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This guy is a moron.

myg0t is an online gaming organization dedicated to having fun and spreading peace across the Internets. The group was formed in 1998, just before the formation of the Internet. They played a lot of Counter-Strike and Quake in those days. Now they are involved mainly in Counter-Strike: Global Offense and Left 4 Dead 2. The myg0t forums are a haven for socially deprived 12 year olds looking to flame every single post (unless an official myg0t made it). Unlike 12chan and 420chan, the moderators actually try to remove child porn when it arises.

Their Mission

Aside from being the reason you lose at Counter-Strike, they are the trolls who specifically target Counterstrike for the sake of lulz and drama. One could say that they are "Internet superheroes", but in reality, they are just plain faggots with no social lives. They have an entire arsenal of trolling and griefing methods, some of which are over 100 years old, and have lost their humorous value a long time ago. Such methods include:


All members, upon joining myg0t, get a copy of 'sp0rkeh'. This exclusive all-purpose hacking tool works as an aimbot, speedhack, wallhack, and ban remover in almost any Steam game. Valve has yet to make it VAC-detected. There is also another private hack, reflex.exe, which myg0t hands out to non-g0ts if they ask nicely on IRC.


The group was founded in 1998 by a twelve-year old named g0d from Chillicothe, Ohio, because of his infatuation with online video games, furry sex, pissing people off, and of course, his love for Oxycontin & malt liquor. Eventually he was fired for inhaling Jenkem one too many times. Through its decade of existence, myg0t has added at least 100 members from five continents to contribute to annoying people in internet games.

Half-Life 2 Source Leak

In 2003 Valve told everyone that the source code to its upcoming game, Half-Life 2, had been stolen from their network. Rather than coming clean with the truth, they told the gaming community to hunt down the supposed hackers. Since everybody was essentially "raged" over a "computer game", the logical scapegoat was myg0t. The myg0t IRC channel went from an average of 75 idlers to 1100 users within a week. The new e-detectives from the Half-Life community were intent on implicating SourceX, resident donut eater of myg0t, and Shitman, a shit man. Shitman was kicked out within days in an unrelated child molestation attempt. A month following the source code theft, Gabe Newell of Valve admitted to eating the server containing the code citing that he "couldn't help himself." In spite of counseling that he would take in the following months for his eating disorder, he is still morbidly obese. Being the co-founder means that he may have shared the server for the other dude.

I Hate Yuo myg0t 1 & 2

Some kid's step-mom

[myg0t]Stoned_Gorilla created a Flash cartoon espousing the g0t ideals of truth and altruism. Commonly referred to as, it was submitted on February 11, 2003 to Newgrounds where it has since received over 250,000 views. To follow up the first flash animation, [myg0t]Stoned Gorilla released the sequel 'I hate you myg0t 2' a little over a year later. Since the launch of its dedicated website, it continues to receive over one million unique hits each year.

Quoting things from the video such as "hi im new to the hole cheeting scene, LoL!" is now considered an old meme in the myg0t forums.

I Hate Yuo myg0t too much

Greg King, a hacker, pleaded guilty to doing DDOS against myg0t and some other sites around 2004.

Eventually, Greg said he would suspend the DDoS assault if officials posted an apology for "myg0t being the asses we are."

Surely a few hours of downtime is worth 10 years in prison.

myg0t vs. GNAA

A typical myg0t Deletion Review that lasts less than 2 minutes

Some conflict arose between GNAA and myg0t primarily due to the fact that GNAA has a wiki page and myg0t does not. GNAA prides themselves in being put up for deletion over twenty times, each time failing. Disregard that, I suck cocks. myg0t, on the other hand, has been deleted over twenty times. myg0t has mentions in three magazines (Rolling Stone, PC Zone, and PC Format), a mention on, and were named in a promotional video. However, this was unsatisfactory to the Wikipedophiles since features "of-age" women. It was deleted again on December 8th, 2008 after much butthurt over myg0t actually having sources.

Aside from this, GNAA is A-OK in the myg0t book.


myg0t has spawned numerous clone groups over the years, mostly of ex-g0t members kicked out for faggotry and those who couldn't get in because baking a cake is the hardest fucking thing in the world. They generally fall apart after a few weeks because they are formed by complete retards and will never achieve myg0t's level of notoriety.

Some claim the group g00ns is a myg0t clone, but no members of g00ns have ever been in myg0t. They're still a pathetic myg0t clone though.

Another group called Gorons posted a shitty rage video in the myg0t forums and got butthurt when every kid on myg0t didn't understand what the word lulz means. They've since grown to out-do myg0t by raging microphone wielding faggots who spend all day in their mothers basement playing in cs 1.6 matches. However, to the 12 year old myg0t community this shit ain't funny because it isn't about some publess retard running around with wall hacks and an aimbot to provide a bunch of screenshots of them getting vote-banned.

Yet another group are the Japs: some more shit nobody cares about.

Video Host Changes

Early in 2008 it was decided that YouTube were a bunch of ban-happy Jews for disabling several myg0t accounts through single report tickets. The reason is still unclear, but trolling profiles, racism, and porn sprays featured in rage videos are thought to play a part. It was then decided that future rages were to be uploaded to Stage6, which in turn discontinued its services 2 weeks after the announcement was made - Another well thought-out plan by SourceX.

Another announcement said to use some site called LiveVideo instead, but in truth everyone's using every upload site they can get their hands on.


Violation of Rule #3.
This one is obviously a shoop. A real cake could not possibly exist near this thing long enough to take a picture before it gets eaten by it.
Hahaha, oh wow.

Getting in myg0t is pretty fucking simple. Here are the directions:

  • Bake a cake
  • Write "myg0t owns me" on it
  • Take a picture of the cake with your face next to it
  • Take a pic of you eating the cake
  • Post the pics in the forums in a thread titled "my cake for myg0t"
  • The type and color of cake does not matter.
  • Don't forget to wear a party hat

These rules are subject to change without notice.

About 95% of the people who bake a cake for myg0t fuck up and are immediately denied. Contrary to rumor, this is the only way to join myg0t, and you only get one shot at baking a cake. If you write "Myg0t owns me" instead of "myg0t owns me", you have lost your chance at securing a place in myg0t. Many people will try to correct their error by additional cakes just to get in, but they are always denied. To date, there have been at least 100 failed human attempts and 1 failed dog attempt. The dog didn't fail any requirements, but was disqualified because chocolate is bad for dogs.

Notable Failures

Yes, this a failure and its mother

Every now and then, someone will fail horribly at baking a cake. When this happens, someone may exclaim 'photochop contest!' in order to provoke everyone into photoshopping the person's face in sexual and embarrassing positions. Many times a failure will be tricked into doing things other than baking a cake where tons of lulz occur, mostly involving sticking carrots up one's ass and getting their mother involved in the hilarity. These threads can be seen below:

  • AznChink - [1]
  • Hall of Mirrors - [2]
  • NathoK - [3]


Daedalus at work

Harassing nerds on soccerjam, reuploaded.

DonkeyPunch's 1st Video CSS Rage

Russian Anger



angry BF2 players

Project b00bs

Red Orchestra


October Rages 3

November Rages 1

Iron Crescendo

Undercover Orchestra, reuploaded.

RTR Guy: Part 2


GMOD meatspin faggotry

Stickam Rage Night Highlights

Noteworthy Members


g0d: super cool dude

Bradley Smith[4] was one of the founding members of myg0t back in 1998. Fortunately, his repeated use of Oxycontin led to his dismissal from myg0t and transformation into a homeless person. The following is the true story that the myg0t fat cats don't want you to know. It comes from a thread in the private section of the forums that was leaked onto the public section for a very short time and quickly deleted. Why it was deleted is unclear because the story seems innocent enough.

One night g0d, a head administrator and one of the founders, was high on Oxy as usual and decided to sell admin passwords for IRC and the forums. The next morning g0d bragged about it on IRC, such faggotry would be his downfall. It was decided by the high-ranking myg0t members in an emergency council meeting that g0d would be +b forever. He would not altogether disappear from the forums and IRC seeing as he lived with [myg0t]wav.

[myg0t]SourceX (RIP)

SourceX, the alias of a middle aged man named Ian Winters, took myg0t very seriously. His tender love and care for the community led to its growth and prospering. Unfortunately on the dates of December 5, 2008[5] and October 18, 2009[6] he died of a donut overload. The myg0t community misses him dearly. To honor his life and achievements, members make and eat donuts according to SourceX's special donut recipe.[7]. As of 12 May 2010, Zombie SX is back.


JENNERZ is the real first girl to join myg0t. She was lobsters with [myg0t]SourceX and had her own IRC channel #neopets. One day, [myg0t]OldManPeterson became raged at the fact that [myg0t]JENNERZ was a 14 year old girl and banned her from the myg0t IRC and forums. She then created the alias Raisin and started using the forums again, with a really cute signature created by [myg0t]0ne. Unfortunately, [myg0t]OldManPeterson figured out that Raisin was really JENNERZ and banned her again. He couldn't handle her raging skills and forced her out of myg0t.


sp0rky... Holy shit.

sp0rky, formerly known as sp0rk, is the perfect example of what being in myg0t can do to a sane individual. He was one of the original members and was a typical devil-worshiping, wrist-cutting adolescent. But last Thursday he began a long and drawn out sex change process which included lots of estrogen pills, make-up, greasy pizza, and forced-watchings of anime. As a result, he is now she. All forum members can be seen sucking her cock (the existence and nature of sp0rky's current genitalia is actually unknown) because she is the closest thing to a girlfriend any of them will have. Take a look at these comments from her forum profile:[8]

[myg0t]Cadaver: Just stopping by to remind you that you're beautiful.<br>
pogozorius: i got a rock formation in my pants<br>
[myg0t]theMinkey: hi sp0rky ive been thinking alot about us lately and i have come to the conclusion that i<br>
[myg0t]zombieneko: <3<3<3 sp0rky

[myg0t]Jedi Pimp

Not much is known about Jedi Pimp except that he is a black person from Southern California and is the biggest forum troll in the history of myg0t, despite his moderator status. As of July 23, 2009 he officially retired from myg0t to pursue a life outside the Internets. Sadly he is about 20 years late on that. He is well known for posting over 9000 old links in the wrong section on the forums, starting the hugely popular "WHICH WOULD YOU FUCK?" threads, and holding the myg0t Survivor Island Ban Game. Yes, all the indications of a true faggot.

The Jedi Pimp vs. sp0rky scandal

Jedi Pimp, being straight as fuck, was always extremely bothered after he found out that sp0rky was a raging transsexual. He had gay feelings for sp0rk and when she became female, he just could not stand it. He constantly berated her on the forums and they developed quite a tumultuous relationship. To fuel the fire, sp0rky was promoted from a regular myg0t member directly to Super Moderator, a step above Jedi Pimp's long standing Moderator position. Jedi was EXTREMELY butthurt by this disrespect and decided to leave myg0t. On February 27, 2009 he made a thread on the forums titled "Bye" with the contents being a sole period.[9] It was assumed by all that Jedi had permanently quit myg0t and left in a fit of rage. sp0rky then proceeded to delete all of Jedi's previous threads and posts, remove his moderator status, and, god forbid, remove his myg0t tag. A month and a half later he made a return with the claim that he had left because he gave up myg0t for Lent and then demanded that his Moderator privileges be returned.[10] It seems Jedi could not see the faggotry his post contained. Jedi's excuse is obviously bullshit and full of fail since the time period for the 2009 Lent was February 25th-April 9th. His "Bye" thread was on February 27th, two days late for Lent. This either means that Jedi Pimp is full of shit or is too retarded to understand the concept of a calendar. It is clear that he realized he has no life outside of being a Moderator at myg0t and schemed up an excuse so he could come back. sp0rky refused to reinstate his moderator privileges, causing so much butthurt that Jedi began to have anal backup.

Jedi Pimp then quit again 2 days later because he was feeling so depressed about losing his Mod.[11] He returned 20 minutes later jokingly claiming the he had just taken a shit. No one fell for it. Despite the truth being so painfully obvious, he kept to his story and publicly called out sp0rky to compare e-peens.[12] About 2 months later he got tired of trolling the forums without being able to use his banhammer against any forum douche who decided to make fun of him. He made a cute little farewell speech and pretended like nothing that has happened bothered him.[13] Apparently Jedi does not understand the concept of leaving because since his farewell thread he has made an additional 8 threads and 23 posts.

[myg0t]KonArtis(DEAD) and chozo_ninpo

File:Miss myg0t 2007 members.jpg
Assortment of myg0t members including KonArtis. As you can see, there are at least 3 spics in myg0t. This is unacceptable.

Sometime in 2007, two of the heaviest myg0t members began to have discreet and personal chats together on IRC. They discovered that they were both into nerdcore hip-hop music, and both wanted some cock badly. KonArtis decided to move to San Francisco, California to be roommates with chozo_ninpo. Immediately they began work on what was sure to be myg0t's ticket into the world of fame and fortune. They made a parody together of the song Ridin' Dirty called Ridin' Fatty[14], the result of many nights of processed snack foods, greasy assholes, and heartbreak between chozo_ninpo and KonArtis. Although much dick-munching ensued from fellow myg0ts, anyone from the real world could immediately see how unoriginal their work was: Weird Al Yankovich released a similar parody called White & Nerdy a year before.

To the surprise of many, chozo_ninpo is now the lead Promoter for the entire music industry.[15] Way to go. He decided to focus entirely on such affairs and took a big shit on all of his friends at myg0t. KonArtis has had no such luck and remains a fat fuck now living somewhere in Vermont.

KonArtis Penis Incident.

One time while on myg0t's well known video site Magicanimal's our friend Rikioh was lurking, and Konartis was on screen naked, not knowing rikioh was watching, rikioh then revealed to the myg0t community KonArtis has the smallest penis on earth, rikioh then saved the pictures and is planning to use them for blackmail when convenient to himself.


One of the many images of rikioh in existence. The picture was taken while he was using a bestiality site known as "Magic Animals".

rikioh is the resident fatass of the myg0t community. It seems that he used to weigh more than chozo_ninpo and KonArtis combined. That was a truly extraordinary feat. Other than his rampant struggles with obesity, rikioh seems to be fairly normal. He enjoys piss and strangling young girls with his long hairy balls, He now is an exercise wiz living a healthy lifestyle having lost 50+ pounds, frequenting the gym on a normal basis while attending college rikioh seems to be on the right path to a successful future. congratulations! Rikioh after declaring war on fitness decided to shave his head and take up extreme kettle bell exercises as displayed here. [16] [17]


A beaner polish hybrid who runs a game cheat site known as ThisGamesux and was partly responsible for the creation of the Grand Theft Auto hack tool of the same name, m0d_s0beit. Almost got sued by Nexon for creating hacks and ruining the game known as Combat Arms.


This guy is one of the failest of the fail of all myg0t members. He actually baked a cake to get in![18]. While most are made members by consistently posting rage videos and collages, Ho_Chi_Man was allowed into myg0t due to his hilarious failed attempt at following the cake thread rules.

  • He wrote "MYG0T OWNS ME" not "myg0t owns me".
  • He did not post pictures of himself eating the cake until 2 hours later.
  • His thread was not titled "my cake for myg0t" but instead "I made a cake". Wow.
  • He did not wear a party hat. In case you did not know, not all hats are party hats.
  • He dropped the cake on his fucking bathroom floor and proceeded to eat it.


ph0ne: The only thing surpassing his infatuation with shotacon is his unmatchable Jewry.

Bi-curious, Jewish, conspiracy theorist. Has left and rejoined myg0t multiple times due to dox, depression, and DXM. Used to make pretty decent rage videos before learning to code and deleting everything on his Youtube account.

Old Man Peterson

A Mexican Bot that was coded by a unknown person, this bot had the responsibility of running the myg0t organization for years, late in 2010 a law was passed in the bot's home state forcing it to /quit myg0t until it could recode a green-card back into the myg0t community, this unfortunately is a long drawn out process and may never happen.


Also known as nk|pythons, stgggs was a paraplegic Canadian with terminal leukemia. Ran the sidegroup Team Infoslash with myg0t. A big faggot who freekills people and abuses children he was later seen as an annoying tryhard addicted to griefing, deriving sexual pleasure from trolling along with the other members of Infoslash. Pioneered the art of making kids mad in Garry's Mod and later caused these kids to repeat the can crush meme after destroying camwhores and Rust players with it. stgggs was trained in line combat and was a certified L(ong)R(ange)A(coustic)D(evice) operator with the United States Marine Corps. Dropped off the earth sometime in 2013. HE'S BACK

Justinbieberfan6969 / The Richgang

Collective of off-on myg0t members, led by/mostly consisting of the enigmatic racist Justinbieberfan6969. Made some decent Garry's Mod trolling videos but didn't attain recognized merit until he met an autistic Christian homeschooled RDMer named Acorn, who both hated Justinbieberfan6969 and lusted after him. He also admitted to rubbing his brother's butt. Justinbieberfan6969 later met Acorn's brother Gogeta, who performed his attempts at cunnilingus over the mic while getting trolled in Payday 2, courtesy of Bee T. Gee who met Gogeta on a server that he was a former superadmin/server manager on. The credit for discovering his brother was removed for no reason, but the proof is in the pudding.


Cameron Williams is a pizzafaced fuck who lives in Georgia and is known for calling up livestreamers and pissing them off. He runs the side group DICKSQUAD that was famous for making Jace sperg out during his livestreams. He also tried to OD on Advil

Wannabe Faggots

These are people who frequent the forums and idle IRC as if they were actually in myg0t, but in fact aren't. When they are talking to you they might try to trick you into thinking that they have some authority or that the g0ts have accepted them. This is NOT the case. They are hated by all myg0t members and are only left unbanned for the lulz.


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