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A mugu is someone who takes orders from black person. It is the term used by 419 e-mail scammers to describe their victims. It means "fool" in Nigerian. And if you get tricked by something as retarded as a nigger, then 'fool' is the kindest word for you.

A good way to troll scammers is to do a google search for the word mugu in guestbooks, then leave a comment with a fake e-mail address.


Scammers use the word "mugu" or "guyman" to mark which guestbooks they use to fish for e-mail addy's, so the other black person don't hit their same targets.

After leaving a comment on a fake account, you'll receive some e-mails from the scammer. Respond to those e-mails, and you'll get free money!!!

Examples of mugu

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