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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.
Crying baby.jpg WARNING: This user is a fucking crybaby.

Please start WikiWars with them k thnx.

Thanks to many that I choose not to mention their names, I might soon be banned because they don't like my methods in my artworks.


—Nads6969, not giving a shit about stealing like a bitch

Real name Nadia Stepputat
Nationality Canædian
DeviantArt Deviantart-favicon.png nads6969
A disgusting mutt and a husky.

Nads6969, otherwise known as Nadia Stepputat is a 37 year old slimy, greedy cunt of a shartist with nothing to live for other than ripping off Over 9000 of other DevianTART users' works and plastering her shitty "OCs" all over them. She lives in her dusty, cobweb filled basement in Canada, spending most of her time shitting out piss poor attempts at art when she should be looking after her kid who will likely end up being harassed once their classmates find out about their mothers' antics. Anyone who calls her out on her bullshit is automatically BAWLOCKED from the hideous dumpster fire that she calls a page because "she's totally the fucking victim". If you want to easily throw her into raeg mode, just spam her page by calling out her obvious shitty tracing (Note: she is prime for trolling so please proceed accordingly).

Nadia's "ShArt" and Her Victim Complex

True shartistry at its finest.

Every single piece of shit in her gallery is either stolen or ripped off from someone else since Nads can't draw worth shit. Her style is constantly changing because she can't create her own and relies on tracing literally everything. But she claims she's allowed to take whatever she wants because she's a depressed cunt. When Nads (or aka. The Penis Queen) isn't busy sitting on her fat ass all day stealing art from Pixiv and DracheaRannak, she is probably screaming like an entitled little cunt about how she's a "depressed victim with the whole world hurting her precious feelings". She doesn't give an absolute fuck that she's a disabled kleptomaniac and actually believes that she has a right to steal your shit regardless if you said otherwise. She proceeds to shit all over people's art with her talentless fat fingers and slaps her weebaboo Sailor Moon abortions over top of practically everything. She created a horseshit of a "comic" called "Sailor Moon NSG" (which stands for "New Senshi Generation") which is basically a complete rip-off of the original Sailor Moon series because she can't create anything herself. She then paired up every Sailor Moon character with 300 other people because she has absolutely no friends or family let alone a boyfriend (because no one wants anything to do with this abomination of a human being). She fetishizes rape and incest (because she was most likely a product of both) and loves putting these elements fucking EVERYWHERE in her "comic". Nadia also has a hard on for deleting and removing all comments that call her out or criticize her. She also has been busted for being a massive pathological liar and is notorious for falsifying evidence in order to make herself look "better". Trolling advice: screenshot everything when dealing with this cow.

Cause if you're depressed it's okay to steal everything!
Nads proving she doesn't give two fucks about stealing your shit.

The only thing she cares about.
"Screw you guys I'm stealing art!" A more accurate picture of the Penis Queen.
The crock of shit Nadia calls "art" About missing Pics
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The Endless Amount of Bullshittery

The tracer queen's real form followed by her trailer park hot-mess of a shack. Jesus fucking christ.

If there's anything that Nads is good at it's the endless crock of absolute fucking bullshit. She spews out lies consisting of pure verbal diarrhea which she then loves to hide and pretend like it never happened, but thankfully the hoard of fed-up deviantarts screen shot everything. One minute she admits to tracing everything on the face of this planet because she doesn't know how to lift a pencil (let alone herself) then hides the comments and claims that she's amazing at anything art. She's been caught selling the shitty excuse called "her art" for real money and crying like a faggot when the original artist shows up and tells her to gtfo. This obviously hurts her weeaboo feelings and she bawlocks the original artist and turns off comments because "she didn't do anything wrong!!!!!" If she doesn't blame her serious kleptomania on her non-existent depression she prefers to use the shit excuse that "she didn't claim anything so leave her alone!" When she's not busy tracing over every fucking piece of shit she sits on her giant fat ass in her trailer park shed collecting a fucking welfare check from the Canadian government (because fuck working when you can cry for free money and trace all day long!). It's surprising she can even afford a computer when she can't even hold onto custody of her own son (that has to live with the horrifying fact that this psycho cunt shat him out of her vagina). Are we really fucking surprised about this, though? She apparently fired her son off onto her own mommy because she couldn't be bothered raising a kid, too busy trying to steal all the art in the world and shoving it up her asshole. She then bawwed about "being too depressed" to function when in reality her ex called child services on her fat ass and sent their son far away from his klepto mother. Nads, pissing at the loss of her child benefit cash cow, tried to tell everyone that she called child services on herself because she couldn't handle her sorry ass life of being a dumpster fire, but no one believed her pathetic shit. One look at her living conditions proves how much of a giant slob she is.

This stupid bitch goes back and forth so fucking much with her attitude that she’s worse than Trump screaming “fake news” at legitimate moments. In one minute Nadia “StupidTwat” will claim absolutely nothing is fazing her, but give her about 5 seconds and she will jump right on the “all them bullies r making me a depressed cunt!” bandwagon. She has absolutely no fucking clue what she’s even doing in her own life let alone have the brain power to contemplate that she’s the biggest art thief known to mankind. She has admitted to knowing that she steals from over 130 individual artists and will continue to steal from practically everyone and their father because she thinks the world revolves around her lard ass (though admittedly she does have her own orbit from being so massive). She obviously has abandoned the sorry excuse that is her son probably because he refused to support his mother's insane klepto art addiction. Having an absolute shit fest because practically no one supports her except for a few troll accounts pretending to be her blind cock-sucking knights, she went on to cry about how her "depression" (it's actually a massive self-entilement mentality of a 3 year old) is getting "so much worse!!!!" and posted a status about how she wasn't going to be online "for while". That lasted a wopping 5 seconds as the cunt posted yet another stolen shitty trace with the caption "( still gonna ignore the haters )" (yes she seriously put spaces between the paranthesese like a retard) because she's so god damn edgy. One minute she puffs out her fat cunt and spam-comments to everyone that "nothing bothers her anymoar!", but give her a total of 3 minutes and she'll hide all of those comments and replace them with her copy/pasta "bawwwww feel bad for my massive asshole and my feelings!" This bitch has no idea if she's coming or going which is exactly how she deals with her klepto/ tracing additon; one minute she admits that she's a huge tracing slut, but the next minute she suddenly has no idea why you are telling her that she's a tracer whore because she "just uses reference".

The thinking of a dilusional mental cunt on too many drugs.

If things couldn't get any more fucking hilarious with this cunt she went and upped her game. On her latest shitty stolen trace she went as stated that "she sure as hell doesn't trace ALL THE LINES" and then shit out from her fat mouth that "stealing tracing is a form of artwork!!!". This cunt has made such an absolute retard of herself that when she wakes up every morning she doesn't even know if the earth is flat or round. This just cements that she comes and goes faster than a New York prostitute. StupidTwat cannot process in her shit soaked brain that everyone on the face of the planet knows she traces- she has admitted to it more than she has denied it. Her attempts at covering up her past comments are prime examples of epic, slimey failure. So let's dive into her comment "tracing is a form of art"; Because the entire population of the universe despises her greedy, klepto-addicted cunt, the Cock Queen tried cover her chronic stealing with this piece of crap excuse. Tracing is totally acceptable if someone has the original artist's permission (and actually GOT permission, not just putting credit and running like a bitch). In the case of this stupid cunt however, she has proven on countless occasions that she has all the time on the fucking planet to browse the interwebs for days looking for shit to trace. She then spends seconds hours in poorly tracing and completely butchering spectacular art, but she’s too much of a cunt to ask for any sort of permission and doesn't even give a shit to remember who she traced from. Her sense of entitlement swells more than her cock. Let's remember this is the bitch that is a fully unemployed “stay at home mom” (who once dumped her own son out like garbage over to her elderly mother to care for so that she could trace and steal art for eternity “focus working on her shit self”). With all this time on her hands, she was free to be a fucking psychopathic cunt with a klepto addiction.

What's also a knee-slapper with StupidTwat is that she expects her followers to find her sources/ original artists for her because she just can’t seem to use this integral part of treating other people with fucking respect, but she tries to demand respect in return. As far as tracing being a “form of artwork,” practically everyone with common sense knows this is utter horseshit. Tracing literally means that you don't give an absolute fuck about learning how to draw and you haven’t tried a shred of fucking practice, or that you’ve given up on practicing and want a short-cut into talent (which StupidTwat has NONE of) for pageviews and money (which Nadia uses to masterbate with since she will never get herself a god damn job).

The Cock Queen closed her statement with “Even if I did, you can clearly see it’s not ALL traced”. Fuckin boi. There’s more fucking idiocy packed into this statement than there are peanuts packed into a PayDay bar. What she is essentially saying is “I don’t fucking trace and steal and besides, not all my work is traced so leave me alone!!!!” OJ Simpson has his “If I Did It” book and StupidCunt has “Even If I Did Trace.” So oop there it is; She’s done a full 180 from admitting that she does/did trace to completely fucking denying it and saying she doesn’t.

Evidence and Denial

I don’t like calling it tracing. I just work the way I do.


—Nadia, straight from the lolcunt’s fat mouth.

Yes, she actually said this.

If there is one thing that Nads is good at it’s complete and utter denial (of fucking everything). If she’s not taking back all the comments she’s made about ripping off every single shitty Sailor Moon character that lives, she is probably vomiting to everyone about how she “JUST USES REFERENCE AND TOTALLY DOESN’T TRACE”. Normally no one gives a flying fuck about tracers since they’re basically like cockroaches, but what makes this psychotic cunt the queen among all of them is her absolutely lolcow factor and how many people she has stolen from (currently over 100 and counting). It’s through the fucking roof with this bitch. And let’s remind everyone that this sow procreated and loves the idea that teaching her little twat nugget to rob every artist of any work they do is fucking A-OKAY!

When Nads is not busy being the most pathetic, entitled cunt of a victim, she is normally pissing herself trying to hide and bawlock the constant flow of call-out comments (which happens every god damn minute because, surprise, everyone hates this lolcow’s lard asshole).

What happens when Nads' 5 second shArt trace amazing art that totally took 6 days to make gets stolen.
She totally traces! But wait no she doesn't. But wait... yes she does. Or does she? Jesus fucking christ.

Some deviantart’s even have gone as far as to call out the cunt’s intense fuckery as a whole. Overlay after overlay has been made of Nadia’s “shArt” and it’s safe to say that every single abortion found in her gallery is a shitty ass trace. BUT WAIT. If cuntNads klepto's every piece of shit art in the galaxy, won't that mean it's okay to trace and steal her crock of steaming shit?! Apparently that's a big FUCKING NOPE. We can safely add "giant fucking hypocrite" to the growing list of character traits developed for the Penis Queen. One of Nads' teenage white knights did exactly what Nads does to everyone else: blatantly stole one of her abortion shArts and claimed it entirely as their own. It seemed this didn't go very well for the Penis Queen and she became so fucking triggered that she practically fired shit through her eyes. So by Nads' logic she is entitled to steal and rip off anything her hideous face looks at, but don't you dare steal from her or else she will bawww like a wet pussy.

Nadia's "totally just referenced" hot pile of garbage About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

DeviantCringe's Video

One of Nads' epic comebacks to a tartlette brought by DeviantCringe's video. Let's all remember that this bitch is supposed to be 37 years old even though she exudes the mentality of a 3 year-old toddler with a shit-soaked diaper.

After hearing about the Penis Queen’s constant fuckery, xxDeviantCringexx posted a video calling out her fat ass. By bringing Nadia to attention she was soon flooded with a mass of comments consistent of “gtfo dirty whore” made by many brave yet ignorant deviantartletes. In typical fashion our Penis Queen hid every single comment then proceeded to bawlock practically every user on DA. She then did what she does best: cry salty ass victim tears and scream [email protected]!!!”. Nads believes that all she has to do is cry that she's being bullied and people will run to her aid to take down the "bullies" that have come to stop her from making her ShArt. This dumb bitch still doesn’t realize that she brings absolutely every negative comment upon herself, but since she’s the product of northern Quebec inbreeding she doesn’t even know what the number 9 looks like.

"Holocaust" Debacle

She's totally a "reasonable person" and not a pissy victim at alllll.
The crucified Jadeite abortions including her "epically cool" OC, Holocaust.

Nadia recently got absolutely burnt by a flood of people including her own cock-sucking white knights about the fantastic choice in naming her shitty Jadeite traced clone totally original character "Holocaust". The Penis Queen felt the need to begin damage control of the situation and she felt the best way to do so was to create a passive-aggressive "poor-me" status update for everyone who was pissed. Let's not forgot how much of a victim she is in all this, right?! She starts off her status with “People might hate me and think the worst of me” and proceeds to wonder why absolutely everyone agrees with this statement.

To make things clear, a magnitude of people have confronted Nadia about her blatant theft and/ or tracing of their art and have even asked her to either credit them or take it down completely. Almost every single one of these poor idiots were either begrudgingly acquiesced, out-right ignored, or bawlocked with their comments hidden so that the Penis Queen could maintain her charade of how she only traces “sometimes”, but otherwise produces all of her work “by herself” (lol why u always lying bitch?). On top of this train wreck she openly defies verbal and written demands to not copy/ trace other people’s work (ex. DracheaRannak, Hanarain, and KarolHofman seem to be her favourites to steal from and to shit all over their permission requests). She then can’t comprehend that EVERYONE refuses to respect her when she herself doesn’t have a shred of dignity to listen to anyone else.

Her status then says “But what’s important is how I see myself”. FUCKIN. LUL.

It becomes apparent that what Nadia thinks of herself (obviously as god’s gift to every fucking artist ever) is much more important than the warnings and suggestions that others tried to give her. During the Holocaust shit show, even her own white knights who followed the Penis Queen’s years of bullshittery and endless crock paused to see the horrendous situation for what it really was and began to take light of Nadia’s remorseless, spiteful, and utter lack of giving a flying fuck to it’s fullest degree. During this debacle, one of Nads’ longest white knights and supporters had their mind completely rape-fucked by Nads and proceeded to sever all ties with her. However regardless of all this the Cock Queen still maintained that she was above everyone and saw herself as Jesus Fat Christ, lord of all tracers.

Next she says “I feel like a reasonable person” though her toddler-like mentality cannot process that she’s the farthest thing from this. Because in her shit-filled head a reasonable person is someone who traces from fucking everyone and then names their shit OC “Holocaust” cause it’s fucking AWESOME. She then closes her status with “Plus, I did change my bad character’s name, so bugger off.” because losing your fucking mind at everyone who tried to politely help you change for the better is absolutely a 37-year-old’s way of solving the situation as a whole. But maybe giving her any shred of hope was stupid to begin with as this is the cunt who thought “Holocaust” was a synonym for “fire”. I fucking kid you not- she legitimately thought this was accurate and copy/pasted that as a response to every single comment. When her supporters heard about this, it became clear that Nadia had not graduated past the sixth grade and has no fucking idea what history even is.

Your OC's Are Her's Now

Nadia blatantly fucking herself over about xNekoXMika's shit character belonging to her (when it actually doesn't).

But but but the characters were made on the same day so it has to belong to Nads!! Her slimy victim complex at its fullest.

Besides stealing other people's designs and art, the Cock Queen also has a boner for stealing people's shitty original characters. With the shit of the entire universe crumbling down upon Nadia, more of her white knights have seen the light and severed connection with her thus revoking all permissions she once had in using their characters in her abortion of a "comic". This threw the tracer-cunt into a massive rage infused piss fest. Her two ex-knights xNekoXMika and leopup13 told Nadia to shove her giant cock up her fat asshole then verbally terminated the use of their characters. In typical Nads fashion she tried to say that the characters actually belong to her and that she would not stop using them while also refusing to delete any past shit traces art of them. After all, they gave her permission in the first place so that means all their character are belong to her! Too bad Nadia doesn't understand that that's not how permission works, but this is the bitch that thinks Holocaust means "fire".

Her white knights, now very few, try and epically fail in getting the Penis Queen to see reason (seriously what the actual fuck were they expecting). Nads then goes into full victim mode fuelled by soiled cunt rage as literally no one is coming to her defence anymore. She proceeds to blame literally EVERYTHING on tartlet FireFlea-San and threatens to "reflect her emotions" about it in the next chapters of the horseshit she calls a "comic". Because stealing even more to show her massive hate-boner is totally her "go-to" and everyone should be afraid of what she is capable of (which is utterly fuck all, let's be honest)! The overall situation is just one giant lulz-fest with the fat sow as the main attraction.

Retaliation and Parody Characters

DA staff blatantly admitting that they don't give a rat's ass about Nads and her theft.
Holy fuck, it's Pretty Soldier Sailor Tracer come to steal your shit!

Utterly sick and tired of Nads' continuous bullshit and being constantly ignored by the money-fucking DA staff, multiple tartlets decided to band together and create "Parody Sailors" based off Nadia's hideous dick ulcer's she calls "OCs". The Cock Queen was quickly notified of these creations by the few knights she had left and tried to claim that she wasn't bothered by it at all when in fact she was, once again, shitting into an ice cream tub. Soon enough an entire armada of parody Senshi began to take Nadia by storm as other tarts were made aware of her fuckery. With multiple parody characters existing and most of them drawn and looking way better than the Penis Queen's own vomit (and some looking like utter crap), Nads tried to fight back with her own fan arts of the parody Senshi. Completely unruffled, everyone and their mother quickly pointed out that Nad's shitty attempt at "NO U" was stolen by another DA tartlet (as fucking always because she can't even process what life is without being a raging kleptomaniac). The whole ordeal back-fired right into Nads' monstrous asshole as she was flamed by the intense hoard of white knight's from the parody artists, drowning in self-induced backlash. Like a predictable coward she bawleeted the stolen garbage art and pitied her own sorry cunt because no one else would.

Parody Sailor's that Trigger Nads About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

DA Staff Doesn’t Give a Shit

After a raeging DA user decided to contact staff regarding StupidTwat, they got the exact response from the shittiest staff member after R2, Kietz. Not surprisingly they admitted that they knew about Nads and her shit, but didn’t give a flying fuck. This cunt has a record breaking 11 DMCA strikes against her which means she is in complete violation of DA’s written rule of “3 DMCA strikes and then ban your ass”. Kietz seems to be the only one responding to all the reports against the fat sow and has denied every single one. It’s safe to assume that Kietz is probably sticking his microscopic penis into Nads’ swollen cunt and thus allowing her to run rampant without consequences. Hoards of deviantarts raged hard when they found out about this, but like the typical DA staff they are they looked the other way while jerking off their cocks with money. Since the admins showed that they don't give a monster fuck to Nads in general, she will most likely continue to rob everyone without any consequences whatsoever and piss herself when someone calls her out. The only hope of having her kicked to the curb would be to troll her relentless until she bawleets her account.

FoxyNeko09 and DarkLyo

Deviantarts FoxyNeko09 and darklyo are the tracer whore's biggest and most loyal cock suckers. Their dilusional mania knows no bounds and it's assumed that they are both around 5 years old. Both of them were shown various examples of Nadia's insane kleptomania and tracing bullshit, but both decided to suck her giant cock even harder regardless. While FoxyNeko likes to shit out that she's "seen StupidTwat draw for raelz", darklyo vomits the stereotypical "well if you don't want it stolen don't post it online lulz!!!" horseshit. Needlesstosay that both cunt fuckers are massively hated and have tried to hide from the lolcow's drama storm, but failed. Both of them provide thick and succulent drama equal to that of their cock tracing queen.

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