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Moonbase Alpha is a free downloadble game on Steam created by the Jews at NASA. Their original intent was to create a simulator to educate the common folk, but because the internet has a tendency to fuck up every attempt at being normal, the game is now a festering pool of faggotry (implying that it was ever not faggotry). Once people realized that the game included text-to-speech engine to convert their homosexual cybersex into a voice that resembles that of Steven Hawking, people began spamming non-sensical phrases and letters to listen to the speech and piss off everyone actually trying to win the game and connect white hoses full of cum into the jew showers. Common phrases that are observed are aeiou, John Madden!, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, lolololololol, asss asss asss, ass to cactus, brbrbrbbrbr, 9999999, snake? Snake?! SAAAAKE!!!, and anything else that sounds fucked up when converted to speech by the game engine.

The actual goal of the game is to save some tards running around in spacesuits on the Moon, driving around rape vans and connecting their hoses into machines.

People should note that this game had virtually no users before Motdef uploaded two Moonbase Alpha videos (the most popular can be seen above). Since then the game has taken off, and pretty much every Moonbase video on Youtube is people trying to copy him.

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