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The only image of Mollah Omar that exists. This image was taken when he was detained for raping 10,000 children. Its even rumored that he raped Chris Chan.

Mollah Mohammad Omar was the cum rag of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and America. He was the one man who was brave enough to help out his buddy Osama Bin Laden when America was being a bitch to him after the Jewish Attacks on the World Trade Center 2001 in which Osama was wrongly accused by the shifty Jews due to Osama being a easy target. Mollah Omar is considered to be the resurrection of Muhammad the Pedophile though Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi the leader of the goat fuckers known as ISIS claims he is the resurrection of Muhammad the Pedophile and that he has raped over 2,000,000 children and goats.

Early Life

Mollah Omar was born in Afghanistan to a wealthy family. His dad was a notorious heroin drug lord who was married to 30 women, 10 donkeys, 8 chickens and 2 mules. Mollah Omar up until age 5 grew up in luxury. Sadly, his dad died due to a suicide bomber that worked for a rival drug lord known as Haji Abdol Latif. The suicide bomber stormed his house and blew it up. Luckily Omar and one of his dad's mules survived but Omar lost an eye. Now Omar had no house and had no money so he just road on his mule to find work. The one place where he did find work was a place in where Omar had to wear girls clothes and dance in front of pedophiles. The pay was ok for Omar but he was traumatized when one of the men took him to an ally way and raped him. After that incident, news broke out about him and he was constantly bullied for it during his childhood and teenage years in school and in public. He then quit his job and was now quiet.

What is now left of Mollah Omars Childhood House.

Mullah Omar
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