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ED CLEANER 2.jpg This Cult needs a serious clean up
Somebody should do something about it.


If you have been offended by "Islam",
please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.
British durkha durkhas soon to destroy America. (not really, we're actually still dealing with 9/11)
An elite mujahideen fighter ready to drive the western, Isreali, capitalist, decedent, pig dogs from Muslim holy lands.
Emo muslims
Muslims don't like puppies. But hey, At least they don't eat puppies.
Proof that Islam is the religion of peace. and that Muhammad is the one true prophet.

As for those who deny Islam...they shall be the faggots for the Fire of Hell.


—Qur’an 2:10

Islam (Better known as 'Fascislam', 'Nazislam', 'Pisslam', 'Jizzlam', 'Shitlam', 'Muhammed Is Lam-E', 'iSlam-my-head-on-the-ground', 'fucking bullshit', 'Durka durka Muhammed Jihad' and 'I stands for Imperialism, S stands for Slavery, L stands for Lie, A stands for Antisemitsm and M stands for Murder') is the Religion followed by butthurt dirty, smelly, sand niggers who have absolutely no fucking idea of how to fit into the 21st century. These sand niggers who follow Islam are called Muslims (better known as 'Moon Worshipers', 'Muzzies', 'Musfags', 'Mudslimes', 'Terrorists', and 'Durka durkas'). Muslims are easily offended to the point that makes one consider whether they enjoy it too.

Islam is Arabic for "submission to the will of God", which means that they have to stand towards Mecca, kneel their head into the earth and point their arse to the sky. Then they must scream "Allahu ahkbar!" Allah can fuck you in any orifice at a whim, all the while demanding you to say you like it. Islam was created by the "prophet" Muhammad (may he writhe in hell) (born April 20, 571), yet another guy who heard voices in his head.

These voices told Mohammed (shit be upon him) that his religion was a continuation of Judaism and Christianity and that those who followed these outdated religions should be converted or killed. Since he forgot about Zoroastrianism, he apparently thought that his religion was the third and final in the monotheistic trilogy. And being the third, it is inevitably the most shitty of the three (think Spiderman 3, The Matrix Revolutions or The Godfather III).

Islam(pronounced moose-limb) is distinct from Christianity and Judaism because it has a system of mind control known as the five pillars of Islam, which are considered obligatory for all Muslims because, let's face it, it's easier to take advantage of racially inferior niggers, gooks and Arabs when they pound their head into the earth five times a day and don't eat for an entire month.

The five pillars are:

  1. Recognize Allah as the only god of the moon.
  2. Recognize Muhammad (a philandering fucking gigolo, war-monger-er, pedophile and social outcast) as his last prophet.
  3. Pray five times a day to Admiral Ackbar Allah by bashing your head into the ground and jamming your arse into someone else's face like a PIG in heat.
  4. Blow something up, kill a non-Muslim and pop out 8 more sand-nigglings while only being barely able to feed yourself.
  5. Go to Mecca and worship a black stone cube, where pagan Arabs used to worship the moon god Hubal, son of Allah.

Islam is a cult in which people are stoned for independent thought, not covering their whole bodies (women), not wearing pajamas (men), masturbating, eating, drinking, breathing, watching TV, sleeping, reading, having fun, etc. On the other hand, it is successful in telling women to gb2 kitchen. This religion has invaded many countries all of which are run by sick fuck Muslim fanatics who spend all day reading the Queer'An. Islam currently oppresses approximately 1.5 billion Muslims.

All women and children from these Muslim countries are either sold as sex slaves or sent to The UK and US to blow people up (but not if we blow them up first!). The men can marry numerous women, hence you can often stop a Muslim man with an infidel woman and Muslim women who attempt going out of kitchen is stoned to death for adultery. Muslims spend all day praying and going "Alaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" like mental fuckwanks.

However, Islam may well be an honest continuation of God's word - that is, if God is a giant asshat. Whether by suicide bomb or an heroic murder spree, through making threatening phone calls or through biological, chemical, and/or nuclear terrorism, Islam is well-situated to guide humanity to certain death.

Sand nigger terrorists follow a magical book called The Koran, which is a slightly less lengthy version of the Holly Babble. The only difference is that it contains a somewhat more descriptive account of the Muslims' annihilation of those infidels who dared to practice peaceful religions, somewhat more child rape (which is not rape, since it's not prohibited) primarily on the part of known pedophile Muhammad.

It should be noted that in addition to all Muslims being terrorists, most Muslim men are pedophiles who marry eight year old girls. Pedophilia is common amongst sand niggers. women of the sand nigger clan can have sex or get raped at any age, because consent is always implied even if it is not necessary.

Islam is also loved by liberals everywhere because it's "exotic", and that tickles their twats.

Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl and had sex with her when she was nine.


It's in the fucking Hadith.


Islam: The Religon of Peace and Tolerance™

A new An Hero generation
Wellcome to the Islamic kingdom of Britain.
A peace-loving Islamic display of tolerance
liberals vs muslims

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Like old school Fascism, Koranic Islam is all about oppression, repression, genocide, S&M, misogyny and the mass slaughter of heathens (called "infidels"). However, modern Islam has moved past these hateful traditions. It now preaches tolerance, love and turning the other cheek. It disapproves of lashing out at so-called "infidels", not even when it comes to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Varieties of Islam

Early on, Islam suffered a schism in much the same way that Christianity and 4chan did; Islam is now divided into Sunnis, who believe something stupid, and Shi'ites (pronounced "Shits"), who believe something that's stupid in a slightly different way and who mostly live in Iran. This all dates back to an edit war on Wikipedia sometime in the 7th century, regarding whether Ali was notable enough to include in the article. According to Sunni Islamists, Shi`ites aren't thorough Muslims, as they are controlled by Jews. The third kind of Islam is Sufism, which pulls together the pseudo-profundity of Buddhism and the obsessive compulsive disorders and unwarranted self importance of Islam to add yet more items to the long-list of things that annoy Muslims.

In short: the major difference between Islam and any other religion is that they follow a different insane drug-inspired fairy tale is that Islam is the one true religion - just like all the rest.

The Gypjak Mosque in Turkmenistan, known for it's large minarets, it gives most Muslim's a powerful enlightenment. Less commonly, it makes them Muhummadgasm
The Rea-Shrine in Iran, being the largest, is known-for it's high-tourism and attendance rate from Japanese People.

Golden Age of Islam

Even in the Middle East, history has nearly forgotten that Islam once had a Golden Age when they were millennia ahead of the batshit crazy God-fearing fucktards of Europe, until a necromancer named Wahhabi cast an evil spell on them that sent all their mojo out of Ottomanland forever. They didn't just drink wine, they bred some of the finest kif (that's pot, you moron) and used opium and atropine to get people so thoroughly fucked up they'd allow mad medieval scientists to do cataract surgery on them. They invented missiles, torpedoes, and manned rockets, ultimately culminating in the flying carpet, which was just the shit until the Wahhabis stole them all and flew them into buildings to put those druggie Sufi unbelievers back in their place. In reality every great country touched by Islam went backwards, including India, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Muslim world had greatly contributed to humanity. Muslims invented Islamic banking, where 2% of profit goes to terrorists, large oil reserves, sex with goats and al-cohol distillation.


The Enlightened Way Muslims Treat Women

Woman executed for driving a car or something.

Muslims are a funny type of people similar to Jawas, except that unlike the enlightened Jawas they live according to a ridiculous, regressive religious tradition. Although many of them feel it gives their meaningless lives some purpose, all it clearly does is prove how intellectually disabled they are.

When you properly pray to Allah, He rewards you with some nice buttseck from his Angels.

It has been postulated that people convert to Islam because they are totally incapable of running their own lives and miss the good old days in the hugbox with mommy and daddy running their shit with an iron fist and a lot of rules. The majority of Muslims believe the world is against them and feel that their way of living is the only way. In their free time they like fapping to the Koran, making bombs, beating their wives, shooting shit with ridiculously out of date guns and killing as many infidels as possible.

Typical moderate Western Muslim

Since Muslims cannot eat pork, have sex, drink, do drugs, freely express themselves, or have any fun whatsoever, they are left alone to think of plans to bring vengeance upon the infidels. In fact, Muslims invented fencing (the art of poking people with long, stiff sticks) as a way to release sexual energy, because the women are practically ghosts, in many ways, with a large exception of being able to be physically pwned.

Many Muslims enjoy copious amounts of buttsex during their upbringing before being introduced to to the fact that gays are right on par with Jews and cartoonists.

Arabs are tops at social skills, so be beware, Muslims can ask you to donate to orphans, but then send money to terrorist families.

Muslims must pray an excessive amount of the time to Allah because he's such a huge attention whore: “I have created not the jinn and men except that they should worship Me" (somewhere in the Qur'an - Chapter 51, verse 56 to be exact]. In other words, Allah was an attention whore BEFORE attention was invented.) He then created the Universe and us so that we could talk to him 27 times day, just to tell him that he's a pretty cool guy. It's basically like having your mom calling you on your cellphone every hour of the day. They often use their religion's prayer time as a way of getting special treatment, the likes of which followers of other religions (religions which don't fly planes in to buildings) would never get.

Musfags carry ceremonial bombs strapped to their chests as commanded by Allah. Another example of this would be Muslim students expecting their courses at university to be moved to another day during Muslim holidays, all so they can recite religious gibberish in their chattering monkey accents for a daft amount of time, as:

Moon god

The star and crescent appear in combination in finds from in and around ancient Israel. It has been associated with the Moabites (14th or early 13th – 6th century BC), as the symbol or symbols appear on what are thought to be Moabite name seals. Crescents appearing together with a star or stars are a common feature of Sumerian iconography, the crescent usually being associated with the moon god Sin and the star (often identified as Venus) with Ishtar. "The crescent of Sin (the moon god) and the star of Ishtar (Lucifer)". Some scholars maintain that later use of the symbol arose from Babylonian mythology in which the juxtaposition of Sin (moon god, father of time) was a metaphor for the cosmic powers given to the Babylonian king to rule.

Dating in Islam

Instruction manual on how to stone a woman.

Immigrant mooslims to Europe have a longstanding religious dogma about dating white women. It is called "take your turn" when translated from monkey speak. It is a process where a Muslim meets a white jail bait or hottie, dates her, gets her alone and rapes her with his monkey buddies. All for the lulz and Jihad of course.


Muslims are also known as Muz, Muzzies, Muztards, Medievals, Haji's, Goat fuckers, Durkas, Camel jockeys, Dune coons, Foaming Rags, Muzlamic freakazoids, and last but not least, Koranimals. Muslim women (the undead) who wear the traditional black bin bags head-to-toe are sometimes called MBOs (moving black objects).

Researchers have isolated several chromosome fragments from a hair of the Holy Beard of Muhammad. They then inserted these genes into pigs, and have been measuring the resulting changes in facial features. They hope this will produce the first evidence-based graphical representation of Muhammad evar. Little did they know they they didn't actually have to do anything in the first place.

Islamic Beliefs

Everything there is to know about Islamic Beliefs can be found on the VenomFangX Youtube Channel. Everything else is a lie and must be avoided.

Fight those who do not believe in Allah nor follow the religion of truth, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of our superiority and they are in a state of subjugation.


— Qur'an, Sura 9:29


Muhammad loves children

M = 13 x 9 = 117

U = 21 x 9 = 189

H = 8 x 9 = 72

A = 1 x 9 = 9

M = 13 x 9 = 117

M = 13 x 9 = 117

A = 1 x 9 = 9

D = 4 x 9 = 36


TOTAL = 666

Muhammad = 666

MuhamMAD (may he writhe in hell) was part Jesus, part Genghis Khan and part moralfag. He was often credited for uniting the Middle East through the spread of Islam but it was mainly because of his policy of conversion or death to those he conquered.

Mohammed (may he writhe in hell) started his life as a merchant and taxi driver, but soon figured out that selling people bullshit was a lot more profitable than selling dates and slurpees. He wrote some schizoid poetry about his conversations with God on his LJ and added tons of friends looking for stupid arbitrary rules to run each and every aspect of their lives.

Mohammed (may he writhe in hell) was a pedophile, pirate, rapist, and slaver. Modern day psychology would regard him as a textbook psychopath. Fortunately for the Muslim, Mohammed (may he writhe in hell) is held up in Islam teaching as a "positive" example of what a Muslim man should aim to emulate. Hence, the 1200 year world-wide rape-and-murder-fest.

After turning his LJ into a magic book, titled "The Queer'An", Mohammed (may he writhe in hell) was able to convince a bunch of other retards that he was God's prophet. Then he did what any other man would do when he gets that kind of power: acquire a lot of worthless sand and kill lots and lots of people. This toilet paper that Islamfags read from is also full of continuity issues, the worst saying the universe was created by Allah in 6 days, and then in a later text, 8 days. (no, really)

This video is typical

Muhammad for dummies

1. Go to a cave and pretend you saw an angel

2. Make up a crazy religion where you are considered perfect and beyond criticism

3. Tell everyone you are the last and most important messenger, so no one can copy you

4. Tell them you are allowed several (underage) wives and get them to conquer you more people

5. ????



This is a picture of the prophet Muhammad.
Muhammad, right side of Jesus

The Koran states that no pictures are ever to be made, drawn or otherwise published of Muhammad's likeness. The reason generally given is that Muhammad made this demand because he didn't want to be idolized like Jesus was - stuck on a cross. This turns out to be a mistranslation. What Muhammad wanted was for no drawings of his likeness to exist so that they couldn't be put on wanted posters.

If Muhammad's caliphate enemies didn't know what he looked like, they couldn't hunt him down and pin his brown ass to a cross. Since Muhammad is now long-since dead and gone, it's a clear sign of how enlightened Muslims are by not dropping a simple, selfish act of self-preservation by their brave leader that obviously had jack shit to do with the "Word of Allah".

In this sense, Muhammad was some sort of religious Anonymous and a moral terrorist, since 99% Muslims are called Muhammad or Mohammed or anything that sounds similar.

Police are closing in on the paedophile-in-chief.

Q:How Do I drew Prophet Muhammad? A:LIKE THIS!

Do and don't

There are some forbidden things, called haraam: pork, alcohol, nutmeg, personal hygiene or having an education. Muslims have a secret art called taqiyya, which they use to infiltrate into the leftist-liberal self-hating white environment. Generally it means lies, deceit, victim games or menace, all used to further Islam. However Islam ain't that bad of a religion, rich Muslims can have up to 4 wives, and all wives must follow the man, not the other way around as in the west. A Muslim can beat his wife if in a bad mood, just cannot harm the face. Woman having a headache when you want it is also counted as haraam in Islam. And best of all, MJ is allowed. However violent verses of unholy Koran can make you flood all threads with some bullshit.

Muslims: The Ultimate Moralfags

A great Muslim tradition in Western countries is to complain about how everything offends their religion; and despite the fact that Western civilization operates on democracy, those in charge will do everything and anything to appease them; lest they ALLAH ACKBAR an entire district.

Some of the many, many Muslim complaints are listed below;

- Sensible clothing. Yes, Muslims have no qualms about coming to non-Muslim countries, but God help you if you're a woman who doesn't want to wear a beekeeping outfit to the beach. Nothing makes a sand monkey rage like the fact that something besides their shitty culture exists.

- The Holocaust. Despite the fact that diaper-heads everywhere consider DER JUDE to be some kind of hybrid between Satan, Captain Hook and Scrooge McDuck (the latter title is accurate); they for reasons which differ from Muslim to Muslim (fabrication is like that) find the Holocaust offensive. It has been V& from being taught in the UK, and although the English pussies are pansy enough to get scared by 3 letters from a concerned mother it will not be long until the other dominoes fall.

- Treating Women like People. As far as the camelfuckers are concerned, scrotum and humanity go hand in hand. Muslims dictate that all women should go about the place clad in a duvet cover, although given the physical appearance of Middle Eastern women this can be justified.

- Americans et al. Muslims, likely irritated that their entire country resembles an overused kitty litter pan, detest whitey for reasons which basically translate to "having money, rational thinking, and religious tolerance".

- Religion, excluding theirs. Muslims come to multicultural countries and complain about the dominant religion, despite the fact that if someone from that country did that in a Muslim country they would be put to death. This basically involves saying Christmas is offensive; but like all other Muslim complaints the reason for this is to the tune of "ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH DON'T PISS ME OFF OR MY HUSBAND WILL BLOW YOU UP!"


Another little inbred piece of shit.
An American Muslim
TerroristIgnignokt .jpg
Cat islam.gif

Jihad means crusade[1]. Any moslem who tells you otherwise is lying. Islamic leaders are known to "put a jihad" on anybody for any reason in any location at any time. A single butthurt Mullah may control his temper enough to only declare a fatwa. In a 1991 case in Japan, a man was permabanned IRL for translating Salaman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" into Japanese, along with numerous others involved in the book's publication and distribution (see TOW for more).

Muslims are required by their religion to use Jihad as an excuse to be an IRL troll. They are known to generate serious drama and get worldwide old media attention by blowing themselves up next to Jews and pretty much anyone who doesn't smell as badly as they do.

How to Jihad as recorded in the Koran:

  1. Pray to Allah and smack the wife around one last time.
  2. Strap bomb to self.
  3. Stand around Jews and/or infidels.
  4.  ????
  5. VIRGINS!!! leaving behind the tented biatch you slapped in step 1, who can never remarry and is supposed to get the lulz about what you did.

After dying, Muslims celebrate with 72 virgins in paradise. If all are female and or not gay/animals is a matter of debate. They are surrounded by prepubescent boys "like scattered pearls" and get to smoke all the shisha they like, drink beer, eat falafel, couscous and other inedible foods and hang out with tons of dark-eyed houri in burkas (see burka porn in gallery) beyond the gates of Heaven. White men on the other hand have dicks shoved into their mouths and are fucked repetitively with spike poles.

According to CSPI, over the 1400 years jihadists in the name of MuhamMAD (may he writhe in hell) had killed ~ 270 millions infidels. This is 193 000 dead kuffar in a year. Adolf Hitler hearing these numbers went into deep depression and finally committed suicide. not enough jews.

What they look like

PLEASE NOTE: Although Middle Eastern women are rarely distinguishable from men, they have been cataloged separately.

Men- Muslim men can easily be spotted even in the most civilized society: they sport stylish dishrags wrapped around their cavernously empty heads, wear sandals even in the winter, and walk around in pajamas. Being Sand Niggers, they are unfailingly lazy and do not contribute positively to society, but instead of being negro-like in appearance they are instead the colour of a burrito poo. Physically, ragheads have aquiline noses and prodigious amounts of hair growing in every part of their body and indeed out of every major orifice. Their monobrows are startlingly reminiscent of two caterpillar moths trying to eat each other. Young silicon dioxide negroes' only concession to being modern is that they get very drunk and fuck white women.

Women- Muslim ladies are forced to wear ridiculous beekeeper outfits that make them look like ninjas in public because heterosexual males cannot stand the sight of them. These ghost costumes do, however, aid in distinguishing the gender of the wearer, and are thus entirely necessary in Muslim countries. When they aren't wearing bedspreads, these luscious ladies resemble little more than female wookies. It is not uncommon for husband and wife to share the same facial razor. Terrorists have used the burka to perform acts of terror on an unsuspecting public. So far, only 2 countries have the balls to ban the burka in public places.

      • IMPORTANT***

Please be advised that ALL sand nigger women have sand in their pussies, hence the reason Muslim men are America hating suicide bombers.

Joining islam

A Muslim girl on a normal day.

Now you may wonder, why do people join Islam? There are many good reasons. For instance:

  • They promised you a Paradise ten virgin starter package.
  • You can go to Kewl Schewl and learn how to make Big Bomz out of fireworks and propane and urea fertilizer.
  • Isn't Osama bin Laden so handsome? Don't you just dream you could be out with him in the tent one night, share a sleeping bag, how you say, let your privates lice play with one another like two camels chained to the same pole all night long.
  • The kidnapper with the knife who just cut the throat of the guy alongside you.
  • You can piss off your Mom from your very own al-Qaida radio station in Pakistan.
  • some point in your life you have to yell and blow the fuck out of yourself and the nearest embassy or tower

To become a Muslim, honest recitation of Shahadak in Arabic is required. Infidels wishing to convert to Islam do so by a public recitation of creed: "There is no moon god but Allah, and Muhammad (may he writhe in hell) is his sexy bitch", in Arabic: "Allalulah alulallulalla lallah alalah ula ulallalah." Then one can go to blow something up, enter the paradise and get his 72 virgins, if muallaf - convert is male. This is to do for everyone, as all non-Muslims after death are eaten by Shaytan and defecated as bio fertilizer.

But the hands down winner is...


also by Muhammad
A religion of peace and tolerance

Islam Rape

The Koran clearly states that every woman is asking for it. According to known-rapist Muhammad, a woman can be justifiably raped for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Looking at a man she isn't married/related to.
  • Talking to a man she isn't married/related to.
  • Having sex with a man she isn't married/related to.
  • Having sex with another woman, even if commanded to by her husband under threat of rape.
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Thinking
  • Breathing
  • Watching or appearing on Oprah
  • Watching the Simpsons
  • Attending an institution of higher-learning (rape/murder).
  • Not staying in the kitchen making hummus and falafel.
  • Not bearing a child, in spite of the frequent rape.
  • Showing more than 10 cm2 of skin.

The Middle East is currently competing with Africa to become the rape capital of the world. Therefore, it is the best place for a anyone seeking man points to go and get some. In Saudi Arabia, the rapist is the victim and the rapee is the actual offender - never in the history of mankind has "she was asking for it" been so masterfully implemented and codified.

The woman will get not only jail time but also 90 lashes (the video of which you can request a copy of for further fapping). And if she tells anyone, especially the media, she automatically gets 110 more lashes. The worst you might get is five years in a Saudi prison getting sand pounded forcefully into your asshole by Bubba-Al-Hakeem. Such is life.

In fact, it may be argued this is an ultra-protectionist policy to keep the 1% percent non-hirsute chicks to themselves. Compare to a friend of yours who meets a girl but he doesn't introduce her to you in case "you wanna stole her from him".

Another ordinary day at the raping

Three men who raped a 16-year-old girl as the attack was photographed on a mobile phone have been sent to a young offenders institute. Ajmal Afridi, 19, of Boundary Street, Imtiaz Syed, 20, of Ellesmere Street, and Tayyab Hussain, 19, of Henry Street, all Rochdale, admitted rape. [2]


Islam definitely has moral superiority over the evil secular world. You'd think that if Islam was so much better than everything else - the perfect moral code - then scumbags like these three animals wouldn't even exist. Unless ... something about their religion makes them think of women as being in some way inferior and fair game if they are unveiled?

And another

For a while Tarik was all rides in his smart car, gifts and drinks, cigarettes and drugs, which he encouraged her to try because, he reassured her, she was old enough, whatever her parents said. Then, overnight, he changed. Tarik was the gang's ringleader and one night dragged Emma into a seedy yard where he raped her. Once he had asserted his "full control" over her by this violation, she was so confused by what had happened and terrified by his threats that she let him sell her on for sex with his middle-aged male clients. She got in one little rape and her mom got scared, she said: "you're movin' to your aunty's and uncle's in Bel-Air.


And Yet Another...

Once again, Muslim moral supremacy prevails as eight Muslim men, with more Mohammed in their names than you thought possible, abduct and gang rape young White girls (the youngest being 12), apparently trying to re-enact such popular Western pornography as BangBus but without the annoying bother of "consent".

Praise Allah for all this fresh Crusader pussy

Alcohol is OK for white whores

"Islamic" grooming of teenage English girls for fun and profit

Rape Gangs In The UK, Anyone?

Thanks to the English going on a politically-correct idiot crusade, things like this keep happening:

  • Consider the woman who reported that Muslims raped 1400 British girls was forced to undergo "diversity training" [3] The police knew about the girls getting raped but did nothing to stop it, partly because of political correctness. They even went as far as to label the victims as "prostitutes" so they wouldn't offend anyone.

“If we mentioned Asian taxi drivers we were told we were racist and the young people were seen as prostitutes.”


—--A former social worker

“ couldn’t bring up race issues in meetings... or you would be branded a racist .”


—--A key partner

“People were afraid that they’d get into trouble if they said something that was perceived as racist....that was probably why the issue had been allowed to escalate so far, and that if someone had had the guts to stand up and say ‘I don’t care what colour you are, that’s a child’, then maybe they could have dealt with it.”


—--A police officer

"A 14-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly making racist remarks at a school in Greater Manchester.....Codie Stott said she asked to be moved from a science group where she was with five Asian pupils - only one of whom spoke English."



  • Rotherham, anyone? [5] "A group of Muslims raped 631 girls (between the ages of 12 and 16) in homeless youth shelters. Two of the girls died from injuries they received in the rapes. Despite receiving reports for 5 years about the rapes from the victims and social workers, the police did not investigate." [6]
  • "A candidate in the South East European elections has been arrested after making a speech quoting from a book by Winston Churchill about Islam. "Reportedly, a woman came out of the Guildhall and asked Mr Weston if he had the authorisation to make this speech."When he answered that he didn't, she told him: 'It's disgusting', and then called the police. He was further arrested on suspicion of religious or racial harassment." [7]
  • WP articles that talk about various Muslim rape gangs in England:


Muslims are widely believed to be violent insane wife-beating intolerant fuckwad child-raping murderers. Those who disapprove of stereotyping argue that the media doesn't do enough to document all the good things that Muslims do in the world. But those people are dead wrong. In fact, the media has never reported anything of that sort and probably never will because there is nothing to report.

Islam, Fuck Yeah.

Muslims also get a bad rep because they are currently at war with at least a dozen countries in the world including the USA and their allies. For people living in these countries, it is common knowledge that all Muslims are evil terrorists, that they believe in a false deity and that they deserve to have their oil stolen from them for environmental destruction and profit.

Science has proven, however, that if Muslims honestly want to dispel their bad rep they will have to switch to a more tolerant religion. It could actually be any religion, so long as it doesn't actively encourage practitioners to forcefully and violently convert people to their religion against their will. But this is unlike to happen. If they tried, we would say "hey it was just 4 teh lulz" in order to secure our arguments for war, oil and rape.

Not intolerant of Christianity shock

Crusaders have been putting about the blasphemous rumour that the followers of the Prophet want to kill all Christians. A classic example - ten eye doctors were recently killed in Afghanistan and the Western Satanic Press claimed that the Taliban, Peace All Over Them, had executed them for being Christian missionaries. This of course is untrue. The doctors were killed for practicing medicine incompatible with 7th century Saudi Arabia. It's Allah in a day's work for the Taliban! [8]

Trolling Muslims

  • Draw Mohammad
  • If you drew him, take the drawing to the Mosque for a bonus point to show to all the Muslims there
  • Call them a Muzzie
  • Call them a Terrorist
  • Ask them why they love Terrorism and 9/11
  • If they are praying to Allah, at the right time say "ALLAH UFUCKBAR!!!"
  • When they're reading the Quran in Arabic language, laugh at the way the words sound
  • Say that May 20th 2010 was the funniest day ever
  • Say that South Park is the best show ever
  • Inform the Non-Arab muslims that Islam was primarly the Ideology of arab Imperialism
  • Ask if praying is a polite way of meaning jacking off
  • Tell them every thing they know is a lie and they will be Dying alone
  • Burn the Qur'an
  • Obtain a lot of pig's blood, then evaporate it and distill it into water. Make them drink it and then tell them what it is.
  • Say them that you are an Atheist or an Agnostic
  • Call Mohammad a pedophile
  • Tell them that you doubt Mohammads Historicity.

Myths About Islam

MYTH: Muslims cant eat bacon FACT: They can't eat pork. Bacon is fine.

MYTH: There is only one God and Muhammed is his prophet FACT: There is only one dog and Muhammed tends to fuck it.

MYTH: Muslims like to fuck donkeys. FACT: You need a penis to fuck a donkey. Muslims like to FELLATE donkeys.

MYTH: "Jihad" does not mean "holy war". It means "struggle" FACT: I had a jihad on the toilet this morning.

MYTH: Muslims like to rape 9 year old girls FACT: It's not rape if the victim can't even feel your tiny dick.

MYTH: Islam is the world's most popular religion. FACT: Just because you force billions of people to obey some made up rules, that doesn't make it popular.

MYTH: The word "Islam" translates to "peace", "security", or "surrender" FACT: ...What


Malaysian Muslims have brought a legal case in the Court of Allah™ under the Law of Allah™ to make the trade-name “Allah™” copyright of the Only True Religion of Allah™, Insha' Allah™ [9]. Muslim Internet Lawyers have sent Cease and Desist notices wrapped around firebombs to various Christian churches in Kuala Lumpur. Allah™-lujah!

Islam: How To Deal With It

Exhibit A: The Monolith

Nothing of value will have been lost.

Islamic Culture

Muslim Dating Services

Most Islam dating sites show "people" in burkas under the woman section, therefore it's impossible to confirm their true gender before marriage. However there are some exceptions, like these liberal girls gone wild!

You need at least a $16.66 muslima membership to be able to contact Gongo

Islam In Modern Society

Islam and Lulz

It is a well known fact that Muslims have no sense of humor due to their denial of the lulzy epic trolling known as the Lollercaust. However, Muslims have become easy prey for trolls worldwide, due to the fact that you could draw a stick figure labelled "Muhammad" with his cock out masturbating in the face of a donkey, and it would be equally offensive as a stick figure labelled "Muhammad" mowing his lawn. Israel, Denmark, Medieval Catholics,and Salman Rushdie are the undisputed kings of pwning Islam. The only notably lulzy thing Islam has ever been accused of is 9/11 but that doesn't count because everyone knows that JEWS DID WTC.

List of Famous Muslims

Muslim fucktards can't get their head around the fact that holocaust denial is only illegal in Germany and Austria and even then the punishment is usually only a small fine. But no you go ahead and keep comparing the fining of a holocaust denier in Germany to Muslim lynch mobs beheading people and burning down embassies because someone in a small newspaper refused to submit to the retarded taboos of a religion and culture that they don't even belong to... Nice Job! Actually even questioning the Sex Million figure is a imprisonable crime in every European nation, plus Canuckistan and of course Kike Reich
Islam: HABEEB IT; also, incest.

Baba Ali

Particular attention deserves a popular Muslim comedian on youtube, whose shows spin around Islam. He's an idol of most Muslims on youtube, so by trolling him you can cause a lot of butthurt from his fans. Also, he stole this nickname from Ali Baba, a popular character in Arabic literature, even though he swapped words he's still a faggot who couldn't devise an original nickname for himself. In videos he's joking about Islam, he can accidentally yell at cam, pull faces, in other words being a typical youtube comedian, also has a lulzy Arabic accent.

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Islamic Media

Manga Islam

One of favorite pastime of a Muslim painter is to draw Muslim characters in manga-style. One of this example is Deviantart-favicon.png fullwhitemoon aka Nayzak who draws kawaii characters, including kawaii muslima teacher (who needs a hard infidel cock to be inserted in her vagina) who gives lessons to infidels in understandable manner. Though being a lazy fucktard managed to produce only 4 parts so far. (LOL Comments Disabled!)

Donate money towards construction of a mosque in japan!
If you donate $1000 towards the construction of the mosque,you get the "alluhu ackbar package"

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Islam Emporium About missing Pics
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In Islam, music is forbidden because it is fun. But, if Islam were to have a theme tune, it'd be this...

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