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Muscle March is definitely one of the most awesome and frightening games ever to be made. It is made for the Wii. The game involves half naked men running around through walls in order to catch the thief who stole their steroids. While doing this, there is blinking shit all over the place with hearts and rainbows splattered all over the screen while Jpop plays in the background. It's not surprising that this game is popular in Japan.

The characters include an obese Norwegian polar bear, a British shemale, an American football player, a Russian punk rocker, a Japanese bodybuilder with goggles, a Spanish guy with a top hat and a craaaazzzyyy mustache, and a dude from black person who has a 'fro with a rubber duck on it. All are equally gay and cater to everybody's faggy muscle needs!

The gameplay basically involves moving the Wiimote to match the openings that the steroid thief makes as he breaks into offices and spaceships and shit. If you do it incorrectly you slam into a wall. Then you catch up to him and get your roids back...for now!



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