the fanbois of the page are fat to the point where fat girl angle shots can't save them. It is still under speculation as to why they have not been courteous enough to remove their fat fugliness from the gene pool.

Mission: Pornstar

Recently, Rob quit MySpace in a TL;DR diatribe which was the long-anticipated start to his gay porn career, it was all an effort to get around 30 very popular (read: porn) YouTube channels deleted, which he managed to by sucking YouTube Staff cock.

Rob has not been sighted since his departure from YouTube under the name RobDoesTheInternet. However, channels still keep disappearing. If you see him, add his link to the External Links section below.

Hate Art

Epic ToS Violator Screencap Gallery, Courtesy of Rob

Note: these images are provided for educational purposes. Well, that and the lulz. Sorry some of them are censored, I only saved censored versions so I could post them in bulletins. Enjoy! -Rob

Gallery Of Mission: Myspace About missing Pics
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