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"mu" may also refer to Megaupload.
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A typical poster on /mu/.

/mu/ is a shitty board on 4chan (/m/ on 420chan) dedicated to music, although really it's just about being as indie as possible and listening to obscure hipster garbage to impress everybody. It is one of the few boards on 4chan where being a tripfag is deemed acceptable, and it is extremely poorly moderated. Keep in mind when entering the board that your favourite band sucks and you have fucking terrible taste. The board was first added to 4chan in 2004.

How to be a /mu/tant

The pretentious dickcheeses that dwell on /mu/ call themselves /mu/tants and are world renowned for listening to extremely bad music. Everybody on the board seems to have a humongous hard-on for Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, and any band you've never heard of. To be a successful tripfag on /mu/, all you have to do either be extremely obnoxious; or hate absolutely every band/song/album that ever gets posted, and spam threads with your over 9000 scrobbles of shitty J-pop bands and Post-Avant Jazzcore that you found on Pitchfork.


A /mu/tant is born.

/mu/core or /mu/ essentials are albums that are discussed frequently and generally liked by most of /mu/. A common misconception made by newfags or purposely made by trolls is that /mu/core is selected on a basis of quality, which is obviously untrue because most /mu/core is terrible. Essentials lists are more specific and usually relate to /mu/'s favorite albums from a particular genre.

Some notable /mu/core musicians include:

Typical /mu/ content

Typical day on /mu/


/mu/ has almost no moderation from actual mods. The mods on /mu/ are notoriously lazy, much like /mu/'s occasional partner, /v/, and are despised by most /mu/tants. Nobody ever seems to get banned on the board, except when you make fun of the mods for listening to shitty J-pop music. The major difference between /mu/ and /v/ is that /mu/ is actually capable of and is very good at self moderation, meaning off topic threads (with the exception of feel threads) usually get the everliving shit saged out of them, the result being that most of /mu/'s content at a given time actually relates to music.

Banned from posting in /mu/ HIPSTER LIBERAL BUTTHURT: [1]


A /mu/tant in his twilight years.
Guide for preparing for your first /mu/ post

/mu/, being a smaller board, is much less prone to newfags then its bigger counterparts. Faggotry involving excessive use of memes is usually met by greentexting and sages, along with calls for the offender to return to /b/, a board which is pretty much universally hated by /mu/tants. As a result of this more serious atmosphere, /mu/ produces very little in terms of lulz and memes.

This has changed since 2011, as /mu/ is now basically all forced epic memes, 16-year-olds, and Tumblr SJW shit. The majority of threads now involve Death Grips, Smash Mouth, Yung Lean, Iggy Azelea, or any other ironically bad artist. /mu/ and tumblr are basically the same website at this point.

/mu/ today

Neo-/mu/ has become a hub for shitposting rivaling /tv/ as the board's traffic increased. After numerous mentions by Pitchfork, Fantano, Lil B, and Facebook meme pages, /mu/ received a mass influx of newfaggotry. As a result, almost every thread will inevitably be derailed with "JUST", "hey this is pretty good not cringe at all", "DID THE MAN WHO INVENTED COLLEGE", or any other hot forced meme of the week. Instead of music you've never heard of, 70% of the board's content since 2013 has been top 40 pop music like Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and Kendrick Lamar or the same 5 meme bands. /mu/ newfags worship Aaron while everyone else realized he was a unfunny autist months ago .


/mu/ is rampant with tripfags trying to be the next board celebrity by way of being as snotty and obnoxious as possible. Tripfags are generally tolerated within /mu/, although occasionally they will be called out on their faggotry. The usual excuse for this behaviour is that anons are more likely to trust their recommendations if the tripfag has helped them before, this would be true if tripfags on /mu/ actually made any decent music recommendations instead of just posting in tripfag circlejerk threads like they always do.

Common threads

  • or Paste my taste threads
  • Tripfag circlejerks
  • Stickies posted by mods announcing recent musicians' deaths. These threads usually stay stickied for a few days and end up containing dangerous amounts of butthurt and fail.
  • Sharethreads, supposedly where /mu/tants share Mediafire links to their favourite albums; but really just a pissing contest to see who can post the most obscure albums.
  • HAS <insert album> LEAKED YET???
  • St. Vincent/Grimes/Bjork Waifu faggots
  • "Things that piss you off in music" threads.
  • Facebook and/or Omegle rage threads where fat neckbeards sneer at anyone else's musical taste.
  • YouTube rage threads.
  • >Blur_-_Woo_Hoo.exe
  • Viral marketing
  • I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
  • /mu/ humor threads
  • Rate my taste or last seven days.
  • Pitchfork ratings
  • Guitarfag or bass threads.
  • Reccomendation threads.
  • Post your picture and guess music taste (/soc/ shit)
  • Feels (usually normalfag teenagers posting about how their crush listens to pleb shit like Alt-J)
  • Vaporwave
  • "<insert band> is the greatest artist of the past decade. prove me wrong."
  • Soundcloud threads

Well-known faggots

Certain individuals have reached a certain level of worship from entry-level /mu/tants and other such plebians. Some of these people include:

  • Piero Scaruffi - An amateur music critic who operates a web-1.0 style website (most likely written in notepad).
  • CLT - A pretentious tripfag who believes taking a high school music theory class places him above all other posters.
  • TheNeedleDrop - Self explanatory.
  • Hampus/Biotroll - Autistic Swede famous for being a prententious patrician asshole and posting his dick.
  • Marcel - Autistic 13-year-old boy with a shitty music blog called MarcelsMusicJournal who spams himself on the board, steals reviews from other websites, and doxxes people who don't like his reviews. Universally hated by everyone.
  • Aaron - Australian shitposter/master ban evader who spams selfies in every thread. Has been banned over 9000 times, to the point where Australian IPs aren't allowed to make threads on /mu/. Responsible for the Humble Cannons and Zach Benis memes.
  • 7KTBroship - An tripfag who traveled to /mu/ from /sp/ and is famous for going toe-to-toe with Lauren Mayberry and subsequently getting his ass banned from Twitter. Pour out one for the big homies.

How to troll /mu/

The typical greeting awaiting a newcomer to the board.
  • Post Neutral Milk Hotel in a sharethread.
  • Ask which album to start with for a certain artist, this will create a shitstorm of asspies spamming your thread with "WITH THEIR FIRST ALBUM LIKE YOU WOULD WITH ANY OTHER ARTIST!!!!1!!1!"
  • Start a Metal thread.
  • Say Thom Yorke or Jeff Mangum are bad singers.
  • Say an album should or shouldn't be /mu/core.
  • Say music was better in the 60s and 70s and complain about how everyone your age listens to Justin Bieber.
    • Alternatively, ask what reason anyone would have for hating Justin Bieber (or any related pop-music entity) other than because it's the "cool" thing to do.
  • Criticize and disagree with Pitchfork Media and their reviews.
  • Mention Muse. Some /mu/tants like Muse and some hate them. A shitstorm is guaranteed if you mention them in a thread.

A /mu/ trollban [[2]]

/mu/ vs. Chvrches

/mu/ has a staring contest with Lauren Mayberry.

On the evening of August 14, 2015, users on /mu/ were informed of lead singer Lauren Mayberry's comments in a Archive today-ico.png Vulture profile that that she would never tolerate internet violence and misogyny. In the feature, she noted that "I am not going anywhere. So bring it on, motherfuckers. Let’s see who blinks first."

In response, /mu/tants started making ironic shitposts with pictures of Mayberry, images with captions range from "hey anon, your fly is open" to "DID THE WOMAN WHO INVENTED COLLEGE GO TO COLLEGE?" These posts quickly filled up the front page.

On August 17th 2015, a thread was started about a Chvrches new video, which heavily featured Lauren but only scarcely showed the other two male members. Anons were quick to point out that Chvrches had said in the past that they didn't want to be seen as a singer and two producers, and this video seemed to be exactly that.

Mayberry responds.

At around 7:15AM, tripfag 7KTBroship made a post with a screencap of his tweet to Lauren.

Within 3 minutes, Lauren replied with the word, "Block," and instantly blocked 7KT. She then tweeted a capture of the conversation with the caption, "Dead anyone who thinks misogyny isn't real. It is and this is what it looks like," clearly misspelling words as the result of being triggered.

Ignoring the very legitimate discussion regarding her band's flip flopping, she had instead focused on the five or six vulgar posts that seem to always show up in waifu threads.

Mayberry switches to her band account.

Not surprisingly, she then switched to her band account and retweeted her own post in third person, hoping /mu/tants wouldn't notice. Shortly after, she declared she was taking a "vacation" from social media, making the tantrum complete with a alcohol emoji.

While our little Scottish princess slept, Chvrches fans began working together to report 7KTBroship for abuse, spurred on by their feminist overlord. Within 24 hours, our young hero was suspended, apparently for sending a link to Lauren. Despite many /mu/tants trying to get his account back, Twitter has had no official response on the suspension.

/mu/ collectively agreed that Lauren Mayberry was no longer waifu material, and Chvrches now deemed normie-core.

The Scottish Princess returning from her wine bath.

The event was covered on Archive today-ico.png Stereogum, Archive today-ico.png Consequence of Sound, Archive today-ico.png MTV, Archive today-ico.png Absolute Punk and Archive today-ico.png NME.

Shortly after these articles appeared, Chvrches had performance problems at Pukkelpop, forcing Lauren to sing acapalla.

On August 20th, 2015, 7KTBroship, a Chvrches fan before the incident, gave away his tickets for the upcoming VFestival to a random anon who met him outside the venue gate.

On August 24th, Lauren Mayberry returned from her social media vacation as did 7KTBroship, with Twitter-favicon.png iam7ktbroship

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