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Fucking old SomethingAwful meme, an emote of a ghost with the phrase "it is a mystery" that was apparently based on an even gayer image macro, based on an even older Fat Chicks in Party Hats saying, which actually explains the mystery. For some reason, that reason being that goons will steal anything from anybody else and lay credit to it to prove "the forums are still funny", shaming even Fark, lapped it up like it was comic gold, and the little lulz it had was killed in record time by people using it in nearly every post. At least 100 unfunny parodies were made of it.

Showing the restraint typical of a goon, some retard bought the domain because it's totally hilarious guys! Then they ran out of money because they were poor and the website was deleted. Some basement dweller brought it back. The site later died.


Why is this flyer pink?

Of course, just having it is a mystery as a painfully unfunny emote wasn't enough for one SA poster, who started up a thread entitled "Why is this flyer pink"

For some reason, despite the amount of sheer stupid contained within, "Why is this flyer pink", coupled with the inanity of "It is a mystery" became an SA forums meme to last a very long time. GOD THAT THREAD JUST KEPT GOING.

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House Ruminates on the Meme

Source no longer a mystery

The original tune was created by Drax aka Thomas Mogensen. The song is titled Happy Happy Christmas, and was created in 1999. sauce

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