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This shit is BANANAS!

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is the president prime minister of Espáin. Since nobody cares what little Spanish-speaking people do as long as the lawn looks good, nothing is known about his life or politics except that his physical resemblance to Rowan "Mister Bean" Atkinson and hideous grin have made him the subject of numerous shoops.

Zapatero's Secret SHAME

In September of 2009, in between ignoring the tearful MySpace friend requests which were arriving from Gordon Brown on a half-hourly basis, Obama met with Zapatero and his family. His press office, wanting to make the best of a golden photo-opportunity, quickly uploaded it to Flickr. What they didn't know was that noone in the world - Spain included - had seen Zappa's daughters before, because under Spanish law minors can be protected from having their photographs circulated for their own protection.

The world's jaw hung slack in shock. The domestic horror that Zapatero had used Spanish privacy legislation to cover up left Josef Fritzl looking tame. Zapatero... had spawned FAT GOTH CHICKS.

Front cover, Obvious Jokes Almanac 2009


The big one looks like she could cold cock Obama like a bag of bricks.



I call shenanigans. Goths don't smile.



I think technically that's vandal.



Hell, I'd treat them to vinyl and rum-spiked coffee right now.


—andheartzz has it

You can see why the Spanish press would want to keep these heifers behind closed doors, but, by the same token, you should be able to see why Americans would want to publish pictures of kids fatter than their own.


—Knox Harrington

Knox Harrington, I find your comments disgusting.



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