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Known as the drama llama of relationshits, Daniel Bartlett aka Mushymutt is a among the worst of the psychotic furries, homosexuals in denial, clingy bastards, and dirt poor faggots that you'd come across on the internet. He is renowned for being an overly possessive boyfriend to each of the girlfriends he had... ONLINE. Apparently, while the rest of the world has moved on to real life dating, it seems that the only way for him to get laid is to get some digital ass OTI.

Mushy has been unemployed since of last year. It would seem that after seeing the likes of him and realizing he might be a potential pedobear in disguise, companies routinely decline his applications. That, or being the manchild that he is, he might be too lazy to even look for a job. Mushy is the typical furfag who lives at home with mommy because he's too much of a pussy to make it out in the real world. In an incredibly rare moment of "achievement," he accomplished what most basement dwellers didn't: staying home with mom at the tender age of 40.

Mushy's way of only making friends is through da Internets. Apparently out of all places, furfaggotry is where he feels at home. The majority of his online friends come from the aforementioned site. They probably befriended him since, being the lonely bastard he is, they see a bit of themselves in him.

His life is full of drama, lies, and desperation. Tragically for Mushy, however, his life is not full of ass pounding, fursuited sex. What a shame.


Our shower blew up two weeks ago and thus have only been able to wash using some barely warm water in the sink. It's like living in the dark ages!


—Mushy on his house

When actually talking to Mushy, he always claims that he never has any money. He always brushes off any potential responsibility for this by saying that it's hard to find a job. This is an excuse that every furry ever makes, as they know that doing hard labor will cut into their leisurely fapping with the internet time. Clearly, according to several good friends of his, there are several job options located in Bath, United Kingdom. Obviously, no company would want to hire a pedofur anyway.

Currently, his only way of obtaining money to live on is through shitty commissions and begging his friends. Recently, Mushy went to go see his furry girlfriend SilverDeni. Usually buying a plane or even a bus pass from the United Kingdom to Romania is costly. This shows that he most likely begs from others, as commissions alone aren't worth shit.

The penniless wretch is so poor he has a flat screen TV in his house! As a rule, most people who have nothing tend to have no access to the internet, cable, water, or even electricity. Apparently he has all. How he is getting the money? Probably from selling his own body to a bunch of niggers.

Online Romance!

Being a pathetic bastard he is, Mushy rather would go out with girls online than like the majority of us, real life. We think the reason why this is because that he is so hideous that when walking out on the streets of Bath, even babies cry at the sight of his face. Nevertheless Mushy believes that hes is actually muscular without glasses and horrible acne. Its probably because living with mommy all his life, that she has sheltered him and altered what he believes to be true. In reality the real Mushy has bottle trim glasses, horrible acne issues, and nasty smoker teeth.

Mushy's wonderful girlfriends

Fizzycat: a cat, not much is known about her, probably because after dating this loser she realized how horrible of a fur he was and committed suicide.

Electrocat: Another cat fur, except she calls herself a tiger. Mushy's recent ex girlfriend. Apparently according to her sources while dating the two were in love and Mushy being the lying faggot he is, proposed to her. He even flew to South Africa to see her. Apparently after the breakup, she is more known for WANTING HIM DEAD AND THAT SLUT TOO!!!111

SilverDeni: Mushy's current girlfriend. She is just as much of a fur he is. She is also the person behind all of his giftart. If you take a close look at her original art, the majority of it is truly copypasta'd from other artists and Disney. The majority of the furries who commission her get their artwork back in half assed copies, rather than something decent. The relationship between the two furs is lulzy for two reasons. One, they disclaim themselves as furs, even though they "mrwar" and "murr" at each other, and the other reason is that she's apparently doubting their relationshit. Usually when anyone doubts a relationshit, it means GTFO. Probably has to do with her boyfriends constant nagging and fun plays of furry buttsecks, she remains his girlfriend. She is probably in love with him.

Thank you for all your Love, Reassurance and Support during my time of hardship and struggles, Sweetheart. You have given me everything I could ever wish for and more. You have made me the happiest person on the face of this earth - and I will be forever grateful to you for giving me a chance...

Thank you for being my pillar of hope... I love you with all my heart and soul... and I always will.


—Mushy on all his girlfriends Deni

SilverDeni Saga

Known for her sparklemutts/wolfaboos/shitastic wolf art, and most of all being the girlfriend of MushyFuck, SilverDnei aka Denise Roxana Cadar is just another overrated wolf artist on Deviantart. She is known for asking for tons of artwork with her and her boyfriend. She is a typical Romanian who loves to rip off artwork styles from Balto and Disney. Deni started her internet life by hanging around Balto Source where she started drawing Balto. Along the way she decided to go on FurAffinity. Where she met MushyMutt. The two got along really fast, since both of them are fucktards.

Deni is known for being obsessed with him. All you ever see is fanart of the bastard. In fact she is known so well on FA that her infamous banner picture was selected for the year of December. Many people bask in her talents and her boyfriend is so obsessed that he makes his way to copy her style while rendering on several various pictures.

Deni is soooo madly in love with him that she even made a shirt decading her love to MushyMutt. Rumors have it that after Romania, they have had sex which explains the clinginess of both of them. Apparently Deni is so in love with her boytoy, that she will do anything possible for him to be protected. Even if it means becoming a furry herself. (shes finally coming out of the closet! Lulz!) On December 25th 2010 Deni wrote a DA article about her year and how she was affected. She also mentioned how the trolls got to her and how she never did anything wrong.

Now on a Emotional-level, I met new people this year. So many new people. With some I managed to form a strong connection, with some I broke the bound, and with one, I developed feelings for... I am happy that I met you. And although we have went through so much ordeal the last few months, I am glad that we're still standing up and smile to eachother. I want to change things for the better. I don't want fights. I don't want agony. I want us to be happy, which is a general desire, because everyone is seeking for it. It's a human thing to do. I may not be an angel - no one is... but I wish the best for us. Let us kick 2011 in the ass and let it bring us lots of smiles. I love you, Dan. <3


—Deni showing how she is going to stick by his side no matter what. Til..she gets an ED page of her own

Dissin' His "Friends"

When his girlfriend won't draw what she owes, he takes it upon himself to defend her, even if they both know they're in the wrong!

Possible Homosexual

Apparently in recent artwork of Mushy, it is shown that he might of had a relationship with a dude. This obviously isn't any news, because one, he is a fur and most furs are indeed homosexual. Being the fag that he is, he covers it up and denies his true sexuality. Its blatantly obvious that he is in fact a homo. He is super whiny and emotional. He rages over the tiniest things. He also apparently cried when his girlfriend left after visiting him for the first time. Apparently one of our agents decided to go in and ask one of his former lovers. According this his lover, Mushy is bisexual but swings more towards the ladies...I think when answering our question this fur was threatened by his lover, if he didn't follow demands Mushy wouldn't give him any anal.

Reaction to Article

So far, the only reaction that has emerged - he finds this whole page completely pathetic, disgusting and out of order. Furthermore - the uploading of personal photographs without written consent is against any policy. 'A website built for comedy and satire purposes.' When in fact it's a breach of public decency and human rights. The way you portray someone who you don't know as a 'paedofur' is demoralizing and just damn-right uncalled for.


—What Mushymutt wants you to believe

How to piss off Mushy


If you ever want to troll befriend Mushy here is his msn and skype. He was stupid enough to leave this on his FA page. His msn is also his paypal account.

Msn:[email protected]


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