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The word Monster can mean many things:

  1. The type of user Ohbutyouwillpet is.
  2. The REM album. It, like an actual monster, tends to suck.
  3. Your average citizen of Israel.
  4. Al Gore. Important to note that he is a robotic monster.
  5. A website where people upload their resumes. Nobody actually reads them except for your current personnel director, who will fire you if she finds you on there.
  6. An energy drink, not to be confused with other foods and drink that do not give you energy.
  7. Audio cables which people will spend $300 for, only to receive ten feet of cable, bling-bling connectors, and 1 inch of air around the conductor, to improve adroitness.
  • Note that numbers 1-6 are currently being sued by 7 for trademark infringement on the name "Monster," as seen here, here, and here (also here, if you're into that sort of thing).
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