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People who namefag want attention.

Namefagging is the act of putting your name all over everything you do in an effort to gain recognition for your work and draw attention to yourself as an awesome editor or contributor.


For most, ED is not a social networking site nor the type of place where you'd want all the mean and scathing satire you contribute to be traced back to you. Unfortunately there are others who don't get enough personal gratification simply by preserving the lulz and feel the need to reach out for awards, asspats, or recognition by turning their user page into a shrine of "look what I did!"

This behavior is commonly exhibited in new users who are working toward gaining EDitorship or admin privileges, and is completely understandable and acceptable in this case. But when you've got admins or veterans who's user pages are full of the names of every single article they've ever made an edit to, you're dealing with a lamer.



Articles That I Made

Plz note I EDit moar than write articles.

Templates That I Made

Plz note I've made at least 100 tweaks to other shit.

Some users even go so far as to use sock puppets in order to avoid namefagging new articles or prevent individual contributions from being traced back to them. This is not paranoia, it's the act of not being a tool on the internet.

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