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what modding does, but shhhh. Don't tell PC gamers that or they will bitch to no end.
Entitled PC gamer, butthurt over the fact that Titanfall doesn't support modding.

Modding is the process of shiting all over the hard work that the game developers put in their games. You see, PC gamers are not like normal people. When ever they play a game, they don't actually like playing it. Instead, they play it and take notes the whole time on what they want to change. They honestly believe by changing someone's hard work, they are actually contributing to gaming. Mods are really constructs of nerds attempting to live out their fantasies through video games. Mods generally contain the following:

Mods are interactive fanfics. Modders tend to give the player cool, yet unrealistic clothing, armor, weapons or items. New locations and plotlines can be generated, but the locations tend to be fun-houses, and the plotlines cater to those wishing to play as a Mary Sue. Around 99% of all mods are crappy pieces of shit that looks like they were made by a five year old. The other 1% are by failed game developers who mod in an attempt to convince themselves that the thousands of dollars they spent on collage courses were not a complete waste of time; you know, like mods themselves.

Furry mods

Fox McCloud in his hood years

Furry mods make up 50% of all mod requests. Such mods can be used to virtually fulfill a furry's fantasy about being Lucario.

Using furry mods in video games has several advantages:

  1. You won't have to spend money on a fursuit.
  2. You won't have neighbors pointing and laughing at you.
  3. The Internet and video games don't have much of a good reputation to begin with.
  4. It's easier to remain anonymous online or in video games.

The only disadvantage of a furry mod is the lack of real-life furry sex, although some argue that this is a good thing, as then there is no chance of reproduction.


Typical modders.

Modders are often responsible for giving video games a bad name. Two of the most notorious modders are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These modders modified Doom, since there wasn't enough ripping and tearing. They were able to edit in students and teachers into the game in order to shoot them up. They even called these mods "[their] life's work"(apart from sucking each others cocks ten times a day). It is due to modders like these that Jack Thompson was able to hold his job until 2008. Disregard that, I suck cocks. The Harris levels do not look like Columbine High School, and the enemies were the default ones from Doom.


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