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Note: Hot stuff. Yes, that's his house in the background.

Deviantart-favicon.png MochironMan (also known as Kyle) is synonymous with many things: a homosexual, transgender, furfag that has No Life, and many others. But the term most linked to him is douchebag. Like many deviantArtlets, Kyle has a habit of investing his time in peculiar things. For this man, it is computers and trying to rape other people with his female anthropomorphic characters. Some of his favorite art includes pictures of dripping vaginas and other bits of art that only he can get a hard on from.

MochironMan, as he calls himself on dA, is one of those tartlets who molests his way into peoples good graces, so it would only make sense that in his chatroom, if you wish to join, one of his rules is to add him to your deviantArt watch list and prepare to get fucked. And if you don't, BANHAMMER AHOY. His main reason for taking over furry chats was to get a butt buddy, and is notorious for making people he speaks to reach for a rape whistle. Most of this lies in the fact that he very closely resembles a little girl with a tiny cock, and can be seen hunting for sex behind gas stations and craigslist when he's not online chatting up teh sexii boiz. He is much like Dragoneer in the sense that he has a huge ego, and is relentless in pursuing whatever piece of nonexistent ass has caught his eye.

His is also like Zaush in the sense that he is a disgusting, creepy fuck of a man. He also labors under the delusion that he is a sexy Dragon Fuck.

He is known for harassing people and banning them for no reason (usually having to do with that person not wanting to suck his cock dry or eat out his character's vagina). He attempts to incite pity at times where normal people would clearly see him as ass-backwards idiotic.


What he spends his time on.

Something to know about MochironMan is that he is constantly looking for dick. The whole reason he took over HotelFurry was to get laid. One would think that someone this fucking weird wouldn't be able to manage getting this chatroom well known, let alone get some, but believe it or not, there are people dumb enough out there to bow down and follow this guy's whim because he says so. But then again, dragons are pretty damn scary. Kyle considers him to be a troll and trolls for trolls sake alone, but he is known to be a disgrace troll for he brings nothing but shame to the true trolls all over the world.

Kyle is often seen in the chatroom seeking out innocent young gay boys to be intimate and loving with. When these boys resist, his vaginal opening does not take it well. This usually results in him either pissing his pants and banning the person in question, or continuing to act the exact same way, because at that stage he will have convinced himself that they're just playing hard-to-fuck. More often than not, these people are harassed by his ever-present hardon. When not trying to get every other attractive boy to bend over, he's stomping around the chatroom, watching out for fresh meat. He attempts to pass off the room as a gateway for communication between the furfags of DeviantArt, but in the end, it all comes down to a need for sex. He's also whining, moaning and complaining about how much he hates his computer and he's always browsing NewEgg and making computer part lists so he can "build" a new one. Computer parts are like puzzle pieces to him, he's to fucking dumb to know which piece goes into which without having to watch a YouTube tutorial. Beware, Kyle means srs business if he uses multiple emoticons and icons. He's also recently been given a dragon vibrator.

What a catch.

It would appear he's back on deviantART! Thanks for this page and the efforts to get him banned on dA go to:

ChubbehBear (RIP)

And the majority of the Hotelfurry staff! SURPRISE Kyle, the people you thought were friends; aren't! Try not to cry on your brand new dragon porn pictures.


Attempting to troll.

MochironMan is not only famous for being a rapist, but enjoys being such a huge hypocrite as well. Kyle can be found running his mouth about something or someone behind their back or discussing it with his cum guzzling derp whore, Ryu-chu and that they truly mean nothing to him. It's funny that in the screen cap (shown to the right of the screen) he talks about how an ex-friend of his complains that "90% of furfags are whores and looking for a cheap fuck", and yet he himself is found scourging the playgrounds for young tots to take home and force to play with his dragon pussy.

Kyle is also known for idling 95% of the time in his chat and complaining about how his mods sit and idle as well. Kyle believes in picking moderators that are good at their jobs and not close friends when everyone of them in his chat are his close friends and do nothing but sit and idle while Kyle goes off to play his video games or have a quick wank to some porn and then bitches and moans about no one doing work and talks shit about them behind their backs before forcing them down onto all fours to service his pussy or cock depending on his mood before forcing them to promote new users to the various furfag privclasses.


Omg totally fuck me gaiz
Really? Fail troll!

Somewhere halfway through August, Kyle decided he was a poor fuck and wanted to get free things like games and computer parts, so he decided to shit out some lies about him being broke and got people to buy him shit. One cum slut in particular Ryu-chu bought him some games on Steam and got some other butthurt people pissed off and caused a war between his friends and his chat room. One of his closest friends staged a take over because he didn't own HotelFurry and there wasn't shit he could do if he lost his admin power because deviantART is full of fucktards, and a take over occured in which MochironMan and his never ending stalking bots that he uses to scour for new cock were banned. After he bitched, whined, and moaned he was able to sucker one of the poor fools into promoting him back lending him such a victorious win, little does he know that people can't stand his ass and that it will only be a matter of time before he completely is disowned by people for being a tramp. He is most like Allan, a fuck tard furfag who is so broke he begs people to buy him shit so he can get by, but refuses to give up his internet or computer and would rather starve than be without his furry porn.

Someone preorder me this games for PS3 (and to clarify to any douchebags that don't like me I'm not greedy.)


—Kyle, being full of shit and raw fish.

05:05:55 PM <MochironMan> hey look; a penis.


—On the hunt.

Kyle is so hated that he's banned from many chat rooms located on the deviantART messaging network (dAmn) because people can't stand his ass. He tried to be a fail troll by making icons of vagina's and posting them in chats repeatedly so he can jack off and get his cum all over his shitty computer screen (which is why it never works, it's covered in jizz) because he can't get enough of that poon. Watch out for his characters, Viel and Seiyenna. They will grape you in the fucking mouth.

Kyle is a popular tartlet. Not to mention he's chummy with the admins and mods.

Plain and simple.

I laugh at the people who sought to take HiotelFurry chatroom away from me.

You have failed and shall forever-fail. Whoever tried to can get yo bitch-ass out and stop trying because now it ain't gonna happen.

However when I find out who STARTED it intially, (not the two people I was chatting with earlier this day,) you're gonna be gone from all me rooms in no time flat

And also thanks to whoever did that I can't trust one of my best friends on here now

But from here it looks like someone was sure butt-hurt that they had to convince my other admin to overthrow and change the fuckin' room under me. Well it failed and now it's fixed. To whomever, your plan succeeded failed.

Hey look; a loose condom.


—MochironMan, being a douchebag as usual.

<MochironMan> Anyone wanna buy me Test Drive Unlimited 2 on Steam because I'm poor as fuck?

<Gentleman-D> MochironMan: how much? /away <MochironMan> 20 bucks <Gentleman-D> doesn't know if heas that much, to internet banking (brb Mochi) <Gentleman-D> MochironMan: sorry mochi, i's only got 6 dollars (pay day isn't till next week) /away <MochironMan> meh. <Jezzabellalea> I have money from my birthday left over... if you really want it, I will get it for you. /away <MochironMan> Jezzabellalea: if you really want to. <Jezzabellalea> MochironMan: no, if you really want it, I'll get it. \away <MochironMan> if you have steam be my guest <Jezzabellalea> MochironMan: Provide me with a valid website that takes Visa. \away <MochironMan> Jezzabellalea: [link]


—MochironMan, begging for monies.

This proves that MochironMan is a greedy fuck who will do anything and lie to anyone for the sake of getting retarded furries to buy him useless crap.

His Crafts


dA Life

Kyle in 30 years.

When I have spare time (which is a lot lol.)


—Kyle of his ass permanently planted in front of the computer

Kyle is a fucking DeviantArt ADDICT. He'd proud of this, as he spends his day in the following manner:

  • Sleep-10% (Doubled in Hibernation Season)
  • Eat-2%
  • Cock/Pussy Hunting-17%
  • Gaming-15%
  • Internet-56%
  • Moaning about his dead "boyfriend"- All the time

As you can see, his life is full of enriching experiences that will surely be a joy to look back on. Surely his grandchildren will gather at his feet to hear of the amazing tales of his teenager years and life thereafter, but only if he manages to find a steady fuckbuddy and manages to leave his computer long enough to go to an adoption agency. And that'd also be if his own children would want to leave their own kids alone with him.

However, he does find time to constantly moan about his dead "boyfriend", Chubbehbear, who has been dead for however many years now and no one cares. Kyle however, loves to remind everyone by deep throating them with his self-induced sadness and misery over this missing online user. Of course, his failed relationship with JayTera (who, interestingly denies all knowledge of a relationship) is now blissfully ignored by the enraged Kyle who banhammered JayTera from every chatroom he could. Kyle has asked a number of dA users out, all of whom are male - And got rejected by all. These include the notoriously slutty Ferkahhan and Ryu, along with his "best buddy" MalvolentMan. Kyle claims he "isn't gay" but seeks nothing more than raging gay furrycock.


In early June of 2012, MochironMan finally meet his furfaggot end when He was hit with the all mighty banned hammer. Soon after this, He retreated to suck his dick and post a Journal onto (or Furaffinity) to complain about it.

He is gone.. Or is he?

According to him:


Miffed about things lately. Last number of weeks have been fuckin' rough and I dunno what to do lately. God banned from deviantART for some stupid fucking reason like harassing people on another account after being blocked. I admit trolling, but not harassing.

Feels like some people I hold really close are moving away. Or maybe it's my occasional defeatist ways are making myself think they're being pushed away. I don't feel good.

I might spend a little more time here if I don't just abandon everything.

Sucks. Dunno what to really do.


One less furfaggot to deal with now, Lets hope more fuck up with their Dicks caught in each others mouths.

Ban Evading

...Nope He is back. Report

Recently. MochironFag has logged onto to continue to admin his chat. Report the shit out of this furfaggot for ban evading.

It seems that there are individuals that choose to make it harder for me.

Whatever you choose. I'm not going to bother anymore, if that's what you'd like. I am not important, and these individuals are not important to me.

Perhaps they should focus on more important things such as a livelihood and reality rather than attempting to torment people on the internet.

Just a thought, after all. I have two great-paying jobs to look after anyway so they can have it their way. I'll be smiling and making money while some people make enemies.


UPDATE: He's back on dA after crying to the staff and offering to lick their asses.

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