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Police.gif A Wild HypnoWhale Appears!
Imagine this blob whispering "you're addicted to me" over and over in your ear.

MzDominica is another rather large Internet Hypno-Dominatrix. Unlike Isabella Valentine, who has a thing for romance and trust between hypnotist and partner, MzDominica is all about BDSM, feminization, bimbofication, and her slaves becoming addicted to her and giving her money. She can't stand the idea that a slave might not be fantasizing about her every second of the day, and she uses pronouns referencing her with capital letters. Also she has an ugly, nasally accent.

Her Works

You should never - NEVER - listen to her files. Because of this, we won't even bother to mark any of the below files with AVOID. If you do happen to listen to any of her files, an hero as soon as you can. And don't buy any of her overpriced files. That's what we have pirates for.

Some of her "works" include:

  • Bimbo Obsession - "Every moment that your brain is empty, you crave to remain that way... as Dominica's mindless little airhead." Not much more to say.
  • Boot Follower LUNCHBOX - you become addicted and enslaved by her boots. Apparently, you can also listen to this instead of eating.
  • Confess to MzDominica - you get relaxed before you're forced to admit that you "crave, worship and obey Dominica" and become her slave.
  • CUM Puppet - she takes control of your mind and body, and makes you love every second of it.
  • Hypnotic Boots - you can only orgasm if you're thinking about her boots.
  • Jessica 5 - a girl named Jessica takes over your mind and body. Guess who she's addicted to. And this is a permanent change.
  • Lesbian Hooker 1 - you're blindfolded and bound to the ceiling as a slutty lesbian hooker, and everybody gets to play with you.
  • Me Robot - you're obsessed with Dominca and turn into a robot that orgasms when you give her money.
  • RELEASED - the file that helps you get her out of your head. How much does it cost? $500.

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