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Mxbot is a talentless pedophile who draws shitty pictures of morbidly obese underage girls and furries and somehow still manages to get a ton of pageviews and favorites. Like many inflationists, Mxbot's gallery is 100% made up of pictures of disgusting, drooling anime girls, because anything else is probably too hard for him too draw. Hell, he can't even draw fat people correctly.

He's also best friends with Mistystuffer, and they enjoy sucking each others cock.


Average Mxbot art.
Even other FAs hate Mxbot.
And you thought Mikemedia was bad...

Mxbot's art, as mentioned beforehand, is limited to crappy drawings of morbidly obese loli and furries. However, unlike at least a few inflationists, he usually copies a pose from an already existing picture, and makes them fat. Also, he tends to stick a group of his horribly drawn characters onto a photograph background, which comes out extremely shitty.


Of course, Mxbot receives a shitload of angry comments, most of which are ignored by him, or attacked by angry FAs. At least he doesn't hide them, which results in much lulz.

Examples of Lulzy Flames and Comments

Gallery of fat sickfuckism

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