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Miia is right

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Daily Life With a Monster Girl in Engrish, or simply Monster Musume) is the most recent manga to take /a/ by storm, capturing the young, lonely dwellers with its intense plot and dynamic characters. The story revolves around Kurusu Kimihito (aka darling, husband, master, and sir) whose life got flip turned upside down after he was admitted into the "Cultural Exchange Between Species" program. The adventures of darling and co are chronicled in a world where various monster species have reemerged (the author has yet to detail anymore on this matter, quite possibly out of sheer lack of creativity) and the world governments reopened with the intent of integrating these creatures into Earth's day-to-day life. In case one has not yet guessed the selling point of this wonderful piece of artwork: it's monster girls.

What? Why?


Much speculation has been done as to how and/or why one could enjoy something as sickening as a half-snake girl getting off by having her tail rubbed. Experts theorize that /a/'s unhealthy obsession with the non-human stems from most /a/nons' early days on /b/, where they first witnessed the vile horrors of furry porn. These images they were unable to scrub from their head and, instead of getting the needed professional help required when one lays observance to such disturbing imagery, were thus permanently embedded into their delicate psyches. Of course, as even weeaboos know shame, they could not simply bring themselves to start browsing e621, and thus a methadone-like substitute was found.


From left to right: Miia (looking pregnant), Papi, and Cerea
  • Kurusu Kimihito: The prototypical harem protagonist. Completely devoid of personality, he is included not only as a simple plot devise, but also for the readers to relate to ("Wow, I'd be swimming in bitches too if only monster girls were real").
  • Miia: Miia is a "lamia" (basically a snake from the waist down) and, essentially, the "overly attached girlfriend" of the series. This, coupled with the fact that she was the first introduced, makes her the most popular among readers. The majority of Miia fans have yet to accept their scalie status.
  • Papi: A "harpy" (think birdman) with the body and personality of a 12-year-old (this is the only real appeal to her, according to Papifags). Note to supporters: watch out for unmarked vans arriving at your place of residence.
  • Centorea Shianus: More commonly known as Cerea, Centorea is a *le gasp* centaur, making her and any of her followers furfags by default. She is characterized by speaking in broken bits of something resembling Middle-English along with an undying loyalty to her "master".
  • Suu: A goo girl with the inability to speak English or communicate in any way, shape, or form outside of rape.
  • Meroune Lorelai: A sociopathic, masochistic mermaid. Wants a tragic romance, dresses like a goth loli, and creams herself to the thought of dying in a romantically tragic manner.
  • Rachnera Arachne: If the name didn't tip you off, she's a spider girl. Has a BDSM fetish, is lazy, likes rubbing her tits in Kurusu's face and trolls Miia's insecurites for the lulz. Many readers have expressed confusion as to whether her vagina is on her spider or human side, as this is the largest factor in determining if she is "bangable". Also the best girl.

Tyrone has also expressed his approval for Rachnee above the other girls.

  • Lilith - Jailbaity devil girl who enjoys fucking with people for fun and is currently Rachnera's literal bitch.
  • Polt: A kobold (dog girl) that shows up in one chapter when the character go to a gym. /a/nons wept when she wasn't added to Kurusu's harem.
  • Draco: A butch Lesbian dragon girl that almost raped Miia, has mosquito bite tits, and is proof (moreso than Rachnera) the author is lazy as fuck when naming his characters.
  • Sumike: the government agent responsible for adding monster girls to Kurusu's harem. Lazy as hell, lives like a basement dweller, trolls Kurusu constantly (partially for the lulz, partially because she gets paid a shitty salary and likes to take it out on him), runs a special ops squad called "Monsters Of A Neuro" or MON for short.
  • Zombina: The MON strike team leader. Zombie girl, which means if you lust after her, you're a necrofag. Really enjoys her job, creams her rotting cunt over the thought of being able to shoot people.
  • Tionisha: An "oni" (a wapanese ogre demon with red skin and horn on its head). Has the biggest tits in the series, prone to binge eating like a fatty.
  • Manako: The team sniper, is a cyclops (one eyed) girl. Emo, complains every fucking chapter about her eye drying out.
  • Doppel: A doppleganger. Her usual form looks like a naked chick. Fap material for shapeshifter fags.
  • Kii: A dryad (plant girl). A jailbaity loli ordinarily, she turns into a giant plant woman with massive tits after exposure to some toxic waste dumping and tard rages in her debut chapter, only to be shrunk down to normal size after Kimihito sucks her titties dry, reverting back to Pedobear approved loli form. Was originally planted in the ground by Papi, who forgot about it five minutes later.
  • Lala - A dullahan (chick with removable head so she eat herself out) is a Goth emo insane person obsessed with death. Wanted to move in with Kimihito to watch him die. Srsly.
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