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Jen then (no shit), photo taken while acting as the stand in for Marlon Brando, proving that everything really is bigger in Texas.
Jen looks good and thin!

Moviestr_20 a.k.a. Jen is a cyborg from the year 2029, a forum member of, and a whiney live journal user. Jen is a mountain of lulz due to the fact that she is permanently "sick" and dying from Leukemia, cancer, the plague,AIDS, Ebola, a paper cut, 67 tumors, a stubbed toe, and the deadly mutaba virus ALL AT THE SAME TIME! She also happens to be connected to a machine that is equal to the size of Rhode Island due to her eating disorder which continues to pwn her.

Jen is also besties with Hilary Duff and can hook you up with concert tickets should you feel so inclined.

It doesn't matter how you feel, JEN IS SICK!

Jen and her R2D2 prototype from her 'Make a Wish' profile.
Jen tries and fails to be an hero

Your grandmother could die,your mother could be in a car accident and dying, and you could have just been diagnosed with cancer,BUT it doesn't matter because Jen will turn anything you say into something about her and her over nine thousand illnesses. Because of this people tend to flame her and in turn she will immediately blame it all on her sickness or her schizophrenic friend. Recently the entire internets jumped on her ass because she had her brother pwn a mudkip for her, in turn Jen threatened to become an hero but bitched out before maximum lulz could be had and only ended up bringing anti-lulz.

Jen and her tubes

Jen and more of her fucking tubes

Thanks to her going from super fatass to Skeletor, Jen now has over nine thousand tubes in her body. Jen loves her tubes and will not hesitate to tell you about them. In fact her facebook is full of pictures of her and her tubes and descriptions of them like the following:

This one was my 3rd replacement- however it's no longer there. Now I have 2. But before I get into all that, I actually had about 6-8 replacements before my 1st G/J tube (2 in 1) that was done larascopically and is right under my LEFT BREAST. That one was the most damaging tubes I've ever got, as a result-- Permanent Gastroparesis due to Vagnus Nerve being cut. Now, the tube was replaced, it's a PEG. I had an open abdominal surgery from middle of chest down slightly below belly button for the J-tube placement. Now it is located on my right side. If you look at the above pic, you see the hipbone on the right side where the tape is (surgical kind)- that's where my present J-tube is at. Both tubes look like this except the Jejunal one actually saids JEJUNAL on it. By now, I've had a total of 13 replacements, 3 surgeries, 2 larascopies


—Jen, on her mental illness

Jen and the rice krispy treat dilemma

What that poor clerk saw

Last thursday Jen was sent by her uncle to go to the local mini-mart to get him some rice krispy treats because they were on sale and he was tired of her robot noises. She grabbed several of the marshmallowy delicious treats and was informed by the clerk the sale had ended. Jen took this opportunity to pull up her shirt, in front of the clerk and store full of people (this is NOT bullshit) and go off on a rant saying quote:

Can't you see I am sick? I deserve to get these on sale BECAUSE I AM FUCKING SICK!


—Jen, on discounts

The clerk told her to GTFO and sent her on her way. The entire store then had a lulz fest and rice krispy treats.

Jen and the Hartman Bridge

On September 6th 2007 Jen committed pseudocide yet again by threatening to put bleach in one of her 10,000 tubes and jump off the Hartman Bridge.

the original post threatening suicide:

"I don't know what to do... I'm at the brink of losing ALL my sanity.

Tonight is the final straw.

If anyone know where the hartman bridge is...I'm there.

that's all I can say.

I don't know how long I'm able to stay connected to my house's internet... but will definitely through someone's unsecured wireless system. Things are not going well at home and I have bleach in one hand inside a 60cc syringe...then my mom got scared and said 'youre movin in with your auntie and uncle in bel air' i whistled for a cab and when it came near it had a plate that said 'fresh' and had a dice in the mirror if anything i can say that this cab is rare naaaw man forget it "yo holmes to bel air"


Several concerned fellow intrawebz junkies found her number and called her house to see if it was too good to be true. After hanging up on two of them, she refused to come to the phone for the other calls. After further investigation it was discovered that this was all caused by her digging up her late grandfather and stealing his jewellery. Her bony ass is currently in transport to the psych ward... again.

Conversation between Jen's brother and a third party:

boy: hello?
me: hey, you're jen's brother, right?
boy: yes.
me: do you know why we're calling?
boy: no, but it's getting kind of old. (something about how its late and that i'm like the 5th person to call)
me: oh, well, your sister says she's going to jump off a bridge.
boy: *sigh* ...she does this.

me: oh?
boy: here's the deal. my sister does this for attention. it's how she gets sympathy. she lies alot too. she stole from my family and pawned the stuff. she stole some rings and they were my grandfather, who has passed, you know. so this is the last straw. we told her were kicking her out. and she said she was going to kill herself.
me: so you're sure she's okay?
boy: yeah, she does this all the time. she's fine. she's right here. she's not going to do anything.
me: ok, we were just making sure cause we didn't know if you weren't just keeping the phone from her.
boy: no, she's here. and she's deaf too, so she really couldn't hear you (i guess referring to when she hung up on me)
me: okay, well, thanks for the info. we were just calling cause we were worried.
boy: no, she's fine.
[female voice in background...i'm assuming its her mom]
boy: yeah, and when she leaves we're going to call the cops (...some wording implying that they want the cops to take her to a psych ward so she can get help...i don't remember it, so i'm just putting the summary here.)
me: oh well, thanks. i'll let everyone know she's ok.
boy: thanks.

Jen's Mommy

Jen is almost 30 and so pathetic she actually had her MOM call a fellow TFer [who was never friends with Jen to begin with] in another country to ramble on and on about her troubles. However she did provide lulzfilled information such as her fledgling but nonexistant movie career and her sleeping under a bridge with a homeless man. YOU GO JEN!!

Inside sources reveal that Jen is in fact, not dying.

Quitting the Internet

As of January 7, 2009, Jen, after explaining the shitstorm that resulted due to her attention-whoring suicide threat, claims she is going to pull herself "away from the internet world" and start living a life not defined by her illnesses. Only time will tell if she will be able to break herself from the addiction of whining about her medley of diseases. Best bets the lolcow will come hurrying back when she needs her newest fix of unwarranted sympathy.

Contacting Jen CyberDyne systems model 101

Jen is a retard and a total lulcow. As such you should take every opportunity you get to contact her using the following information.


Make sure if you contact Jen, you tell her that we will not stand for her and the rest of the borgs trying to assimilate us!

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