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LENNY HUFFED AND HE PUFFED TIL HE BLEW HIS LUNGS UP AND IS CURRENTLY IN A IRL COMA!!! he has awoken from his coma to advise us that he is going to be taking lethal action against the creator of this article, and is calling on a lawyer (more like legal aid when he is waiting for his dads court case for carrying smack to be heard) and also Krama to help with the situation. Another man under the alias of mrdanger has also jumped on the case and is currently expressing his butthurt by joining the lenny hate channel and trying to troll the shit out of it by calling people ugly. He is now known as dangerafk as he has to GO CALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE!! So with that said, THIS PAGE WAS 100% MADE BY BrickShithouseMotherfucker.

1. ranga 292 up, 141 down, Derived from Orangutan or from the Latin “Orange Utan” meaning red pubic hair, commonly known as Fanta pants. This creature is well known for its fiery temper and pale skin; hence its ability to spend long periods of time in the sun is limited. The female of the spices is renowned for being good in bed, combining its natural aggression with its lack of appreciation for its looks.



MyNameIsLenny aka wheeliebintheif aka Ron Weasley aka Dwain aka fanta pants is a fiesty rednut from Brunswick/Coburg, Victoria area who trolls on IRC. He is your typical case of 'should have been cunt scraped'. This ranga lead a sheltered childhood, and by sheltered i mean down at the homeless shelter living off st vinnies handouts. This is due to the fact that his whore of a mother decided she was going to go back to her own kind and leave her abusive husband. One night after dropping him off to the methadone clinic, she left, never to be seen again. His father tried to bring him up well, he did the best he could, but nothing he did was enough to prevent the inevitable. Recently, Lenny was diagnosed with a not-so-rare illness of total retardation, caused by chroming. Lenny picked up the habit from his father, who picked up the habit down at the local truck stop. You may think this is where he caught the aids from, but that is really due to the fact that his mother is an orangutan.

Lenny and TeChNoRoCkEr

It is obvious Lenny is a troll because nobody can be that sad in real life. Lennys firecrotch attracts all the girls, especially the beautiful TeChNoRoCkEr. Others have tried to steal lennys attention (ie. kittles, hivchick) but none have lived up to the sensual seduction of TeChNoRoCkEr. He met this beauty on the night of the 07/02/2004 (thats the 7th of february for you amerifags) when Lenny hosted his very own IRC party. The entertainment consisted of a nowhere to be seen DJ, the hornay belle, and the traditional Monopoly challenge! A wide variety of cuisine was also available, including VIVA! cornchips, sangas in bread and home brand tomato sauce. There were also complimentary lollipops on arrival, and they weren't even the good kind like chupa chups, they were the shit kind you find at NQR that expired atleast 100 years ago. On this same night, Lennys good friend Aradial aka John Pace tried to pick up the lovely TeChNoRoCkEr. Lenny wouldn't have a bar of this and proceeded to stab Aradial in the leg apparently it was the neck, with a kitchen knife. Charges were laid and last thursday Lenny was found guilty and now has a criminal record.

Lenny also has a best friend named Tori aka SpaceAngel who is an attention seeking 27 year old nobody who is Lennys only true friend. She tries to defend Lenny but between complaining about being pulled around from foster home to foster home and being frequently raped from a young age by her adoptive daddy (cue Lennys father once more), noone can hear her sooky cries for help to LEAVE LENNY ALONE because noone wants to listen to a girl who freely discusses her extreme case of IBS on a daily basis. Tori however decided her IRC time was over when it was stated that Lenny fucked her in the pooper and Tori became extremely butthurt (no pun intended!!!) so the lulz have since decreased from her end. Lenny did make it up to her by buying her a dog brooch off ebay, naw how sweet!

lenny does a wonderful job of incorporating both his lifelong passions

Lenny likes to collect simpsons paraphanelia and enjoys the odd game of ten pin bowling. This is where the nickname 'Lenny' stemmed from. He is also obsessed with Harry Potter and even bought the box set off ebay! Along with other shit 80's porn DVD's and sexy 99 cent jeans.

lets face it. if a table is placed in the middle of a small room, with various items placed on it. then yes the room would look cramped and unkept


—-MyNameIsLenny on cleanliness



seriously, how can you be mean to someone who's obviously really misfortunate, its like laughing at an african kid dying from malnutrition


—-chickens defending dwain

im sitting here eating no name spaghetti for lunch, i feel like lenny



lenny is so fucken gay, he has been stealing heaps and heaps more oxygen lately, he has been taking deeper breaths, it shits me



lenny should retire from life



prob sits on his shitty couch with his shitty 99c jeans watching his shitty harry potter with his dog next to him wearing his shitty dog brooch


—-kiara experiencing the wonders of ebay

Lenny Gallery

Seriously, don't bother looking, boring as all fuck About missing Pics
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