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The Musically Oblivious 8th Grader's post on tumblr about the meme.

Musically Oblivious 8th Grader is an Advice Dog variant that is very popular on /mu/, where a 12 year old girl shows everyone how worldy and educated 'Murkin bitches are. The formula goes: top line, name of band; bottom line, a retard's response that shows she has no idea who the fuck you are talking about. Apparently when it began it was music theory jokes and the creators thought that was much funnier. Nothing of value was lost.

It was created using an old CP picture of some camwhore named Emilie by a caring friend of hers because another friend of theirs really was musically oblivious; however, they didn't want go all GOTIS and make her cry by using her pic. On the now College aged Emilie's tumblr she embraces her meme status and posts the same explanation of how it started all the fucking time with many an erroneous <3's, unnecessary exclamation marks and everything else that comes when women step out of the kitchen.

<3 Justin Bieber About missing Pics
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Where is she now? About missing Pics
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