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There's nothing hotter than a fat chick with a gun.

Known as "MushiCrosshairs" on FA, this furfag plays a 15-year old cunt who knows more about guns than the army. In real life, she's a 22-year old furry named Reshay Galloway who lives in Montana and draws furry porn of her kid self being dragged by the clit. Oh! and did we forget the humping of a good old fashioned plushie? That's the only way she gets action any more.

She's very good at taking critique and helpful criticism and is always willing to give her own.

Guns: She Knows Them

"This is how you do it guys!"
Hypothetically Speaking.....

If you ever post artwork or anything about your fictional character, you best not ever say they are a pro at anything because Mushi will demand proof, especially if it's about guns. Because clearly she is the only one who knows moar and has fired moar guns than most people know exist. For example...

One fine day on FurAffinity, a commissioner posted up their artwork which depicted a character holding some kind of old-fashioned gun to their head. The artist was clearly proud about this piece, and so was the artist who was to receive it. However, Mushi Cunthairs would have none of that. Like a bat, she quickly swooped down and proceeded to flame the artist about HOW NO ONE SHOULD FUCKING HOLD A GUN LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING RETARDS!. While the artist was open to her "constructive" criticism, Mushi couldn't understand this little thing called "artistic licenses" and fucking blew two thousand gaskets. GODDAMN IT WHY CAN'T YOU FUCKERS DRAW YOUR GUNS CORRECTLY!!!!1

Thus came over 9000 whiny journals and bawwwwfests about how stupid everyone was being because of their ~* gun stupidity *~. She proceeded to make a "Hypothetical Question" journal making comparisons to "Mahler's Symphony No. 1 D-Major" and sheet music that reads as the notes for "Yankee Doodle." Right because someone would go through that much effort.Don't you love how her journal says "INTERNET, SERIOUS BUSINESS" but yet she whines and fucking complains about dipshits holding a trigger wrong?!

In fact, the dickweed takes her precious gunz so srsly that she was also kind enough to make a tutorial.

Because 15-year olds don't have fully formed index fingers.

Little did she know in order to index a gun, one needs an index finger. But really it's ok guyz, because she's a 15 year old kid and automatically it means she's in the right with stubby missing knuckles digits. But the real reason is because she was using her artistic foreshortening skills. OH I see. When people once again called her out on her hypocrisy, she then ran off to DevianTART telling everyone to "please flame her picture there". However, being the pussy cuntrag cumdumpster that she is, she disabled all comments from her website. WAY TO GO, FAGGOT! YOU REALLY SHUT THEM DOWN! Too bad she doesn't even know how to use a fucking gun.

She enjoys a rousing romp with her plushie lion "Rory". We can't give you hard facts on this, however, so far we only have "suggestive" art that leads us to believe they do get it on. There's probably some hanky panky going on if you check out her Youtube. We've linked it at the bottom.

Her Artwork

Mushi's dream is to get her art out there and with any luck gain a position in the furfag community.

Some of Mushi's moar lawlzy quotes

You must be confusing the internet for real life, How about this I YELL ALL I WANT AND YOU CAN GO CRY TO SOME ONE WHO GIVES A SHIT..



I'm a bull headed young girl who does not want help unless I ask for it,


—on her profile

I'm a gun owner so I draw a lot of them, if you wish to get into a gun debate...I have a sharp little tongue so if you cross a line you will receive a piece of my mind and a swift banning.


—also on her profile

I DO own guns in my country and I have handled and fired more guns than most people even know exist , you know what that means? I know guns and that's why my character knows guns.


—Her character, guns, she knows them

Well even if your character knows how to handle guns, you nor the the [sic] artists seem to......fingers on the trigger not the side where it should be and no sane person points a gun like that. It's only in movies and cartoons where that happens.


—Her comment towards a commission LeeLee posted

Before you get on me about ME not liking critique, because I DON'T.....


—El-oh-el, obviously

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