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Moshzilla is a fucking fat fatty fuck best known for attempting to dance at an emo fuck show. She was exploited forever on the internets by 13 year old YTMND whores, which led to her untimely, yet badly-needed demise. Her rampant uber-faggotry is a testament to what some say is the need for all middle-class, white trash hoes to eat shit and die. Some argue that this is a prime example of "internet bullying": when innocent people get caught in the cross-fire of Anonymous hate.

Moshzilla attempting to have buttsecks with Oprah
Moshzilla, churning out lulz from random douchebags

Early signs of emo fail

It all started when some asswipe from San Diego MySpace at a retarded hardcore show recorded the creature and posted the pictures on the tubes. Little did he know, Moshzilla was watching - and she was not happy:

Some of the pictures that were Photoshopped were amazing; some were pretty malicious and cruel...So even though some of those pictures I laughed at hysterically with my boyfriend, you can't help but realize that you are being humiliated across the country. In a nutshell, I feel sh***y.


— Moshzilla, at her grammatical finest

Inevitable Downfall

It turned into an internet meme overnight with billions...if not, trillions? of people posting her picture in random-ass situations, mostly for the fucking lulz. The website which hosted all these hilarious pictures,, pussied out and didn't do shit to continue the wholesale psychological raping of this cunt. This is because her parents bought out big, bad, lawyers to take down the website so that she wouldn't cut herself at night while listening to MCR on repeat.