My mom just died

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Also known as "my grandmother just died" or "my dad just died."

Another twist to the "My mom just died" story is to say that she died in a well known tragedy, such as WTC.

On teh internets, saying "My mom just died" is a classic attempt by the defending user at disrupting the lulz on any troll-ridden thread. It is used as a last resort, when the user is trying to garner both sympathy and righteous indignation. Much drama is often the result of this announcement, usually bringing an array of white knights to the rescue.

Needless to say, the defending user is usually full of shit.

Such an exchange would go something like this:

John: You're a dumb slut.
Jane: My mom just died! :( ;(

Surprisingly, the catchphrase "My mom just died" is prevalent in all forms of the internets, including IRC, Livejournal, even on AOL Instant Messenger.

Little do these users know that, at the end of the day, this only serves to increase the lulz-o-meter. However, upon reading "my mom just died", weaker trolls will experience Troll's Remorse.

How to Counter this

Unless you're a shitty troll and get Troll's Remorse, there are counters to this that can expand your lulz-a-palooza. Good comebacks include:

  • "That explains why she didn't move at all last night."
  • Similarly, you could say "that explains why she didn't kiss me when I finished."
  • "I know, I killed her."
  • "Where's her grave? I have some unfinished business."

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