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Narcissism, DOUBLE NIGGER style!

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is the medical term slapped on twincest fapping perverts with such enormous cases of unwarranted self importance they are head over heels in love with themselves. If given the chance these fags would gladly fuck themselves at full force in the ass, or any other available hole for that matter. The NPD sufferer believes that he or she is the hottest, sexiest, most fuckable sex-machine ever to grace the world with their presence and that they're under obligation from a higher power to enlighten us ugly, untalented, friendless losers. In your case, they are correct in thinking so.

It is important to remember, that resembling an ape and/or having an IQ lower than one's shoe size does not deter the true NPD sufferer in the slightest. Any professional who wishes to observe NPD sufferers in their natural habitat should head over to any LiveJournal rating community. These weirdos love to plaster pictures and videos of themselves all over the internets sharing their incredible beauty and unprecedented wisdom with all us lowly peasants.

Narcissistic faggot terrorizes community



The most obvious symptom of NPD is massive unwarranted self importance where the sufferer believes they are a super dynamic ALL-STAR! If you don't proceed to get on your knees and kiss their feet they will do everything in their power to destroy you. If you dare to be better than them in anything they ever do they will hate you and explain that they could do better but don't want to.

NPD suffering parents are the worst kind of controlling assholes a child can have in their lives, meaning they are all over the internets. If you fail or disappoint them (which you will) they will ridicule you and beat the shit out of you for bringing shame on them.

Numbers Crazy

Those with NPD are almost always "numbers crazy", they're completely focused on quantity over quality. To someone with NPD the "quality" aspect just doesn't really matter at all, especially if they're innately talentless, unoriginal and without any true creativity. They become fixated on statistics, like how many hours they worked on something or how many of something they made, completely ignoring all aspects of direct quality and design. They essentially feign superiority using completely unrelated, irrelevant and even made up numerical analysis. For example claiming to have a really high IQ. Or claiming to have read every book in the library. Or claiming to be able to type incredibly fast. Even if these numerical constructs are rooted in reality they're often completely irrelevant or ineffectual when it comes to gauging any real sense of ability or artistry.

Magical Thinking


One of the problems that most narcissists face is, well, they're just not very interesting!

Often fat, lonely, ugly, socially unacceptable losers with a severe lack of hygiene. So in order to compensate for that obvious reality they'll often retard back into idealized delusional perceptions of themselves. Often imagining themselves as mythical creatures from vampires to werewolves to angels to even Gods. Often they'll warp real reality into the delusion so that it "fits" on some superficial level.

For example claiming you don't regularly bath as a result of your animalistic instincts as an imaginary werewolf. Or blaming your social retardation on the fact that you're demon bunny rat and people can innately sense your demonic presence and react negatively in kind. The narcissist has a nack for turning any inherent flaw into a side effect of being innately superior to others.

Pretty well it's just "Make Shit Up Day"... every day!  :D


The most common cause of NPD is being an over-sensitive fuck who can't take criticism. They will then react to said criticism by accusing the big mean jerk who hurt their feelings of being a jealous fucking retard, and so you start lashing out at people at saying they have NPD.


Narcissism is considered by most e-psychologists to be an ingrained personality trait and not really treatable. Though many have tried to cure them in the past NPD sufferers generally consider themselves so perfect that they could not possibly improve one little bit.

Narcissism in Action

Gallery of Self Love About missing Pics

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