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Now so ancient that its origins are a mystery, the founding-fathers of this historic meme are long ago thought to have left the internets as a result of losing their virginity and/or getting a life. Scientists of the speculative arts have posited that it dates back to 1773AD when enraged colonists helped spark the American Revolution by dumping their British overlords' tea-supply into the Boston harbour. This epic troll became known as the Boston Tea Party. When asked to comment upon the actions of the mob their ringleader John Hancock, who would later go on to invent the signature, stated simply "HA! HA!"

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HA! HA! I'm advertising... wait, what?

This is the real origin of HA! HA! Guy... It is generally thought to originate from a period sometime between 1850 and 1900. It advertises Forbes Dry Photographic Plates, a reversed watermark from the scanner stating "Photographic" can be observed across the facial area.

The internets version first appeared on SA in January 1953 from whence it spread to Fark like a fucking Zerg Rush. In a desperate attempt to stop the flood, on the weekend of the 15th of July (a weekend renowned in the annals of mediocrity as "The Grey Wave") moderators encouraged users to post HA! HA! in every thread that they could in the hope of eventually wearing the meme out.

"Backfired" has never been so well defined; to say nothing of overestimating the intelligence of a user-base.

HA! HA! is also lulzworthy for creating a GIGANTIC shitstorm of drama between internet detectives vehemently debating its real origin. The question of whether Forbes Plates were dental plates or photographic plates was apparently such serious business that different camps - naming themselfs "HaHa-ists" - defined themselves as either Dental HaHa-ists or Photographic HaHa-ists.

Some argue that this pyrotechnically pathetic spectacle had more lulz per-square-inch of threadspace than the meme itself; especially given that one can resolve the matter in about two minutes by actually picking up a real fucking book rather than just relying upon fevered combing of TOW and Snopes for your knowledge... you fucking docile cunt.

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