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Brooke Higgins, one of the two hot jailbait whores
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Sienna Johnson, the other girl

Mountain Vista High School is what could have happened if women were smart enough to get out of the kitchen and pull off a school shooting. It was initially planned to be the second target of famous comedians and gay lovers Eric "REB" Harris and Dylan "VoDKa" Klebold playing IRL Counter-Strike. But nearly two decades later, two local teenagers who were students at the school, Brooke Higgins and Sienna Johnson, failed to create their time machine to travel all the way back to the end of the 90s when Columbine happened back in 1999. It all started when the duo schlicked to their smartphone pictures of infamous double bond the Columbine fags, and at the same time posted too much of their love stories all over Tumblr.

On the night of December 16, 2015, the girls had become a duo and had a dream. Sienna's dream was about bearing the ugly fourth-kike spawn of Dylan Klebold. Sienna would get to his TEC-9 and used it as a dildo. Ultimately, this resulted in a NBK baby that would make the grandest school shooting of all time in the distant future that will BTFO of V-Tech and Sandy Hook. There isn't really that much to say about Brooke's dream, but the thing both dreams have in common is that after sex, both will involve a mega school shooting orchestrated by four people, all of which would become an heroes afterward. While almost completely planning out every detail for their autistic rampage, the duo got thwarted immediately and got arrested, being v& for several years and ruining their futures. In the aftermath (esp. after the Feb 2017 press release), several details relating to the jailbait whores came to light as time went on, such as that Brooke was a coke addict and was "raped" and became a feminazi cunt from it, or that Sienna was an animal abuser and pothead. [1]


The girls lived just a dozen miles from Columbine High School, the most infamous school in the world and a site of fanatical death tourism.

Sienna had a Weebly page, which you can View here. (Archive today-ico.png Home, Archive today-ico.png About, Archive today-ico.png Poetry, Archive today-ico.png Art, Archive today-ico.png Journal)

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It's okay, every man would fuck the shit out of most teenage girls.

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